Diablo 3 Still Tops UK Charts

Diablo 3 has once again stayed on top of the UK PC charts for another week proving it’s still flying off the shelves this side of the pond. The top five top games look like this.

  3. THE SIMS 3

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    26 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Still Tops UK Charts

    1. Well, according to a more accurate source: http://www.vgchartz.com/weekly/41098/Europe/

      It’s 2nd in Europe at 26,399 copies sold. And considering it was at 569,373 at launch, I would hardly say it’s still “flying off the shelf”, there are just no other blockbuster launches right now. It’s natural for a top selling game to be high on the charts for a while; the rate at which D3 sales have been declining is more or less the average as well.

      • VGChartz doesn’t include digital distribution. Only boxes sold.

        So at least double that figure of D3 already (see the first week sales and the 6.3 million confirmed total). So that’s 50K copies in one week from EU … alone.

        As your list is from ALL platforms combined, I think it is AWESOME that a 9 weeks old PC only game beats anything out there.

        It ALSO means that … 9 weeks after launch many people buy this game after having heard their friend’s advice…

        That’s telling a LOT.

      • Figures on boxed copy sales mostly show what non-regular gamers are buying, so they’re a bit irrellevant. The people who actually buy lots of games are buying digital downloads.
        Blizzard have artificially inflated the boxed copy sales as well, by discouraging people from buying the digital version with a stupidly high price, even though Blizzard gets a smaller cut of the money that way. Way to screw everybody while making yourselves look good.

    2. I think the sales will do just fine. The “decline” as reported by Korea is simply because most people have played enough Diablo 3 for the first round…I mean, people have other things to do usually. I have my exams so I uninstalled. I’m sure people have deadlines, deliverables, family commitments and whatnot. That and the burnout is causing the play decline. Which is ok.

      This is not because the game is bad. IMO the game is freaking awesome despite the sucky story. It’s just temporary burnout. I am already fondly remembering my lvl 45 wizard, standing alone on the Battle.net server with no one to take him out to play 🙁

      • Actually, a huge amount of people including myself will say that game is bad. Maybe not bad by regular game standards, but certainly bad by Blizzard standards.

        You’re only level 45? Well get to level 60 and play a few dozen hours and tell me how you feel then. I’m sure it will be far from “freaking awesome”.

        • You mean a few more hundred. Most people I heard complaining had 200+ hours, and as far as I know, most people don’t play any other games for anywhere close to 100 hours.

    3. Am I the only one who read “The Sims 3: Katy Perry Sweet TEATS”? God I need to get off work…

    4. By far the most sold – PC game – everywhere for 9 weeks in a row now.

      It proves ONE thing.

      Mouth to mouth in REAL LIFE is something completely different than some hating posts on forums.

      It is always a good sign when forum posters are put back on their feet to the ground.

      “Your posts don’t serve anything.” I know this one too, but at least I have FUN in D3 too 🙂

      • You don’t measure how good a game is by how much it has sold. Is Justin Bieber a good musician? Is crap good to eat because so many flies seem to enjoy it?

        Why am I even bothering to reply is beyond me, I can tell by your name what you are after..

        Edit: Disclaimer: I don’t think D3 is crap, that was just a stupid analogy. Don’t take it literally

        • I actually disagree IJ. The first few weeks of sales… sure, those people probably bought D3 because it was DIABLO FRIGGIN 3. Sales now though – surely these people have heard of D3’s shortfalls and are still interested in several hundred hours of game play for $60.

          I’ll tell you straight away that 10 days ago 2 IRL friends picked up the game even though they have heard me talk about it’s shortcomings and another IRL couple that I hang out with are using the guest pass and will both buy once they hit lvl 20.

          Your argument made sense once upon a time, but is now moving toward the back of what I lovingly deem “The Hater’s Playbook”. Not calling you a hater, just saying that your line is as common as “this game was released as a beta, trololol”

          • The world isn’t black and white, you don’t either love or hate the game. I’m sure most of those who bought the game recently are “casual” players. They don’t go on the internet to read whether the game is good or not. They see it in the store and just buy it. If they were fans they would’ve bought it straightaway at launch, no? Many are not satisfied with D3 as a succesor to D2, don’t brush it off as “vocal minority”. Maybe your friends wanted to see for themselves? The flaws are either way in the endgame, which you cannot access with the guest pass. Citing 2 friends as evidence doesn’t really impress me much.

            And calling me a hater, but not really..? I just said in my post that I don’t think the game is crap, how am I a hater? If you think big sales = awesome game, go ahead. I sure don’t draw that conclusion.

    5. Game sales mean Jack all.

      For a game that is supposed to have the title of the top selling game of all time, the amount of people available to play during peak hours, just two months after release, does not reflect this.

      The joining of public games is utterly rubbish, far too inferior to the D2 public games system and Blizzard were warned that the Battle.net 2.0 system would cripple Diablo 3.

    6. Edit: was supposed to be a nested response. WTF INTERNESTS!?

      Yeah, we should probably measure quality the game by something more concrete, like xfire statistics than things like my personal experience. This website and your comments toward Thrall on the xfire comment wall yesterday seem to support those kind of metrics.

      What Thrallololol and I were pointing out is that sales are still happening today, under a variety of circumstances, at an impressive pace, ever flying in the face of an overcritical minority – and as time passes and word of the game spreads (including the negative news, rightfully deserved), it gets harder and harder to say people are buying the game \just because\.

    7. You pointed out it’s still selling, Trollololo is saying it’s the best selling game ever for 9 weeks in a row. I’m not denying that the sale figures are impressive, I’m saying that the conclusion that it’s the best game ever should’t be made just because it’s sold so much. And, again, I said that it isn’t a bad game.

      Anyway, I’m not even sure what we are arguing about now. 😀 I stand by my claim that units sold doesn’t automatically make it the best game ever. I don’t think it’s a worthy successor to D2, but it still is a very good game. But that’s just my opinion, no point in arguing about that.

      Edit: This was supposed to be a reply aswell.. Who broke the forums? Was it Jinx?

      • Agreed. I was looking at some D2 stuff yesterday and for the life of me I can’t figure out why they didn’t just put in in D3. Basically take D2 and then have the new settings with ~135 skills per class = epic wins all around. I can only imagine the sales would be that much better (which clearly indicates the quality of the game! 🙂 just kidding).

    8. BTW Thrall is named after the Orc hero in WOW and has nothing to do with a troll.

      But I just wanted to point out that the evidence that some few hundred hating posters (and their alts on various forums) are clearly not having an impact on the sales (and so commercial success) of the game in REAL LIFE.

      Why ?

      The decision of buying or not buying a product is not much related to the forums.

      Friends talk and real life opinion leaders influence people’s behaviour much more than an anonymous internet poster.

      The same goes for EVERY other game.

      COD got 2.2 ratings on Metacritic and it sold (cross platform) 26 (!) million copies in its latest incarnation.

      The reason is simple: the hundreds (or at the most few thousand haters) don’t represent anything in REAL LIFE behaviour.

      I wouldn’t be surprised that Blizzard will announce around 8 million sales in their upcoming press conference on Aug 2nd. Up 2 million from the last update.

      Besides what are the complaints for most of these players? RMAH ? Pff who cares, Drop rates ? The vast majority will play for months before even reaching Inferno.

      Diablo 3 is a fun hack/slash kill monsters game until you reach your limits. It offers a few 100Hrs of mindless monster killing when you are in the mood.

      It has a fantastic engine, fast fights, great animations and everyone talks about it in our club.

      Compared to D3 in looks a new player wouldn’t touch D2 with a 20 inch pole…

      And 0.00001% forum posters think they matter.

      Not with a mass product they don’t.

      If you think otherwise, well facts prove it for years now.

      The MOST hated subjects on the internet were ALWAYS the most successful products.

      From Microsoft to Apple, From COD to WOW.

      Diablo 3 is in a pretty good company by the above.

      • you sir are just a troll and should stop posting at all really.
        blizz fanboys are worse than haters.
        at least haters realise they can spend their time better and eventually fuck off..

        you and others just keep droneing around rehashing forever the same bs “it sold you see you are mistaken this game and this company is AMAZING”
        there is not one piece of news/post/thread you have NOT pouted this nonsense.
        no need in trying to defend your lack of life 😉

        • I think D3 can’t even stand in the shadow of D2 in terms of sheer fun and immersion for me, but I think he has some valid points. Most people who will get bored with the game and are no blizz fan boys of old will just quit the game and get their new fix (I bought Tropico 4 on Steam, it is more fun than D3 and you can lose easily as many hours in it ;)).

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