Diablo 3 Second Most Pre-ordered Title

No release date as yet but it hasn’t stopped an increase to pre-orders for Diablo 3. According to the latest US pre-order figures from our friends over at VGChartz, Diablo 3 is sitting in second place just behind EA’s Mass Effect 3. Diablo 3 is also the only PC-exclusive title in the top 10 list which is pretty impressive when you consider what it is up against.

The top give titles on the list are as follows:

  1. Mass Effect 3 (360)
  2. Diablo III (PC)
  3. Kinect Star Wars (360)
  4. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (360)
  5. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning X360 (360)

Are you one of the 611,692 people that have pre-ordered the game or are you holding out for some sign of a release date?


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69 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Second Most Pre-ordered Title

  1. Preordered it 3 times, from 3 different stores to reduce the risk of one outlet stuffing up my order on release day… Am I addicted?

  2. I pre-ordered two copies on Amazon.com about half a year ago, one for myself and one for my girlfriend.

      • Wait… what? It would be presumptuous if they hadn’t recently started dating? That makes no sense… Also, he just said he did it about 6 months ago so they’ve been dating sometime longer than that. That wouldn’t be considered recent to most people…

        • Numero uno. It was a joke. Dos. I have no idea how long they have been dating and neither do you.  I was simply trying to wink at the fact that he was preodering a game which some have speculated would not release till much later with the assumption that the two of them would still be together at the time.

  3. preordered my CE way back when it was announced! Despite everyone (it seems) complaining about most features I could not be more psyched for a release!

  4. Cancelled my CE preorder, kinda changed my mind about the value of the included stuff. Think I’m just gonna get the digital version 🙂

  5. Still waiting till the shop I always order from puts the CE version up for preorders, they emailed me that it’ll happen when Blizz announces a release date ._.

    • Are they even going to have some to give to that shop by that point? Most places had pre-orders up months ago and have run out.

    • I don’t think it does sadly. Part of me feels guilty for not helping set a sales record with this subscription.

  6. I will wait for a release date before any preorder. WIth that said its good to see a PC exclusive on that list, although from all the bullshit with bnet 2.0 and the other crap ActiBlizz has been cooking up this is probably the last ‘good’ game that Blizzard will ever make. (I have a feeling it will be good from beta impressions, but I could be wrong)

  7. Pre-ordered CE version from GAME but only put $10 bucks down in case they don’t get any CE versions(you think it wont happen but it does).

      • They don’t charge you but they give you the option to put money down on it.  Mostly  to see if your serious about getting the game, but it can also be used as a payment plan.
        I have been stopping by my local GameStop and putting 10 bucks on the CE every few weeks so that when it comes out I will have paid it all off and all I will have to do is pick it up.  I am hoping maybe I can even get them to give it to me early.  Like say 12 o’clock eastern time (I am on western time so 9 my time)  At least then I will be able to start playing the same time the east cost does.

    • They don’t. At least they shouldn’t be… Most retailers don’t actually charge you ’til it ships.

  8. Are you one of the 611,692 IDIOTS that have pre-ordered the game? I’m sooo gonna laugh my ass off when those stores can’t deliver a damn thing when they reach their self-given release date.

    • Idiots? There is a big difference between preordering and actually believing a non-Blizz release date!

      • what are you on about? it’s the exact same thing. you wouldn’t preorder if you didn’t believe the store’s displayed release date. say you pay 100 bucks for the CE, they charge you (depending on the store, some don’t until they’re ready to ship it), your money’s sitting in their pocket and you sit there waiting for months and months for a release date…….and nothing happens.

        • I’m not sure what you are on about! I preorder because I want something short in supply, in this case the CE. And for your information I have not yet paid a cent. Ofcourse it is stupid to pay for something months in advance if you are not even sure what the price will be! But to call all those people stupid just for preordering is ignorant!

        • You are a moron Solomon… You don’t have to believe a store’s fake release date to pre-order the game. Most people have pre-ordered the CE so they can actually get it when it’s released instead of having to wait for them to get more. Plus, most (at least the reputable ones) retailers don’t hold your money at all and only charge you when the game is shipped. Sorry that you are so jaded because of the delays, but that doesn’t mean you should go around ridiculing people for wanting to have a guarantee they’ll get a physical copy on release day.

  9. Last time I preordered was Starcraft II. I got it 2 days after release due to importing from amazon.co.uk, but saved half the money compared to german store prices. Pretty good trade off for a game I cared about playing, but wasn’t fanatic.

    This time I won’t preorder and probably won’t import the game. I just can’t wait the two days, even after waiting 5 freaking years. It would be too much to see everyone play and I can’t because I wanted to save 15 Euro. I’ll just buy it the morning the stores open. Getting into the inner part of the city, buying the game and getting back home is something like 40 minutes for me. Thats JUST BARELY bareable xD

    • Almost same here but I’m gonna preoder the CE.

      CE from UK 66 € (fucking gamestop not shipping; my favorite shop doesn’t have it yet)
      Normal Edition Germany 60 €
      CE Germany   100 €

      I got SC2 last time per import 2 days before release so I don’t worry about the delivery time.

    • For the most part your right.  If you not planing on getting the CE there isn’t really a reason to pre-order.  Most large stores will carry enough normal copies to cover the walk-ins.

      • I pre-ordered standard version so I get Amazon.co.uk lowest listed price guarantee as such I already saved £5 minimum of off the RRP (that is if it retails at the UK standard £30 price, more likely it going to retail at £35 like Starcraft 2 did some games charge £40).

  10. I pre-ordered the CE for a while now at my local game-shop.
    Just hope Blizzard will let us pre-download the game before release so I can start playing the game immediately after I’m back from the midnight-launch. Just give in the key at battle-net account and start playing.

    However I’m surprised GW2 isn’t in the top 5 list seeing how hyped that game is.

    • They already said that they aren’t doing a download option for CEs. You would have to buy a separate copy or do the WoW annual pass thing to have both.

  11. I don’t understand, why would you pre-order then have to wait 1-7 days for the game to come to you instead of digitally downloading from Blizzard before hand and play when servers go up?
    Seems idiotic.

    • I hear ya on the waiting man but I’d rather have a physical copy. That way when I do my yearly re-installation of windows. I don’t have to download the damn thing 🙂 It takes forever on my bad internet. Also I can just pick up a copy at the nearest gamestop or walmart.

    • It’s called “don’t pick the cheapskate shipping option” and you could actually get it the day before “release day.” It’s happened to many people with other games.

  12. I preordered back in November, I think. Soon as the release date is announced I’ll start annoying the gamestop dude about midnight release info.

  13. Preordered CE from Amazon the first day it was available.  Had I known about the ten heros max on an account, I prob would have ordered two.

  14. maybe its had so many preorders because you’ve been able to preorder it for how long now ?
    a year ?
    2 years ?

    if Blizzard waits another 18 months to release the game then D3 preorders may set a record that will never be broken 😆

  15. Preorder like 4 years ago from Hollywood video. Company went out of business. Lost my 5$ deposit. Preordered CE from amazon the day it was available. I don’t think amazon will go under.

  16. I pre-ordered the CE, but I only put a few bucks down. I have the CE for ME3 paid in full STUFF IT BLIZZARD. Release date nao. 🙁

  17. Pre-ordered a CE back in Nov. from Amazon with one-day shipping, so hopefully it will arrive the morning of release day. I’ve done the same thing with the past three Blizzard games and they haven’t missed it yet.

  18. Haven’t preordered, waiting for the digital copy. I learned my lesson at the WOTLK midnight release and I don’t think my nose can take another group of unwashed stinkbags.

  19. lol I preordered this game when Monster Hunter Tri came out so I think I’ve had it on reserve going on 2 years now, Collector’s Edition at that!  600k reserves for a game w/o a release date, that just seems funny to me.

  20. the first place of mass effect is because this damn ads all over the game-sites, youtube, etc. So Diablo III should be the 1st, as one which doesn’t even have the marketing started.

  21. I’m waiting to pre-order when I have a release date. Just doesn’t feel right any other way. I actually am thinking about getting the download version direct from Blizzard because I just don’t feel like dealing with a line at midnight and the CE is already sold out anyway, so

  22. I want a physical copy so I can lose the disks and product key and have to buy another copy years down the road after computer takes a shit.

    • Because that’s still a valid argument when you can (actually, HAVE TO) put your key in bnet and download it whenever you want. People like getting a boxed product, oh, they’re stupid and it’s a crime.

  23. A PC game beats most of xbox 360 titles? Hmm… Blizzard would reign top if they went console with a new game.

  24. im appalled and disgusted that mass effect 3 ( an EA release ) is taking such high pre-order numbers, more than diablo 3 in fact…
    Do people not realize the evil that EA is?

  25. Pre-ordered the top 2!

    As a side note:

    I dislike this “solve media” crap for posting comments. Since when is this a necessity?

  26. Amazon.com, got D3 on pre-order for a while now… +/- 40 bucks for CE wasn’t worth it for me… even tho i have played more hours than i can comprehend… check site everyday for updates of course how can u not getting this close to release….. it will be like every birthday and christmas in one day :D…… why would i drive an hour and 15 minutes one way to get it when it will be on the way and usually free shipping…. EZ choice

  27. Any way looking at the list via link and going back though it shows that D3 been in the top 3 for ages. BTW the number of preorders is wrong its 385,817 as of 4 Feb 2012 in the US.
    Dunno where Elly and Co got 611,692 from, even ME3 listed as 588,387.

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