Diablo 3 Story in Five Minutes Video

Diablo 3’s story has come in for some criticism but can you condense it into a five minute video? Apparently you can as seen in this video. Sure it skips over stuff but it’s amusing for the captions that are flashed up and in essence it gets most of the plot. And no, you are not getting a spoiler warning, you’ve all played the game through now I should imagine 😉

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    19 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Story in Five Minutes Video

    1. Loved the long post-Spider Queen pause. That section is always jarring when you’re zipping through everything. OMG can’t skip!

    2. This sums up the whole game pretty well. It’s so fun to press “Esc” all the time.

      • Not sure if it’s a big deal or not but I find hitting space bar does the same thing to skip the cut scenes and is a little less intrusive then having to hit escape. I mean my thumb is right there. :3

        • But ESC skips the entire conversation all at once, while space only skips the current bubble. Must skip moar faster. MOAR FASTER!

    3. I wish that diablo 3 had a “skip everything story related” button, atleast in d2 you could quickly skim through the game, unlike d3 where you need to relive every single fucking aspect of the quests over and over.

    4. Does not deserve so much hate, btw, where is the story in torchlight 2, didnt even notice i made it to act 2 or 4 i was confused, and didnt know i was chasing a guy until act 3, not sure what happened or why i went to some netherworld at the end and found some thing in a clock room.

      at least i could follow diablos story 🙂

      • The unnoticeable story is a nice thing about Torhclight 2 🙂
        I am one of the guys who actually like Diablo 3 despite the tons of things that need improvement, but the story is absolutely unsalvageable imho. It’s not only bad, it’s disruptive and flat out stupid at places and you are forced to go through it 4 friggin times for each character.

        Many have summed it up perfectly so I’ll just note the part that annoys me the most: Azmodan and Diablo appearing on every opportunity to tease you like a kindergartner.

        • And not forgetting how all the bad guys in the story are carrying the idiot ball. They will never fail to tell you the next step in their plan, be it tunneling under your fortress or rushing back to stop some nefarious plans.

          The only smart cookie in the box is Adria, and that is because all the heroes are carrying the idiot ball too.

      • I remember many people (read fanboys) saying that comparisons between diablo2 and 3 were not valid as they are different games that should stand on their own, yet here we are seeing the same people using other games to excuse the many failures of the game. I and many many others found Diablo 3’s story to be a dumbed down, forgettable, insult to the audience’s intelligence. Hell when I played WoW (more than 3 years ago) I remember even a simple fetch quest having more story development behind than what I saw in this game.

        • I want to defend the story and say it’s nice in concept form. The problem is after you run sweet plot twists through the QA’s charcoal filter about 1,000 times and you’re left with plain alcohol. We could’ve had a deliciously complex, endearing bourbon.

          Hopefully they’ll learn from their mistakes and won’t fling the phrase “Epic gaming experience!” so loosely around the office.

      • who mentioned TL2? This video is about D3’s story not about how it compares to another game’s story. Stories in other games could be equally bad.

    5. Great for lulz but you’d need 10 minutes to actually have a vid where your GF could sit down and understand the story of D3.

      After years of D1 and D2 replays I still don’t understand the D3 storyline hate. Now all of you, back to your Twilight fanfic.

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