Diablo 3 Senior Producer Steve Parker Leaves Blizzard

Steve Parker

Diablo 3’s Senior Producer DiabloWikiSteve Parker has now left Blizzard according to a post on his Twitter account. There is no explanation as to why he has departed and we will probably never know why, perhaps his role has become less important now the game is near completion or something more attractive has come up. There is a job opening on the Blizzard Careers page for the role if anyone thinks they can fill his shoes.

Hey Twitter, I’m no longer working at Blizzard or on D3. I’ve had a great 5 years there and those guys are going to kill it with Diablo.

Thanks! Looking forward to bigger and better things.

Thanks Eric Brighteyes for the tip.

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40 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Senior Producer Steve Parker Leaves Blizzard

  1. you know ur good when u work for blizzard for 5 years and even your sick of waiting for d3, this man is my idol he left for us! wether we realize it or not,, bigger better than blizzard? Damn he’s good. 😯

    Senior Producer for D3? so.. he must be done Producing it, or we will get a really big delay or RELEASE soon… SIGHN UHF RELEESE!!

  2. ” I’ve had a great 5 years there and those guys are going to kill it with Diablo.”  What does he mean here? Something like Diablo 3 is gonna be bad? Poor English skills sorry 🙁

  3. bigger and better things?  than working on D3?  Blasphemy!
    It could be he simply got fired.   Maybe he is one of the reasons shits a mess?  Just a thought.

  4. Producer, so he is the rich ignoramus that gives money to other people to make good stuff, right? Well, I hardly doubt D3 team lost anything of value with him.

    • Thanks for your unfounded and spiteful ignorance! Truly, if you give any 13 year old anonymity, he too can become a shitstain on the internet!

  5. Producers in video games are responsible for releasing the game with the targeted quality on time. No doubt he’s fired by Bobby Kotick.

      • Its pretty much the same thing they do in movies.
        “A Senior Producer oversees a particular production paying particular detail to budget, staffing and talent including casting, scripting and the legal and logistic affairs of the production.”
        This might be the first time and last time I agree with premaximum.  He might have been fired over this.

  6. probably means they killed all his work for the last five years, so he quit. lmao.
    ya just hire someone from the outside to replace him when 3/4 of the game or more is finished to muck
    it up even more. something a blubber butt like J wilson would do.

  7. I like this statement in the job posting:

    The candidate must enjoy seeing a project from inception to completion and delivering games on time with the highest quality

    Obviously he wasn’t able to do that… Apparently he doesn’t need to see the project from inception to completion either.

  8. Well, the project leading of D3 has certainly been a huge joke so this doesn’t come as a huge surprise.

    • lol ! So who was in charge of the Nephalem Cube, guess we’ll find out soon, who’s the next person to quit ?

  9. He could become rich if he started a youtube channel, telling us behind the scenes stuff from the D3 development.
    Bobby probably has his signature on a contract, allowing him to be sold on the RMAH as a personal goldfarmer incase he ever tries that though so I’m not getting my hopes up 8)

    • Well, if we take in consideration the ex employees from Blizzard North then hes definitely not the first one to go.

  10. Haha his departure comment is way too ambiguous to be in good-intent, it definitely has to do with the fact they dun goof’d.

  11. ooh lahlah! extremely interesting timing, and I hadn’t even rallied my firing squad yet! Jay Wilson and fuckface Bashiok: take notice, take your vitamins, say your prayers…….you’re next biatches!!

  12. bigger and better things??? And this from a senor producer, he would go before 2-3 months before release?
    Sounds for me, that not all in the team go ahaed with the development of D3. More and more i think, Blizz struggle in too many things, as they wanted D3 make to an “ubergame”. The last changes and some steps back seems for me so, I think, we got not such a game like D2. D3 is surly nice, but i cant imagine, that i will play it for 5 oder 7 years like D2…
    Sorry, but thats made me very sad…

  13. “On to bigger and better things” huh.  When the thing you’re just coming from is probably the most anticipated title of 2012, I’d say that statement is AKA “I got fired and I’m barely able to restrain my bitterness, let alone hide it.”

    Someone mentioned Bobby Kotick made the decision…  As much as I love to hate that dirtbag, I doubt it.  He’s in charge of the people who were in charge of Steve; Bobby himself is probably too distant from the dev teams to make an educated opinion on hiring/firing.

    • It was me but I didn’t mean Bobby said ” Get the hell out of here you pathetic idiot”.

      OFC he told Mike to see resignations of the people who’s reponsible with all of this.

  14. The lowest Work ranking you can have in game company is ” Senior Producer” Is easy to find on in that position.
    I think he get better job =)

  15. No one noticed “Looking forward to bigger and better things.”?
    That is the exact words of a employee that was forced out/quit on purpose.
    We will never know though but there is more stuff behind the scene at Blizzard than what we will ever know about.

  16. Clearly the scapegoat for the whole real-money auction house desaster, be it the late, unsatisfying Korea approval (now without the RMAH), the Battle.net balance delay, Paypal issues, whatever. The Activison Blizzard conference call is near, and he had to go. This damn RMAH certainly lives up to the bad expectations the critics already had when it was first announced.

  17. Anyone else think “Oh geez, Hellgate 2!” when they read the bigger and better things line?  😀

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