Diablo 3 Still Selling “Very well” – Expansion Planned

Blizzard Product Slate

In Activision/Blizzard’s latest Q3 investor financial call there was little in the way of new Diablo 3 information but DiabloWikiBobby Kotick stated that “investing in key talent in our top franchises is worth the wait”, following great sales of over 10 million for Diablo 3 which they reported in the last conference call back in August.  There was no update to those sales figures in this latest call so I would hazard a guess it hasn’t got close enough to the 11m mark just yet, perhaps by the next call.

DiabloWikiMike Morhaime added that Diablo 3 had  continued to sell “very well” riding the momentum of the launch back in May (3.5m in the first day!) and that the new changes to the game have been “received well by the community”.

In a final note, Mike confirmed an DiabloWikiExpansion pack will be developed but they have no timeline available for release as the “quality” will determine the release schedule.   Long time visitors will remember the product schedule slide supposedly leaked from Blizzard China back in December 2010.  That showed the first expansion releasing in the 2nd quarter of next year but even the most optimistic of you won’t be placing bets on that I hope.

At this stage we can only speculate what it will consist of but a new Act would no doubt feature, but we have PvP/1.1 to look forward to first.

World of Warcraft continues to hold its own with over 10 subscribers, up from 9.1 last quarter no doubt boosted by the release of Mists of Pandaria

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    62 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Still Selling “Very well” – Expansion Planned

        • Hey now! My future purchases depend on these kinds of replies. The first thing I do when pondering my forthcoming gaming endeavours is to navigate to a discussion on the Internet and listen to people who don’t care for however good/bad a game will be, and where they have already made up their mind. Then I stay a while and listen with perked ears to what they have to say.

      • I have the same feeling, which is a problem because wait we will. And for a long time also 😛

        • That leaked product chart matches what Blizzard said publicly later on, that they were aiming for 18 months between SC2 and the first expansion. SC2 came out late July 2010, and SC2X is now projected for first half of 2013, so clearly that 18 month thing was wildly optimistic. Looks like it’ll be more like 30-34 months from release to first expansion.

          We all remember that D3 was targeted for 2nd half of 2011 (Just like the chart says) but it didn’t launch until May 2012. Pre-release, Blizzard said on a conference call (in mid-2011, best I remember) that we’d seen two D3 games within the next 3 years. D3 was released May 2012. Fastest possible 18 months would be December 2013. More realistic would be similar to the SC2X cycle, and 2.5 years from launch would be Dec 2014. Merry Xmas!

    1. Hopefully the xxpansion won’t have any fing cut-scenes or dialogue pop-ups from bosses all the time.

    2. Diablo 3 will truly begin when the expansion comes out. Try playing D2classic without LOD. yeah, its like that.

      • I’ve been saying that since day 1 one people were flaming, even in it’s original state D3 was probably better quality than D2 at launch. Everyone remembers the game after 6-10 years of development when it became an absolute milestone for gaming. DEFINITELY not bashing D2 here, but I’m stating that Blizzard is a company who releases something good and then over time refines it to the best…Most of the time. I only say most of the time because WoW departed from what I wanted, I see why they did it from a business stand point it just didn’t align with my tastes, however I guess it is probably the best MMO on the market, Pandas was fun imho.

        • In its original state, D3 had an over-the-top cornball story pushed along by obtrusive click-through sequences, levels that are ridiculously predictable and only random in the most superficial way, a non-soundtrack that does nothing for atmosphere and/or progression, and itemisation, which, while being patched from being horrible to being merely bad, still gives the sense of being designed around an auction house.

          I doubt any of these will change, despite patches that improve some of the more glaring design mistakes of the original release, and I wouldn’t say any of them about D2 on day one.

        • Diablo 1 and 2 were at launch already epic in these areas: music, sound, plot, dialog, voice acting, lore, cinematics, atmosphere and art style.

          Diablo 3 is abysmal in everything besides gameplay. That is what represents the failure of Diablo 3. A soulless uninspired game.

    3. If you seriously think there is any crossover between “diablo fans” and Mike and Bobby fans, you really don’t know either group.

      The stock rallied 20 cents after hours on the good earnings. Yay. There’s your enthusiasm.

        • Rather than introducing a new class, I think it’d be cool if they let us play as the Followers. You choose either the templar, enchantress or scoundrel, and one you get to accompany one of the five (vastly more powerful) D3 classes on their adventures in Sanctuary. You also get to choose between 6 different skills per spec (most of which have 30 second cooldowns) and occasionally shout things like “Glorious!” or “Look! More hidden footprints”.

          On second thought, maybe not.

    4. I would be excited if itemization and the way stats worked was completely revamped. Give us back rune ranks and good useful skill synergy and modifiers through items.

      As the game is now I can’t even play it anymore and I have a paragon 74. Dumbed down pile of dog sh*t as others have said.

      The only way I see myself buying the expansion if the itemization isnt completely reworked and skills tweeked to be useful… is if a dungeon/map/monster modifier was included. I would use that to no end. Too bad Jay wilson and company want to decide HOW I play d3 and what is fun.

      /end rant. Not likely to buy it, but I would love to if they made crucial changes.

      • In fact both patch 1.04 and patch 1.5 were very well received. Yeah I think in the long run D3 can be declared a huge success if they keep pushing new things to it every 4-5 months or so.

        It is only a matter of time before these in game opinion leaders will be heard against the usual hating trolls of Blizzard.

        At the moment Diablo 3 blows its competitors out of the water in LONG term playing sessions (see recent Xfire) and end game and the PvP patch isn’t even out yet.

        • July-

          Fanbois: xfire stats mean nothing! You haters are grasping at straws. No one has used it for years!

          November –

          Fanbois: look! The patches are awesome and xfire population has doubled!

          • Thanks, Thrall, but we got your flip-flop the first time around.

            And, yes, it is still behind GW2 despite a multiple of the marketing muscle, and the use of the name “Diablo” which is fradulent at worst, misleading at best, and ten million “sales”*.

            Anyhow, shouldn’t you get off fanboi patrol and back to work? Chinese farmers and dupers need to eat, and Bobby K needs to plug that hole in the impressionist part of his collection.

            *a third of which were freebies in a desperate attempt to keep wow subs afloat

    5. With how long it’s taking SC2’s 1st expansion to come out, the D3 expansion wont be out till around 2014, early 2015.

      How long does it take to make a fucken expansion?!? 2 1/2 years and counting…. AND it only has around missions. I hope Blizz isn’t adopting a similar mentality with the D3 expansion.

      • I think they are extra careful with SC2. Being a popular eSport and all. DOTA 2 is similar, Valve has it in beta for like 500 years now.

        Tho I surely don’t expect the D3 expansion anytime soon, maybe Winter 2013 to be optimistic.

        • Yeah that’s a good point. I guess the only way they can really tell if the new units in SC2 are balanced for MP is with a lot of trial and error.

    6. I’d say a new act in an expansion would fit nicely between act 2 and 3. It could explain the events leading up to the hero getting to bastion’s keep. The act boss as well as some minibosses could be the other Sins, and Azmodon would continue to be the guy who you’re leading up to kill. Note how act one’s over arching antagonist worked for act 2’s boss, act 2.5’s antagonist could be working for Azmodan.

    7. I would like more than just one act.
      So many people basing assumptions on LOD, give more than 1 act please!

    8. According to that product slate there will be 2 expanions. really? thats cool

      I hope they up the randomization and Im sure they will do what they can to improve the itemization. I guess there is limitations to this if they dont change the engine. Well, what do I know. Im not a programmer

      • The problem with D3’s layout is they used expensive hand made environments that can’t be tiled, scaled, or reversed like D1-D2’s tilesets. D3’s dungeons are made out of huge pre-built pieces.

        • Again like I said earlier: these D2 terrain building techniques are boring and were simply D2 sprites against static building blocks.

          As long as the dynamic staged D3 content is randomised in CONTENT with different exits and some entries of both its dungeon and elite moster play it is better to have these animated 3D scenes.

          After all: it is a hack&slash game where each hunt for “THE” key (as I play it now) is different every time you play different elites and search for the key warden.

          As such the Act scenes and the story is very trivial to the ACTION and that action is very much random and unexpected with each Elite encountered.

          of course after playing it for 600 hours even those encounters are not as fresh as day 1, but I don’t think many games are even played for that amount of time and would feel “fresh”. In fact no game has that feeling.

          D3 still feels fresh every time I see new unexpected encounters, like yesterday I had 2 mob elites… tangled into the Act 3 Key warden at a very odd place on the map. … and Yes I died 3 times at MP3 and yes the key warden didn’t drop it (as usual)…

    9. A druid-like class would be a welcomed addition to the class cast. something along the lines of Witch Doctor pets and Wizard elemental magic but unique in it’s own way. And obviously shape shifting. If done right, that would actually have potential for various, functioning builds.

    10. Well, right now we have two dex-based classes, two int-based classes, so I’d put my cookies on a strenght-based class. Though of course, even a spell caster could be str-based with the system they have in place.

    11. necromancernecromancernecromancernecromancernecromancernecromancernecromancernecromancernecromancernecromancernecromancernecromancernecromancer

    12. Kick Jay Wilson and company. Bring back Blizzard North folks. Them i’ll buy something from blizzard again.

      • It is a decent sample and since it was used 5 months ago to trash talk D3 with LOL statetmants, it is odd the usual suspects return with ‘LOL’ now that Diablo 3 shows some great resilience and retention rates in those scores…

        Being played at 50% of WOW activity and 5 times more than EVE is quite impressive for a game being wrongly accused of causing the Fire of the Reichstag and bringing in Hitler to power


    13. Tx to the server only gameplay of D3, you’ll never have a decent working Diablo 3 in a copied form.


      If however Diablo 3 would have had a local disc copy at launch, the game would have hardly sold 2-3 million copies and every other torrent site would have it downloaded by the millions.

      I just checked it again and it is so funny to see all these stealing guys waiting in vain to have a “cracked” key copy.

      Have fun getting into the Blizzard servers.

      Those fools who tried the fakes, should already be hacked by now I guess.

      Serves them well 🙂

    14. I am glad the game is doing well. I will be there the first minute an expansion comes out with money in hand waiting to buy, smiling the whole time.

    15. Is it really feasible to compare D3 expansion to SC2 expansion. SC2 has to be VERY carefully balanced for esports. They are also bringing in a rather ambitious store for mods and maps. They have also been working on their DOTA equivalent and that is also a bit tied to the expansion release. I just don’t think its easy to compare. That said, I didn’t expect it to take 4 years to release D3 either when they announced in 2008.

      What kind of things would I hope for in the expansion. Charms, new skills/runes (or reworked existing ones), a new class or two, a new act, the mystic, new items and hopefully new tiles/events for act1,2,3 dungeons. I’m not talking new areas, I just mean new room shapes for the existing \indoor\ environments. I think it would go a long way toward making the dungeons feel more random. It would also be nice if they made purple mobs more interesting.

      But when do we start counting the days for expansion? Well, we still have PVP release patch. And then I suspect 5-6 months to fix the PVP patch. (unless they nail it, which would be a tad optimistic). So ya, it’s gonna be a long while. 12-16 months from after the point PVP stabilizes. And I don’t really expect pvp to be ready until february or march.

      In the meantime, I am hoping for another event like the machine. Either combining 2 major bosses together or a minor and a major. I also hope for another legendary review.

    16. Considering the leaked schedule and a 2-quarter delay for the Diablo 3 launch, I’d say we see the first expansion at Xmas 2013 on the shelves.

    17. Why is it Diablo 2 LOD expansion took about 1 year to be released, yet this team with more resources is on pace to take 3 times as long for one of the fastest selling games of all time?

      Is it the same reason there are no commas in the auction house? The same reason it took 10 years of development and this new improved battlenet is worse than what we had 12 years ago?

      For the love of god Blizzard, please “restructure” the people in charge of this game’s development.


      lol i do want this expansion though yeah! give me now now now

    19. I bet the next class in expansion will be Necromancer. There is a semi proof: in act 2 there is a quest where you help the necromancer fight evil spirits. Blizzard already got the model for the class as we can see, now they only need to implement additional skills and animations. And it should fit too in comparison to witch doctor. It should have summons like skeletons, ghouls, and bone spells. Would be nice if it could borrow some spells from dungeons and dragons games for example: wail of banshee… etc.

      Hopefully there will be another class in the new expansion or at least in 2nd expansion.

      • This guy is there so that you can see a necro ingame once in a while. The next class will most likely be a shapeshifter like the druid.

      • And as has often been pointed out, D3 has 2 Dex chars and 2 Int chars, with only one Str char, which makes a caster/summoner/mage, like the Necro, seem pretty unlikely. Or at least unbalancing.

        I have no interest in the Necro returning; I found his gameplay the least interesting of the original 5, but if he meant a total revision of the boring/lame item/attributes system in D3, I’d be for it.

    20. I’m predicting that the expansion just adds a stock market feature where you can form a guild, take investments, and return dividends from AH sales and leveling services to your shareholders.

      • Oh, and there will be an iOS/Android app to track real time changes in various stock indexes.

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