Diablo 3 Still on Top of UK Charts

The UK charts for last week show that Diablo 3 is still king of the PC titles. The major launch on PC last week was Funcom’s MMO The Secret World which did not knock Diablo 3 off the top but managed a respectable second position. It looks like the Diablo name is still carrying quite some weight with gamers, despite a lot of recent negative press on general videogame websites.

Thanks IncGamers.com

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    25 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Still on Top of UK Charts

        • Y’all have got to be joking or trolling. D3 is still [apparently] topping charts 8 weeks in, all while it was getting bombasted with complaints. And for some reason at week 10 it randomly hits a wall?

          • It simply is proof that real life opinion leaders and real life mouth to mouth talk always primes the internet.

            Yep even in these times.

            No one in his right mind is going to buy a car because they read so on a forum.

            Everyone will consult a friend in RL that knows a lot about cars.

            D3 is a good lesson for the non lifers on forums: your posts have absolutely no bearing on real life conversations and successful sales of games.

            As if COD didn’t prove that for 3 years in a row already (2.2 on metacritic) with 26 million copies sold each year …

    1. Inherent flaws and drawbacks aside, 100~ hours of time played is still a fairly good deal for $60 nowadays.

    2. Diablo III has many, many flaws and many disappointing aspects but it’s still worth £40, even if you only play through the story once you still got more value for money than most games. It wasn’t what we wanted, but until you actually reach the point where end-game is important it’s a pretty good game.

      • I’m actually stunned that the game is selling as well as it is. I am a long-time alpha/beta tester for it, and I have to say I wasn’t exactly impressed (although I think the premise behind the game is fantastic). Well, kudos to them, I suppose.

        • I haven’t played it myself, but I’ve read that they fixed a lot between beta and release. I’ve seen several comments on how beta testers are genuinely surprised of how great the game is compared to the beta. Kinda like D3. Ohh wait…

    3. I believe D3 is the strong base I hoped it would be, now the game only has to mature (through patches, expansions…) into something far better than Diablo II ever was, and the fact that the game sold so well is quite a promising thing 🙂

    4. The COD series should be a good indication that massive sales does not hold correlation to game quality, it only relates to success of marketing.

      • OR…. Multi millions of people buying and playing games are >>>> than a few dozen haters on meaningless websites….

    5. Yeah people are really looking at the game from the wrong perspective. If you compare it to all the anticipation you’ve been building up over the years, then yes, it might not live up to it. But compare it to other games out on the market, and it’s definitively worth a top spot.

      • What could ever live up to four years of anticipation? I’ve been to concerts that cost as much that I had only been looking forward to for a couple months, lasted 2 hours and were a complete anti climax.

        Definitely Blizzard have things wrong in Diablo 3 but it was always destined to be a victim of its own hype, such was the legacy of Diablo 2. A pair of very old comfortable shoes to fill.

    6. I am very curious on how the european servers, american servers, and asian servers are compared population wise. I notice A LOT more complaints on the american forums compared to the european forums.

      I am curious on the comparison of economy is between the server. For example, americans seems to be very picky on what items to choose. Therefore very good items are in the 10 millions gold, while second rate (good enough in inferno) goes for less than 100,000 gold Is that the same on other servers?

      • “I notice A LOT more complaints on the american forums compared to the european forums.”

        Less nerdrage because most euros didn’t really discover bliz until 2002-on.

        So it isn’t like their teenage years are being crapped on.

    7. This commercial success must be real pain in the ass of some Blizzard haters.

      Get it over it: compared to those other crappy PC games over there, the game has a great attraction in 2012.

      Whether you like it or not: everyone will play it. If that’s 30 hours or 600 hours.

      99% of games without PvP are nowhere near that kind of playing hours … And yep that includes games like Skyrim.

      A beautiful rendered world with some hands waving in front of you does not make it great in an industry where eye hand coordination is the driving force of video gaming.

      Blizzard creates video games and they are extremely successful. Everyone knows that despite some few thousand posters that are too entrenched in their Blizzard hate.

      As these games stand out of the crowd they get flak, just like every successful product.

      • Yes D3 is a great game as games go the problem is its a Blizzard game and we come to expect a game that makes most great games look average in comparison from them.

    8. I played TSW and I like the game.

      As for sells of Diablo 3 out-selling it in the charts there’s a couple of big reasons 1) marketing D3 has a ton of marketing TSW has really zero. 2) most of those sells are because D3 is no 1 in the charts in the PC section (IE people buy it because it’s no 1).
      3) Digital orders are not included, TSW will have a large number of Digital sells (a lot from Funcom/Origin stores).

      Oh lastly TSW launched on the 3rd so it only sold for 3/4 days before that chart date, also most Europeans I know don’t go game shopping until the weekend as 99% of games here are released on Friday.

    9. Still performing well as I expected. Surely those picking up the game today have heard of the drawbacks and are still interested in several hundred hours of play for $60.

      I’m going to state the obvious and say that D3 has more legs than people are giving it credit for. Poised before us are: A) PvP B) legendary item overhaul and C) a scorned Blizzard dev team FINALLY listening to the gamers – something that I believe will produce a patched-in endgame system akin to Pandemonium Event v1.11 patch D) xPac 1 – no way does a game sell over 7 million copies and NOT get an xPac

    10. The haters are so far out of touch with reality it’s absurd. If you really hated something, you wouldn’t play it for 60 hrs then suddenly realize the game is terrible. D3 is great entertainment for the dollar, end of story. It never promised to be fun for infinite periods of time, but somehow the haters think it should be. The game is really solid and will only get better with time.

      • What, exactly, is entertaining about it? I honestly don’t know what anyone sees in this game right now. It’s so shallow and boring. Then again, odds are you’re probably shallow and boring yourself. IE, you have low standards if you like this game in its current incarnation. “Period, the end.”

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