Diablo 3: Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

In honor of the Seattle Seahawks’ bizarre decision to not win the SuperBowl, I created a thread in which we could share our similarly foolish last minute poor choices in the realm of Diablo 3. This is a bit like our Diablo 3 Darwin Awards thread, though that one’s just about dumb deaths. Defeat from the Jaws of Victory is more like an error that wasn’t necessarily crippling or fatal, but was really dumb and preventable in retrospect.

The most obvious way to do this in D2 was to misclick when assigning skill or stat points, so that you were then forced to FOREVER stare at that wasted point with no way to respec or change it. (Respecs were ultimately added to D2 years after release.) That sort of DftJoV isn’t possible in D3, thanks to forever repecable paragon points and skills, but other sorts of mistakes can be made.

Not an ideal decision....
Not an ideal decision…
You see one of mine to the right, in the form of a Blackthorne’s Amulet. I found that early in Season One, just after DiabloWikiLegendary Gems were added to the game, and was delighted since I hadn’t found any amulets yet with three good affixes giving me a fourth to turn into a socket. So when I found that BK amulet with big rolls to crit chance, crit damage, and dexterity, I was stoked.

The problem was I’d found that amulet in a multiplayer game, and between Rifts I hurried to the Mystic, wanting to roll the socket and get back into the action. Somehow, in my haste, I selected the wrong stat to enchant, and didn’t even notice it until after I rolled the socket and ran to the jewelry to unsocket my current amulet and stick the LGem into the new one. And at that point I was like… Um… where’s the dexterity?

It wasn’t the end of the world since it wasn’t a perfect amulet (DiabloWikielemental damage is much better than DiabloWikimainstat), and I wouldn’t be using it today even if I’d rolled it correctly… but it was still pretty annoying at the time, and even now I keep the amulet lurking amidst the spare jewelry in my stash, as a reminder of how bad things can happen. (And I sometimes use it on a follower if I don’t have one of the “can not die” legendaries for them yet.)

Any of you guys have similar mishaps to share? You can post them in comments here, or in the forum thread OP. And click through for some more, brief, Superbowl notes.

I fired up my mostly-inactive blog to write about the ridiculous ending and the game on the whole, but here’s the short version. A play call so obviously, recklessly wrong, both at the time and in retrospect, will merit weeks or months of debate… though not by me since I don’t care about football that much.

The explanation seems to be multi-fold — like everyone else, Seattle expected Belicheck to call time out after Lynch ran to the 1, so after Seattle scored on the next run there would still be 50 seconds or so for Brady to attempt a drive for a tying field goal. Something that Seattle has repeatedly proven vulnerable to. When Belicheck didn’t call time out — either because he was broken and shellshocked by another imminent SuperBowl loss thanks to an impossible reception by a crappy wide receiver, or because he’s a supergenius who knew Seattle would shoot off their own foot if given less time to deliberate — Seattle was surprised that the clock kept running, didn’t substitute personnel, and when New England did, putting in their “heavy” package to stop a short run, Seattle thought they had an advantage with three wide receivers in single coverage. And since it was only second down, they thought they could try a pass almost as a freebie, and if it didn’t work they’d bring in the beef and go with one (or two, if necessary) Beast Mode runs for the win. That the pass might be picked off obviously never entered their calculations, and why they called the pass they did, a dangerous throw over the middle to their four best receiver, instead of doing a corner out (like they scored with just before halftime) or rolling Wilson out (like they did on the two point conversion against GB last game) will forever remain a mystery.

I’m something of a Seattle fan courtesy of residing for the past few years in the Pacific Northwest, and while I’d imagine grief and heartbreak is what most Seahawks fans are feeling, I’m still just amazed. The best analogy I can come up with is this:

You’re on a great date with a new guy/girl. Things are really moving along, you two are clicking, you head back their place, sip some wine, make out for a while, it’s going awesome, and as you’re heading to the bedroom, the ceiling explodes and a UFO beams your date up, then vanishes into the sky. You’d stand there, blinking in the plaster dust, staring up at the stars through the hole in the ceiling, so amazed and shocked at *how* it happened that it might take you a while to realize that you weren’t going to get laid.

That said, how about them Diablo 3: Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory stories?

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17 thoughts on “Diablo 3: Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

  1. My first Ancient Leg weapon for my Crusader, i rushed to the Mystic, and also misclicked the damn stat i wanted to change…
    I had “Fear” on the weapon, perfect to trade for something more useful (needed +% dmg), and replaced i think attack speed? Cant recall.
    Trying to clear a rift when half the mobs are constantly running off the screen with fear… not fun :\

  2. Mine is a common mistake, but this one ended up being painful. Re-rolling chest armor stat to get 11% elite damage reduction. This is a tough roll to get and after 25 or so tries I got it. I was so excited that I clicked on the armor instead of the OK button and lost the roll.

    Took me 100+ tries and 300-400 million to get it back.

    Football – it’s wacky.

  3. My friend (wasn't me, for real!) tried on some suboptimal gear for a fun build and so put all his good gear in the inventory. Then excited the game for real life a few hours. When he came back, he had forgotten and started with selling all he had in his inventory in the belief that it was just bad legs from earlier rifting…

  4. This wasn't me but I have to tell the Tougeznut story. He wanted to transfer some (really really good FB wizard gear) between two wizard toons but he stash was full. He asked if a couple people to stay in a game so he could drop the items on the ground and quickly switch characters.

    He dropped everything on the ground with toon #1, left the game to switch to toon #2 and …. everything on the ground vanished. Apparently items you leave on the ground disappear if your character leaves the game–even if the game remains open with other players.

    He's back to farming GR41 so it is safe to say he recovered from this but as a hardcore character losing gear like that was just painful to witness.

  5. I thought legandary follower tolkins all had the do not die properity to them. I got one for kormac with like 65 more str on it than the one I had, it was after I deleted my old one got in a rift and noticed kormac died that I wondered what was going on. The tolkin I had was one with all skills bonus or something. RIP templar.

  6. As a long time Pats fan. Thank you Pete C… Dwight Clark made the 'Catch' way back when as a 49er, and Pete C made the 'Call'. Brilliant!

    Anyway, I no longer use the salvage all buttons as within a few days of those buttons becoming available, I forgot to check the items in my inventory first. I had two rare items I had spent way to much $$$,$$$,$$$ to get just so, and forgot they were in my inventory when starting a new game. Pissed me off (mad at myself), something fierce, and I have no plans to ever use those time saving buttons again.

    • Since Salvage All went in, they've modified it so that items you've enchanted don't get churned automatically. Which is helpful to save a Rare you actually want that you forgot you had in your inventory.

  7. The worst thing I ever did happened Diablo II, I sold a Fury Caduceus by mistake, my paladin never forgave me LoL.

  8. Nearly perfect Natalya’s boots, dex, armor, res-all, movement speed.

    I rerolled the res-all into vit instead of rolling the movement speed. Took a pair of nearly perfect boots and turned them into merely very good. I could die.

  9. I salvaged a Broken Crown in Seasons that I had on switch for easy Imperial Gems. It was kind of a derp move, and I've re-arranged my inventory to minimize the chance of it happening again. ^^;;

  10. I’ve gotten one and only one SoJ on my account thus far (roughly Paragon 240) and when I got it (shortly after RoS) I immediately went “Oh, I should reroll that Area Damage into crit chance!” and went ahead with what seemed so obvious…

    …then realized the %Ele bonus on it was useless for my build. Why didn’t I change that to another Ele bonus instead…. Gah!!!

    The silver lining is my brother got two SoJ’s recently (both since 2.1.2) and the first thing I told him was to ignore the other properties- just make sure the %Ele bonus is the right type first! May have saved him a few migraines moving forward!

  11. I honestly can't believe they threw the ball on that play. I was sitting there watching it, and I don't typically get loud while watching games, but I stood up and yelled at the TV "WHAT THE $#@& WAS THAT!?!?!"

  12. I salvaged a Mirror Ball because I couldn't figure out why my wizard would ever want to actually have an item slot wasted on firing more missiles for a spell I didn't even like. I save pretty much every orange text legendary item now. Still haven't found another +2 missile ball though 🙁

    • Those are the sad ones, where you find some really rare item for another class or build, churn it not realizing it's rare/valuable, and then later spend months trying to find it again.

  13. I have no clue about american handegg but even I could tell that was a pretty dumb move.
    When I realized that they even had like 2? more chances to run through that short distance I just lol’d.

    D3 failures ?
    I guess re-rolling some stat on a weapon for +% damage instead of simply keeping that and rolling the base dmg to a higher number.

  14. More than once I’ve used Dashing Strike to escape a group of molten explosions only to Epiphany-teleport right back in.

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