I’ve been doing keyruns lately, and noticing something about my DiabloWikiKeywarden searching in the Fields of Misery and Dahlgur Oasis… I never search in a straight line. At least not right at the start. Initially, I always traverse something of a circle around the waypoint, before heading off further afield. Why? Because it drives me crazy to spend ten minutes clearing out the entire Fields or Dahlgur, only to finally find the DiabloWikikeywarden practically right next to the waypoint where I began. Therefore I always check around the waypoint first, a bit like the proverbial drunk searching for his car keys.

    passwordDoes this technique improve my keywarden finding speed? I don’t think so; I guess it might save me from the longest, slowest searches, which occur when clearing out the entire area and perhaps ending up at the waypoint starting point. It’s not really meant as a time saver though; it’s more about soothing my conscience. (Besides, as everyone knows, there’s only one sure way to improve your chances of finding the keywarden quickly — search with less than five stacks. That strategy comes with a penalty though, since it means you’ll have to search 10x as long as usual to find any random elites to get that 5th stack.)

    That’s my own habit, though, and I don’t know if anyone else shares it. I have a friend who has his own thing; he much prefers his auctions to end with a 3 in the price. Why? Just because. So if you see a legendary listed for 20,000,003, it’s probably his.

    Another old friend in the D2 days would never play his first game of the night with his favorite character. He felt like his luck was always bad in the first game so he’d do a quick run with some alt, before getting that out of his system and moving on to his main. I’m not in touch with that guy anymore, but if he’s playing Diablo 3 I bet he does the same thing today.

    I bet these samples don’t even scratch the surface of the weird rituals many of you guys engage in when you play Diablo 3. So let’s hear it. Unburden yourself, and ease your private OCD! Share some of your Diablo 3 superstitions or odd habits in comments and we can archive them for posterity. I’ll scoop up the good ones and add them to the post, and perhaps we’ll find that none of us are as alone in our madness as we feared?

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