Here’s a full list of faster Movement Speed items in Diablo III, including all the odd legendary and set armor pieces. The article follows the same form as our previous compilation of all the maximum Magic Find and Gold Find gear, In both cases, it’s possible to greatly exceed the in-game cap on the property, which is 25% from Faster Run gear (though skills and the Fleeting Shrine can boost that much higher).

    Moving fast is fun and makes for quicker runs, and it’s actually essential for some builds, where the character is in a perpetual race against cooldowns and active skill timers that can only be refreshed by landing more critical hits or soaking up more health orbs.

    How much fast is enough? Early players may find just boots to provide enough of a boost, but as players gear up more is usually sought. In a design feature unpopular with most players, the game caps the faster run at 25% improvement from gear. Since the biggest bonus you can get from any item is 12%, and most of the end game items provide exactly that much bonus, most players are happy with two 12% items and don’t bother using a third just to add 1% more speed. (Skills and the DiabloWikiFleeting Shrine add on top of that speed, which is one reason Barbarians with DiabloWikiSprint are so popular.)

    Most builds don’t really *need* that much footspeed, but when shopping for Diablo 3 gear, it’s best not to confuse “need” with “want.” Run fast, kill fast, farm fast. Give into the dark side. It is your destiny.

    Faster Movement Speed from Boots

    The affixes that provide faster movement speed can spawn on Magical and Rare boots, and this property is considered almost mandatory on a good pair of boots. More footspeed is almost always a good thing, but some boots (such as Ice Climbers) can have such good stats that players will use them even without faster movement. (Though they’re much more valuable with MS than without it.) It’s also possible to get great boots that do *not* have Movement Speed, for quite cheap, since that one stat is so sought after that any boots without it are much lowered in value.

  • Magic and Rare boots: 1-12% Movement Speed.
  • Many legendary and set boots have faster movement as an inherent property, and others can spawn with faster movement as one of their random affixes. Those properties can not stack on the same item, so the biggest bonus you can ever get from any boots in the game is 12%.

    Here’s the full list of set and legendary boots with their item level and Movement Speed Increased listed, including the few that do not have MSI as an inherent mod.

    Set Boots

  • Cain’s Sandals: ilvl 25, MSI 10-11%
  • Captain Crimson’s Whalers: ilvl 32, No MSI. (2 random affixes.)
  • Asheara’s Tracks : ilvl 53, no MSI. (2 random affixes.)
  • Sage’s Journey: ilvl 62, no MSI. (2 random affixes.)
  • Natalya’s Bloody Footprints: ilvl 63, MSI 12%
  • Immortal King’d Stride: ilvl 63, MSI 12%
  • Zunimassa’s Trail: ilvl 63, MSI 12%
  • Blackthorne’s Spurs: ilvl 63, MSI 12%
  • Legendary

  • The Crudest Boots: ilvl 5, MSI 6-7%
  • Lut Socks: ilvl 21, MSI 8-9%
  • Boj Anglers: ilvl 41, MSI 10-11%
  • Lost Boys: ilvl 50, MSI 12%
  • Fire Walkers: ilvl 62, MSI 12%
  • Ice Climbers: ilvl 63, no MSI. (Three random affixes.)

  • That’s just the boots. Click through for the full list of all set and legendary items that add to run speed, sorted by equipment slot.


    None of the set amulets provide faster run. Two of the legendary amulets do, but they’re both mid-level and thus unheard of in the end game.

  • Talisman of Aranoch: ilvl 39, MSI 10-11%.
  • The Flavor of Time: ilvl 55, MSI 12%.

  • Rings

    One of the set rings and one of the legendary rings grant faster run as a property.

  • Band of Untold Secrets: ilvl 32, MSI 10-11%.
  • The Compass Rose: ilvl 63, MSI 12%.

  • Helms

    There are no legendary helms or set helms (including partial set bonuses) that grant faster movement speed. This includes normal helms and all of the class-specific helms for the Wizard, Witch Doctor, and Monk.

    Plenty of legendary helms grant Faster Attack Speed, but none grant Faster Movement Speed. Besides, how could your hat make you run faster? As a famous defense attorney once concluded, it doesn’t make sense. It does not make sense!


    Like the helms, none of the set shoulders or legendary shoulders grant faster movement speed.

    Chest Armor

    None of the set chest armor provides faster run, but a pair of the legendary chests do.

  • Tyrael’s Might: ilvl 63, MSI 12%.
  • The Inquisitor: ilvl 63, MSI 12%. (Demon Hunter only.)

  • Bracers

    None of the set bracers provide faster run, but two of the legendary bracers do, and thanks to it and their faster attack speed, Lacuni Prowlers are by far the most popular bracers in the game.

  • Slave Bonds: ilvl 35, MSI 10-11%.
  • Lacuni Prowlers: ilvl 63, MSI 12%.

  • Belts

    None of the set belts provide faster movement, but one fairly-obscure legendary belt does. It’s a Mighty belt, and as such will only fit around a Barbarian’s waist.

  • Pride of Cassius: ilvl 47, MSI 10-11%. (Barbarian only.) Note that this belt also has a DiabloWikitrifecta with CC, CD, and AS. If this wasn’t Barb-only I think it would be used for the end game, given that a Witching Hour with even half-decent stats is one of the most expensive legendaries in the game.)

  • Gloves

    None of the set gloves or legendary gloves provides faster movement speed.


    One of the set pants grant faster movement speed, and that mod, plus the AS, makes Inna’s Temperance one of the most popular pants in the game. One legendary pants has the modifier as well, but they’re lower level and thus very hard to touch.

  • Hammer Jammers: ilvl 43, MSI 10-11%. (See them in action.)
  • Inna’s Temperance: ilvl 63, MSI 12%.

  • Off-Hand

    Grouping shields, quivers, mojos, and sources all together, since they all come up dry. There are no set off-hand items or legendary off-hand items that add movement speed.


    Saved Weapons for last and put them all in one group, instead of by type, since there aren’t very many of them and since no one uses them anyway. Since there are no off-hand weapons with faster run, there’s little difference between one-handed and two-handed weapons. The Monk and Barb can dual wield a number of these combos, giving those two classes an additional advantage in faster run potential.

  • Scrimshaw: ilvl 18, MSI 8-9%.
  • The Three Hundredth Spear: ilvl 60, MSI 12%.
  • Anessazi Edge, ilvl 53, MSI 12%. (Witch Doctor only.)
  • The Executioner: ilvl 18, MSI 8-9%. (Two-handed.)
  • Sledge of Athskeleng: ilvl 62, MSI 12%. (Two-handed.)(
  • The Sultan of Blinding Sand: ilvl 60, MSI 12%. (Two-handed.)

  • Top Speed?

    So what’s the fastest you can move in Diablo III? Sadly, just 25% from items, but here’s a list of all the fastest possible options. This does not include skill boosts to faster run or the Fleeting Shrine.

  • Amulet: +12%, The Flavor of Time
  • Rings: Band of Untold Secrets, 11% + The Compass Rose: MSI 12%.
  • Helms: 0%
  • Shoulders: 0%
  • Body Armor: 12%, Tyrael’s Might or The Inquisitor (Demon Hunter only.)
  • Bracers: 12%. Lacuni Prowlers.
  • Belts: Pride of Cassius, 11%. (Barb only.)
  • Pants: 12%. Inna’s Temperance.
  • Boots: 12%
  • Weapon: 12% The Three Hundredth Spear + 9%
  • Scrimshaw = 21% (Barb and Monk only.)
  • As with MF/GF, you can easily exceed the 25% in-game hard cap on this modifier. But just for fun, let’s add it up. 12 Amulet + 23 (11+12) Rings + 0 Helm + 0 Shoulders + 12 Body Armor + 12 Bracers + 11 Belt (Barb only) + 12 Pants + 12 Boots + 21 (9+12) Weapon = 115% for the Barb only. Monk comes in second, 11% back since he can’t wear the belt, and the other classes are 9 back of the Monk since they can’t dual wield and there are no off-hand faster run items.

    That’s from 10 possible items for the Barb. And a good thing he’s out in front too since the poor Barb class is so slow and weak in D3 at this point, with really no skills at all to accelerate his movement through and between enemy packs. Finally he catches a break! *cough*

    How much faster run do you guys find essential? At this point I feel really slow with less than 24%, but I’m not playing a spin2win Baba either. I imagine after a day of that brute sprinting around, all the other classes feel very slow, and not just on killing speed.

    Also, has anyone put faster run rings/amulets/weapons on their Follower? I haven’t tried it and it hardly seems necessary, since Followers have that double speed run mode they click on any time you get a bit ahead, and if they fall off the screen they just teleport. But it might be entertaining to watch them try to keep up if you were really stacked up on run speed?

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