Diablo 3 Secret Level Music… Backwards!

If you’ve played in the DiabloWikiWhimsyshire level, or just watched videos of it, you’ve probably noticed the very weird, stilted, pinging piano music. It’s almost as if something is being played backwards?

In fact it is. Click through for a video showing the level, with just the music, played backwards. That part starts at about 38 seconds in, and obviously this is spoilery if you’re still waiting to see that level yourself for the first time.

Thanks to Namik’s thread for the tip and to AnimeCraze for pointing to the correct identification of the music, which is: Ravel’s Gaspard de la Nuit – Le Gibet.

Here’s a video of a woman in a Halloween ballerina costume playing the music on a piano. It sounds almost nothing like the piece you hear in the game, backwards, but then that’s the point of classical music; to confuse and perplex people who don’t spend years learning about it.

Bonus points for the top-rated comment, which made me laugh:

I had? to create a youtube account just to tell you what a hopeless moron you are.

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  1. This is really “neat” and all. It’s never a good sign when your game is so boring that people notice or have time to think about these things while playing.

    Less posts about dumb stuff and more about how crappy the items are. Maybe blizzard might do something about it?

    I want my $100 back for CE.

    • The two most-recent posts other than this one are about items. Why is this not enough for you?

      Also: people dig into data files all the time. Different people have fun in different ways. Some people like to take their time and appreciate the music in the game. Others like to whine in comments on fansites. 

    • Can you bring back Septar? At least he was funny when he bitched about something in every comment.

  2. Hey, that’s a MAN in a ballerina costume. Beware, those are not lady hands! 😐 

  3. The top-rated comment was a response to someone else.

  4. At least try and link the correct youtube video FLUX:


    • I linked to a youtube video of a female pianist playing, “Ravel Gaspard de la nuit. Scarbo HQ” I

      You offer, as what appears to be a correction, a link to the same woman playing piano in a video called, “Ravel Gaspard de la nuit. Le gibet HQ “

      I’ll be sure to correct that error at once!

      • Flux. It’s okay not to know about classical music. No one really does these days. But it’s not okay to shun someone who corrects your mistake without even crosscheking his accusation.
        It’s a fucking different piece of music! Consider “Gaspard de la nuit” to be an album. Le gibet is the second song and scarbo is the third song…
        Come on! have you even listened to the vid in catchafires link? if you had, you would have noticed that that song sounds exactly like the one in d3 opposed to the song you embeded in your post…
        maybe you are deaf? dunno. you appear to have working ears when conversing in the podcasts

  5. Oh, I did not identify the music. I saw the comments in Youtube, and simply checked whether they are correct.

    • As I neither knew nor cared, I was more than happy to take your word for what someone said about it on an anonymous youtube comment.


  6. That’s a dude. Look at his hands and upper forearm muscles. 

  7. This is not “a woman” playing piano, this is Valentina Lisitsa.

  8. You would buy D4 after D3?

  9. This woman is my favorite pianist, she is not from this world 🙂
    Very good choice for linking youtube channel incgamers!

  10. I want to announce to the whole world here that I don’t care a crap about Whimsyshire. The Cow Level was cool, though.

  11. Haha, you had to know this was coming. After all, due to the initial graphics controversy they started adding unicorns and rainbows to a lot of their marketing screenshots.

  12. “The Treasurer of the Night” nice choice Blizzard (title I mean), but in this backwards arrangation its sounds like a gameboy, and I have Pokemon game before my eyes (besides ponies)… Why? “Our Powerful Engine can emulate Pokemon”: nice done, really (T.T).

  13. Ran this place last night and I hated it.   The actual map sucks and the mobs make your eyes bleed.  I would kill for a cow level again.    There is a benefit too clearing it so I will be in there when I can tell you I am not happy about it. 

  14. oh god, I lol’d, I want a wiz who runs backwards and restores his arcane power when he uses disintegrate.

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