An online friend of mine who shall here remain nameless has become mildly-obsessed with D3 b.net forum posts by Kaivax. That CM is a long-time WoW mod who has recently begun sporadic posting on the D3 boards, and who, according to my friend, routinely says head-slappingly amusingly things about his Diablo 3 play strategies. This friend obsesses over every Kaivax post, and keeps badgering me to adapt some meme to represent Kaviax’s regular output of guileless derpitude.

    Personally, I think that Kaviax is just being honest about his skills and trying to relate to fans. If he doesn’t exactly possess an Inferno-quality skill set, then welcome to the 99%, Dude. Most of us are there with you.

    Naturally, I bring this up since Kaivax submitted a prime example over the weekend. I’ve added an underline for emphasis, as that’s the part that was quoted to me in a frantic IM.

    …About five weeks ago, a co-worker of mine really hit a wall on the last boss in the game on Nightmare. And he’s a fine gamer. Dude has plenty of talent. And he called me over and showed me his struggles, and I was stumped. I watched him playing very admirably, and going down, and I didn’t know what to suggest. It was the first time that I really contemplated how complicated the build decisions can be for each hero. I was just merrily playing along on my heroes, making whatever build decisions seemed like the most effective, and not thinking ahead much. I started imagining scenarios that might come along and completely shut down whatever I was counting on (example: very close quarters when you’re a Vault-centric demon hunter.) No big deal on normal. You die a couple of times, try a different build, and then work from there. But on Hardcore… you don’t get to experiment. Once you engage that boss, it’s win or lose. Big.

    A third person came over and made some suggestions to the co-worker who was struggling, and made a positive difference. He defeated the boss, and was so happy that he forgot to pick up his loot before going on to Hell!

    So, now that you guys know that some advance planning will be required not to die like a cross-eyed dog in Nightmare… keep Jay’s commonsense advice in mind, and get thee to a character builder!

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