One day soon, you will be penniless.

    One day soon, you will be penniless.

    A forum question from VeeSe spurred an interesting forum discussion; what’s the best way to gear up for a new player in Reaper of Souls? It’s largely a hypothetical question for most of us now, but that’ll change when Patch 2.1 goes live and and Ladder Seasons begin. If you create a seasonal character you start with nothing; no gold, no materials, no gems, no gear, paragon points, no leveled up artisans… you’ll even be scrounging for gold to buy your stash tabs!

    Here’s the question from VeSee in our Diablo 3 community forum. Diablo 3 Strategy: Gearing Up for the New and Poor?

    I was just wondering what the best way to build wealth was for someone who was new and didn’t have great items yet. I read a lot of these threads and guides and the recommended items are just so far out of reach, like I don’t have any of them pretty much. I have one character up to 70 but he’s not strong enough to really do anything besides Normal bounties and rifts.

    Is the best way of building wealth just to keep grinding bounties and the occasional rifting in Normal? I’m at the point now where if I try to enchant a legendary I have, I better get it in 2-3 tries because I don’t have the materials to keep going after that and I have to grind for awhile to get enough to try again a couple times, and that doesn’t seem too productive. I’m still expecting the answer to be just to keep grinding bounties since they are the most rewards per time spent and at some point it will exponentially get better once I am able to get to do Torment rifts or something.

    So what’s the best way to go about it? Where are the fastest places to level, what are the best ways to find gear, and where can you earn the most gold?

    RoS =/= D3v

    Considering the question made me to realize how much different the answer is in the current version of the game, whether Reaper of Souls or D3v2. Back in D3v the best way to gear up was via the Auction House (though that would have been different if we’d had seasons then). I spent my first couple months of D3 playing softcore, and when I switched over to Hardcore the best way to gear up was… to grind Act One Inferno on MP0 and collect gems and Tomes of Secret, which sold for very large amounts of gold in the Auction House. I could play a dozen hours like that and find 1 or 2 good items, while earning enough gold to buy good items for all my other inventory slots. (Which is why going DiabloWikiIronborn in D3v was such a bold commitment.)

    That economic model is entirely gone in the game today. Not only is the Auction House gone, but everything you find that might be worth selling is BoA. Hell, even the gold itself is BoA. On the other hand, you find good gear about 50x as often as we did in D3v, which was the whole point in Blizzard making those changes. Because it’s more fun to farm your own gear and use only what you find yourself, than it is (was) to find gear and sell it for the gear you really wanted. (At least that’s the theory.)

    Reaper of Souls Gear-Up Tips

    So for the OP’s question… there’s no simple, obvious answer, but it’s interesting to consider. The overall key to gearing up in RoS is difficulty level. In D3v players needed a lot of DiabloWikiMagic Find to start finding a decent amount of legendary items, and characters could boost their MF by raising the difficulty level, and/or via Paragon Levels + gear. In the current game, MF is pretty much irrelevant, and almost all increased gear benefits come from higher difficulty level. Thus the question, “how do I gear up past level 70?” is really asking, “how do I survive on higher difficulty levels past level 70?”

    Some question suggestions:

    Stick to one Character
    Smart Loot means that most of the gear you find will be themed for your class. That means regular upgrades, and also more Souls, since you’ll be salvaging redundant gear, rather than spreading legendaries around to multiple different characters. Plus with all the game rewards tied to difficulty level, you can get one character up in Torment and build wealth quickly… then your alts can gear up very quickly with plenty of Souls and Shards at their disposal.

    Multiplayer Pays
    This is very true for a new player now — if you can party with established players they’ll carry you, give you legendaries they find and don’t need, etc. Even aside from that, split farming is a quick road to riches, and even just normal party play (if it existed) adds firepower more than it adds monster hit points. Plus this is Diablo 3, so monsters drop loot for your character even if someone else kills them. Players are wise to exploit this game function.

    Crafted Item Sets
    The biggest item improvement for newly level 70 characters comes from crafting Item Sets. New players (or fresh Seasons) will have to find the recipes everyone else already has, but the items you can make with these are big upgrades over any Rares and more Legendaries, thanks to the fat Item Set bonuses. I’ve found Asheara’s and Aughild’s the most useful in Hardcore thanks to their huge defensive set bonuses, but other players probably have their own set recommendations.

    Questions Remain

    Those few tips given, there’s a lot more to figure out. Some questions I thought worth asking, that I do not have ready answers for.

  • Where are the fastest places to level?
  • What’s the best way to earn more gold when you first hit level 70?
  • Which items that aren’t that hard to find (or craft) are the most useful, relatively speaking?
  • If you’ve got limited DiabloWikiSouls, is it best to spend them crafting sets or legendaries to upgrade above Rares, or should you save up your Souls so when you do find or craft a legendary you can enchant it?
  • What’s the best gambling strategy? Decent rares (at least) in every slot, or go all in until you get just the right legendary in one slot? And should you do the cheap gambles on armor, or spend much more per gamble trying to get a great weapon and/or jewelry?
  • Hit the comments if you’ve got good answers to some of these questions, or just have more questions of your own. Seasons are coming, after all. DiabloWikiSoon™.

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