Share Your Diablo 3 Superstitions and Quirks

I’ve been doing keyruns lately, and noticing something about my DiabloWikiKeywarden searching in the Fields of Misery and Dahlgur Oasis… I never search in a straight line. At least not right at the start. Initially, I always traverse something of a circle around the waypoint, before heading off further afield. Why? Because it drives me crazy to spend ten minutes clearing out the entire Fields or Dahlgur, only to finally find the DiabloWikikeywarden practically right next to the waypoint where I began. Therefore I always check around the waypoint first, a bit like the proverbial drunk searching for his car keys.

passwordDoes this technique improve my keywarden finding speed? I don’t think so; I guess it might save me from the longest, slowest searches, which occur when clearing out the entire area and perhaps ending up at the waypoint starting point. It’s not really meant as a time saver though; it’s more about soothing my conscience. (Besides, as everyone knows, there’s only one sure way to improve your chances of finding the keywarden quickly — search with less than five stacks. That strategy comes with a penalty though, since it means you’ll have to search 10x as long as usual to find any random elites to get that 5th stack.)

That’s my own habit, though, and I don’t know if anyone else shares it. I have a friend who has his own thing; he much prefers his auctions to end with a 3 in the price. Why? Just because. So if you see a legendary listed for 20,000,003, it’s probably his.

Another old friend in the D2 days would never play his first game of the night with his favorite character. He felt like his luck was always bad in the first game so he’d do a quick run with some alt, before getting that out of his system and moving on to his main. I’m not in touch with that guy anymore, but if he’s playing Diablo 3 I bet he does the same thing today.

I bet these samples don’t even scratch the surface of the weird rituals many of you guys engage in when you play Diablo 3. So let’s hear it. Unburden yourself, and ease your private OCD! Share some of your Diablo 3 superstitions or odd habits in comments and we can archive them for posterity. I’ll scoop up the good ones and add them to the post, and perhaps we’ll find that none of us are as alone in our madness as we feared?

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38 thoughts on “Share Your Diablo 3 Superstitions and Quirks

  1. Once I realized the legendary notification doesn’t always work I got really paranoid about letting things die behind me. Does that count?

    • Yes, that counts. Remember some months ago when I posted a vote asking if you’d want to know if you missed some great item? I voted yes, and I imagine you would have also.

      I realize that I click way more bodies than I probably should, in terms of the time vs. reward. But I can remember several legendaries of considerable value that I found from corpses and barrels and such, so I feel compelled. There’s one portion of the Keep 2 that you get a narrow winding hallway that points to the left and dead ends, sometimes in a tiny room going up. I found a Lacuni from a body on the floor there which sold for 20m, and ever since everytime I get that layout I absolutely can not help going into the room and hoping for a body on the floor. Even while I know that RNG means it’s irrelevant.

      Long ago in the early days of D3 the first set item I ever found, a good roll BK pants, came from one of the trees in Act One. So I made sure to kill every single activated tree for months afterwards, even as not one ever dropped a single legendary.

      • I did vote yes. I end up skipping environment objects though, I meant in terms of ignoring low ilvl rare weapons and the like that I know dropped when I voted for that and here I mean a legendary dropping behind me but no ping.

  2. I always get good drops for classes other than the one I’m playing. I’ve found dozens of amazing items for my Wiz while playing my barb, and visa versa x5. So I always switch it up once in a while if I’m in need of an upgrade. And it doesn’t matter what my MF is. I’ve gone days without a drop at 500 MF, then I switch to my barb for a quick run, first elite pack drops a 1200 DPS Chantodo. This has happened a few too many times. So remember kids, play all the classes!

    • Then again, it would only make sense since the odds are stacked against you that you’d find something for your class exactly, anyway, this discussion wasn’t about loot logic, but ridiculous superstitions.

  3. Was just thinking about this the other day, Flux! When doing Act 1 Butcher runs, back in the day when all we could survive was Act 1 Inferno (remember those days?), a buddy and I kind of fell into a strange routine. When clearing through the Cursed Hold just before heading down to the Halls of Agony 3, and getting to the ghost-animation of a pleading Queen Asylla getting guillotined by her mad husband King Leoric, we would keep solemn vigil through the animation every time. At the end I would message “Poor girl”. My bud would message “Sad, really.” Only then would we continue on. Don’t know exactly how that ritual got started (it started long before we even broke into Inferno, doing XP runs in the lower difficulties), but no matter what breakneck speed we were clearing levels, we ALWAYS paused there for the full length of the animation, and would type in our respectful comments. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. My entire D3 experience is full of superstitions and quirks.

    Before playing, I use an RNG for (1,2). 1 means I play the character I played last. 2 means I RNG for (1,2,3,4), playing one of the other 4 characters.

    I then RNG for a list of builds for that character, and will play that session with that build. I used to RNG individual skills/runes/passives and play with a completely nonsense build, but this stopped working in 1.0.4 Inferno so now I RNG entire builds rather than individual components.

    I then RNG (1,2,3) for Act, and RNG for a place to farm within the Act. I then RNG (1,2,3) for Follower.

    I full-clear everything in any zone, including white monsters, breakables, weapon racks, etc. I pick up everything blue and above. Every time I return to town due to a full inventory, I re-RNG my follower choice.

    • Also, in a previous run, if I did not die, and I am playing the same character I did that previous run on this run, I increase the MP level by 1. If I died more than 3 times, I decrease the MP level by 1. Otherwise (1-3 deaths, or playing a different character), I do not change the MP level.

      • Well that sounds completely sane ๐Ÿ™‚
        I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how do you keep track of all these rules? Do you have an instruction manual or something?

        Personally, I usually explore everything in any given zone I’m playing and open any chests/barrels/bodies.
        Other than that my only personal quirk is going to the waypoints in the keywardens areas first to check if they’re near it before warping to the beginning of the area and searching methodically.

        • I dunno… it’s just hardwired into me, I guess. I have really good recall so remembering what happened the last time I played isn’t a problem.

          I can’t really imagine playing the game without this — using just one build, one character, only doing one zone, etc. would be so incredibly boring. And at the same time, getting to move up an MP level for 0 deaths in a run is a reward for playing well, so it gives me an incentive to be perfect each time.

  5. I only ID the legendaries I find when I hit a paragon level. Gives the ding a little more excitement, especially if I find a potential big seller early into the bars (My main is in his mid 60s, so I generally have a couple stacked up and ready to ID)

  6. I go right from the waypoint then up and then work my way around the edges and finally clear the center. I do this in every zone everywhere so I guess you could call it a quirk but I find it is efficient and leaves no dead spaces which bugs the crap out of me.

  7. A friend of mine plays a barb. I usually bring a DH or Wiz. Barbs tend to get really angry and shout when they throw down their banner, so when he does his shouts I throw down a banner, which makes him throw down his banner and shout again. Bonus points if either banner lands directly on the other player.

    Pointless? Yes. Amusing? Yes.

  8. the biggest superstition have those still playing, thinking they will find something of worth

    • Move over to HC if you’ve got the sauce. Great economy there, thanks to items leaving it in tragic circumstances. And I felt that way even before my P65 Monk bit it last week.

  9. It’s been months since I’ve played, but I was a pretty firm tin foil hat guy in regards to item drops after one incident.

    This is was about 6 months ago I’d say, I found my 2nd ever set item, a blackthorne pants with good stats. It took months before I got this set item. Then, later that same day, I got another blackthorne pants with the exact same mods as the one I found earlier. Only difference was the vit was slightly less.

    The odds of finding the same mod set item twice in one day? I had done hundreds of runs playing for literally months without seeing a green item drop.

    Always felt there was something going on with set item drops tied to auction house supply after this.

  10. I found two perfectly rolled manticores with two sockets within a day or so. I have four of the five classes in inferno and farming gear… guess which one I don’t have.

  11. During the Act 2 quest, where you save Adria in the sewers, the purple boss mob dropped The Three Hundredth Spear, my first level 60 legendary. Ever since then I make sure to max out my MF whenever I kill that specific purple mob. I don’t do this for any other mobs. I’ve never received another legendary from him again… ๐Ÿ™

  12. I have this very strange habit of breaking any object in the game that can be destroyed, even the ones you don’t get points for. I do this in every single area I play in, solo or in groups.

    …So here I am in public games throwing my Fire Bomb grenades at little buckets on the floor in level 3 of the keeps…

    • Totally the same, and always have been hahaha. That’s not my only D3 quirk, though, and I guess some of these are not necessarily quirks, but ahh well.

      – I end all of my auctions with the number 36.

      – I refuse to talk to Adria after killing Siegebreaker (my roommate points out everytime he talks to her at that point as a jab at me, lol)

      – When I save Deckard Cain, Adria, and Tyrael, or defeat Belial, etc., I immediately use my own Town Portal instead of following them.

      – At the start of A3, as soon as Tyrael begins walking to light the signal fire, I use a TP to head straight into the Keep. He’s slow.

      – Actually, I just flatout skip any unnecessary Quest steps that I’ve found myself able to.

      – I have “Close All Windows” bound to Mouse Wheel Down, so that when I hear conversations like ZK’s banter for the thousandth time, I can quickly scroll the wheel to make it all stop. (I could turn voices off, but then I wouldn’t hear all of the Scoundrel’s cocky shenanigans, heh.)

      – Related to the above, while I do skip through practically all conversations, I always let say, “seek two tombs…” before I cut him off. I dunno, how he says it just makes me laugh I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚

      – When I do the side mission in A1 for the burial urns, I activate all three before fighting anything (this actually causes you to only have to defeat the ghost once, in case anyone didn’t know.)

      – When I find ZK’s head, I always head to the Waterway Entrance before Porting back to town.

      – I take a screenshot with my mouse cursor over every named Elite I fight. Gotta collect ’em all! Rofl I’m not sure when or why I began doing this, but after thinking about it, I really do want to try and find every “prefix and suffix” for Yellow Elites. Granted, I’ll never find every possible combination, but that’s why I separated them into two different categories. Oh- and no, I don’t play Pokemon. Not unless it’s “Drinking-Pokemon Stadium,” which causes you to get plastered pretty quickly when you’re like me and don’t know all of the strengths and weaknesses. (And btw, it’s not as fun as Drinking-Mario Party. Just sayin.)

      – More related to Diablo IncGamers, I’ve always referred to the Acts by using A1-A4. Not sure if this was already commonplace prior to D3’s release, but yeah.

      I prolly have even more that I’m not thinking of, which is kinda scary, but I gotta leave this WiFi Hotspot now. Travellin’ time!

  13. I’ve been forced into the habit of killing the purple skeleton that spawns in act 1 keeps, during that blacksmith event.
    Mainly because 2 runs in a row he dropped a legendary, now I will never leave him be! ..and guess what, not a single legendary from him since haha.

  14. In D2, I used to re equip my weapons when picking up my corpse. There’s no obvious reason for doing this apart from maybe making sure the main weapon was in the right weapon slot, i.e not the shield one. I used to waste a lot of time doing it for no technical reason.

  15. I got a really retarded one:

    I usually play with my friends. As soon as a legendary drops, we link it unid in the chat, so that we keep track of what drops in the game.

    Well, for my playing time i got relatively few good legendaries (around 3 or 4 over 50m worth). And it so happened that every time they dropped, I didn’t get the time to link them unid during the run, but after id-ing them.

    You can obviously imagine that if I happen to drop anything with the potential of being good I keep quiet as a mouse till the end of the run. And I KNOW the item rolls when it drops, not when you id. So much for being rational, right?

  16. I’ve actually avoided posting a reply to this for a couple of days because honestly, there are just too many for me to list. But, while leveling a new Monk one stuck out that I haven’t seen anyone mention yet.

    Every time I kill Belial, instead of just TPing back to town, I walk all the way back through the palace and then through the cheering crowd waiting outside. Why? My first character was a Demon Hunter, the squishiest of all classes. Plus, in the first few weeks/months after release this game was much harder. Belial was definitely the biggest hurdle in the game for me back then, and was (and still somewhat is) a daunting milestone in HC. So, to this day, I allow myself the satisfaction of sauntering through the throng of cheering NPCs.

    Silly? Of course it is. It makes absolutely no sense, but after dreading that encounter so many times for so long, a little bit of hollow celebration doesn’t seem THAT absurd. I guess it’s just my own personal “Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead” moment.

    • I haven’t done it in a while, but I did walk out through the palace a few times early on, just to enjoy all the cheering villagers. Even on the buildings in the background you see them cavorting with glee. Not sure how they all got news so quickly that their ruler was actually a giant smelly demon, but they do seem happy now that he’s dead.

  17. Haha love this post…

    Mine are that I always do a certain combo or move to end a champion pack/boss with my Monks side kick from forsight rune or something. I litterally also got to give a click with my mouse, not a click but physically put some finger muscle into it on tha last hit. Little voice in my head saying “But this time its different, this time its gonna be the one! This time I’ll find something before the year is up! Come on Come on! Yeaaaahhhhhaaahggghhhh! *Looks at crappy magic items on floor*…”.

    Second one is if I mouse over a pot, I can’t resist walking by in-case… well… you never know!

    • Forgot to add,

      I must free every angel or something bad will happen to me in RL. I mean wtf?! Talk about guilty consciousness and entrance to heaven if I don’t rofl.

      • First few times through Act 4 I was religious about clicking every angel free and destroying all the pustules and such. Felt sure there had to be some kind of achievement for it, or one of the winged freaks would drop down from above and congratulate me for cleansing their homeland.

        Never happened, but perhaps I just missed one. Must seek them all out!

  18. I always ID any rares I pick up before any legendaries. I also link that legendary to one of my good online Diablo buddies (will save it til he’s on if I have to). I’m fairly sure he gets sick of seeing my freshly ID’d brimstones.

  19. When doing Uber runs and crafting Hellfire Rings, my buddy will not look at the stats of his newly crafted Hellfire Ring(s) until we burn through all of the machines. Sometimes he waits until the next time he plays (which is usually a week or more).

  20. I have a superstition to quit playing whenever I get bored. My record session is three minutes.

    • Youโ€™ve only been able to stop playing for max 3 minutes intervals? Wow, youโ€™re addicted.

      • Other way around. That’s actually an odd interpretation of the word “session” you must be using to come to that conclusion; sure you’re not addicted to the point where you can’t imagine someone who’s not addicted?

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