If you’ve played in the DiabloWikiWhimsyshire level, or just watched videos of it, you’ve probably noticed the very weird, stilted, pinging piano music. It’s almost as if something is being played backwards?

    In fact it is. Click through for a video showing the level, with just the music, played backwards. That part starts at about 38 seconds in, and obviously this is spoilery if you’re still waiting to see that level yourself for the first time.

    Thanks to Namik’s thread for the tip and to AnimeCraze for pointing to the correct identification of the music, which is: Ravel’s Gaspard de la Nuit – Le Gibet.

    Here’s a video of a woman in a Halloween ballerina costume playing the music on a piano. It sounds almost nothing like the piece you hear in the game, backwards, but then that’s the point of classical music; to confuse and perplex people who don’t spend years learning about it.

    Bonus points for the top-rated comment, which made me laugh:

    I had? to create a youtube account just to tell you what a hopeless moron you are.

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