A fan argued strongly against the existence of any sort of Diablo 3 Self-Found or Ironborn mode and earned a Blue reply, plus lots of flames.

    Look. Stop with all the self found crap already. What does it matter if your character is “self found” or not. There are too many variations and arguments about what it truly means. Also do you REALLY thing that Bliz is going to give you some kind of recognition for being too broke to use the RMAH to either get gold or buy items? No they’re not because they will get nothing for it. FACT companies only recognize those that spend money. Do you get anything cool for Para 100? No but do you get something cool if you buy the collectors edition and sit at level 1 forever.. YES.. Same with heart of the swarm.. You won’t receive anything special for finding your own gear.

    not-sure-if-stupid-or-just-trollingTo truly be “Self found” you must literally FIND EVERYTHING.. Get your own gold for crafting (NO AH) find your own gems, recipes, armor, and weapons… and even after you do all that .. All of my SELF FOUND ON THE AH gear is going to make my toons stronger than yours. Stop trying to be snobs over not having the money to invest in the game.. Just play and move on. Flip items in the AH if you can’t afford to buy gold. Buy the best gear you can.. enjoy high end MP difficulties.
    Vaeflare: People play Diablo III in different ways, and that’s entirely fine by us. Some players prefer the additional challenge of Hardcore mode, and some don’t. In a similar vein, some players have a lot of fun playing Diablo III using only the gear their heroes have uncovered in game, while other players prefer to utilize the Auction House. There’s nothing wrong with either, and in fact many of our developers enjoy playing self-found characters. If you don’t enjoy playing those sorts of characters, that’s totally fine, but please be respectful of players who do.

    Self-found mode is something we still debate internally, in terms of if we want to try to support it as an official gameplay style. In concept, it sounds cool to recognize that your character is self-found, but there are a lot of different ways to play Diablo III, and we can’t support every niche gameplay style as a full playstyle within the game. That said, it’s still a topic we’re discussing.

    The Fry image meme sums up the reactions of most people to the thread, and I’d like to thank the OP for making it so easy for me. Usually I have to create a meme image myself with the appropriate caption, but in this case there were hundreds lying around to be picked up.

    Just to add something other than echoing the Blue’s self-evident “different people like different things” reaction… why not DiabloWikiIronborn? I can see that many people wouldn’t want to play that mode, and the issue of how strict a rule set to adopt is a sticking point, but it’s optional, and as long as the devs don’t spend a ton of time working on that instead of bigger changes to the game that benefit/affect everyone, it’s a pretty stupid thing to object to. Hence “troll or not?” queries are perfectly reasonable. And funny.

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