Diablo 3 Stash for Cash — China Only

shut-up-take-money-yuanBlizzard’s post about the upcoming microtransactions didn’t specify which Realm or region it would apply to, except to say not on the Americas or European realm. Today there’s a post on the Korean Battle.net forums that says… it’s not coming to Korea either. (The Korean post is just a direct translation of the original Microtransactions post, concluding with “not in this region.”)

So which realm is getting the “stash for cash” feature? Not a realm, but a country. China. The features are currently planned to go live only in China, which has its own closed Battle.net server system and doesn’t share access with the rest of the Asian Server. Diablo 3 Stash for Cash — China Only.

The rest of Asia and/or the Americas and Europe might get “stash for cash” options at some point, and lots of you guys in comments to the original post said you’d be happy to spend some money that way. There’s nothing official or imminent about that option, though.

Thanks to DrazzlibKun for sending word from Hong Kong, clarifying this issue.

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  1. This doesnt really bother me.
    We'll get it soon enough.

  2. With any luck, what happens in China will stay in China.

  3. Shut up and take my Yen? When did China get annexed by Japan?

  4. i will be happy to pay for stash space. happy

  5. It should be Yuan.

    Some politically sensitive Chinese/Japanese may take offense.

  6. this dont bother me as much as it should its only cosmetics id rather not stash is fine if u mule

    • Can't mule when all your characters are lvl 70 , oh wait you can but then I can't use those characters because they are full of suff .

      It's 2015 and this stash issue is a sad state of affairs . Funnily they could not / would not give us it , because they said if they give us more stash we would want more , but now money comes into it , lol , apparently it can be done .

  7. Yeah I think game changing stuff shouldn't be in NA. Like I said before, the best solution would be to give every character their own unique tab specific to them for the sole purpose of storing that class' sets and weapons/offhands/gear they can only use.

    But they better include "free" tabs in the next expansion, too.

  8. lol. i wouldn't play this game again if i was paid.

  9. my stash is full since long its really frustrating 🙁 i have 2bil gold i would pay tons to get more, even real money or whatever damit… they should do same like path of exile u can buy lots of comsetic and bigger stash i dont see anything wrong in that.

  10. It might be much more complicated than you think.
    Could be a experiment for F2P business model next expansion/game, just one question:

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