Diablo 3 Seasons: Endings, Beginnings, and Scheduling

Almost everyone on my friends list and in the IncGamers HC West clan is playing Seasons now, so conversation has been focused on that reality. How long will Season One last? Are Seasons going to run a consistent amount of time? How much warning will we get before one ends and the next one begins?

We talked about that on the Seasons podcast a couple of weeks ago, and while all 4 guests loved participating in the first day/weekend of the ladder rush (except for N3rdwords, because Softcore cheese) no one was eager to do it again. At least not very soon. It was fun, but fun as an occasional thing, and everyone wanted to spend some time (weeks? months?) leveling up and finding new gear for their Seasonal characters before starting the whole experience over again in Season Two.

That said, there’s always someone wondering about how long Season One will last, or how long Seasons will run in general. Blizzard has repeatedly declined to comment on the issue of scheduling, so it seems they probably don’t have a schedule set in stone, and are planning to end/begin a new season when it seems like the community is ready for it.

So, two votes which are more like surveys. Do you want to know about the Seasons schedule? And how long do you think seasons should run?

How long should each Diablo 3 Season run?

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Why do you want to know when the current season is going to end?

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  1. How about seasonal characters start at level 70? The 1-69 grind still stinks out loud, doesn't help anybody, and isn't even what they want you to focus on (Grifts, Grifts, Grifts!) Grow a pair, Blizzard; leveling needs to be retired. Most of the Destiny reviews have said the same thing, the leveling/RPG points are the second lamest thing in that game (the story being the first). Make the gear the focus, make the gear upgradeable/customized, and you don't want/need the stupid leveling stuff.

    • Good for you maybe, but starting everything from scratch and leveling guys to 70 and re-discovering the skills again is what I love about seasons. Not everybody plays the same way you do. I get bored out of my mind once I hit 70 and the only thing to do is grind out increasingly minute upgrades. Like this first season, every season is going to bring me back for another intensive round of Diablo funtimes. Someone like you who only cares about endgame should ignore seasons – continuing to crank on your existing top-level characters is what non-season play is ALL about. Why would you want seasons to be the same thing?

      • See, those of us who don't want to do seasons have to deal with it anyway. Every big matchmaking community (that I know of) suddenly went entirely quiet while people slog through the level grind, and the ones at the end of it stick around asking for season groups. 3/4 of the groups I see asking for members are seasonal, so I can't join. The rest fill up very quickly.

        That leaves me joining public games to carry a fully undergeared party through T6 for one game (or until someone just leaves to do bounties or AFK in town) until I bounce to the next one for the same. I can't just "ignore seasons" because they have killed the reasonable social grouping I relied on for parties.

        • And yet seasons (with level grind) are the only part of the game I want to play. So maybe you should give a little, in terms of having a week where less people are available to group with, so other people can get something?

          Perhaps everything went dead because people CHOSE to go do that level grind, because they wanted to? Your social group would be just fine if seasons weren’t a draw for people in their current incarnation, so obviously there are a lot of people who like them. Maybe this idea that people don’t want to do it is belied by the very data you cite…

          • Actually I kinda wish people who only wanted to play seasons would join season-only communities and use those for grouping, allowing both groups to play normally.

            Since we're being smarmy about it then, hows this? Maybe show some consideration for people who CHOSE not to play seasons and let us continue on how we like without spamming the established channels for season groups all the time?

          • (I don’t know why there’s no reply button on your post, but here’s a reply)

            Okay! Since I don’t use communities, grouping, or chat at all, I’d be perfectly happy with that, and I can sure see why those things should be separated distinctly – if I’m on a season character, I can’t group with normal ones anyway. I’m opposed to any sort of spamming.

          • I think we've hit the nesting limit on the discussion. I also admit I was grouchy and just needed to complain, so sorry about that.

            My solution also wouldn't be the best, either, because:

            People hang out in certain community chats for multiple reasons. The Crusaders community is great for asking about what gear you just got, showing off your new Phalanx shield, complaining about Roland's, finding groups of other crusaders to play with and share your drops with, and I offer spots to get any T6 bounty bags I've farmed.

            The first few entries are great, and splitting into seasonal would hurt that interaction, which is a shame. However, now whenever I post looking for a group or try to share bounties, there's normal, hardcore, normal season, and hardcore season all in the channel talking about class stuff and looking for loot ideas. I get whispers from season people wanting bounties (who can't join me), or can't request a group invite if someone asks for party members and forgets to say they're (pick game variant).

            The only great solution I guess would be for Blizzard to allow people to join more than the paltry 5 communities we currently can. I have no idea why that's even a limit in the first place.

    • Leveling is startin to drive me nuts too. I’m too stuborn to start playing softcore but DC deaths have been keeping me from enjoying any of the ‘endgame’ content.
      Since I could choose to play SC, I don’t wanna whine too loudly but the trek to 70 feels a lot less interesting than the trek from 70 to T6 capable or GriftX capable. I’d love to put the hours into upgrading a clvl70 so I can handle T6, but I spend too many hours rerolling characters only to DCdie at clvl63 or something equally frustrating.
      Am I the only person that feels torn between gettin shtuff done in real life, wanting to play only hardcore and not ever getting far enough to do cool stuff(see: infernal machine) in game?

      • I wish that we could choose an option less brutal than dc but more consequential than soft core. losing a couple of levels when you die would intensify the game without killing the incentive to keep going. The way soft core is now, dying means nothing.

    • We used to joke about a "click button for instant 70" as the ultimate example of dumbed down D3 design… and it may yet happen. And with the consent of the community!

      I actually think that could work for seasons, but maybe only make it available 24 or 48 hours after the season goes live, so people who want to earn their levels can rush and get a head start?

      The instant level 70 would also be weird in seasons, since you'd have zero twinks or gold or shards. So you'd be out in front of Tristram, naked and punching zombies with your 3.1dps starter weapon? Or would you want some other concessions to your auto-rush, like scaled up equipment, or 10k gold so you could at least buy some blue/yellow from vendors, etc?

      • Sadly the leveling aspect of the game isnt what its supposed to be (at least for me ) . The joy of putting some skillpoints after levelup is gone .. ( well i think i already made myself clear about my dissappointment about the current skillsystem in past comments)
        So I would have no problem with skipping it entirely, i think to get some blues with the boost so you can go threw normal difficulty would be fine.

      • It IS the ultimate example of dumbed down D3. Levels in this game have are irrelevant at this point – they might as well introduce a tutorial mode (basically campaign mode) wherein you get your shiny skills at various story points and call it a day, no levels involved.

        And then of course you’d still have Paragon. Which would function like the traditional levelling experience, only of course extremely limited and dumbed down compared to a well designed skill tree.

        The amount of stuff in D3’s game design that make no sense is astonishing.

      • You do normal mode, where you can bash anything and everything stark naked. I was goofing around in Europe, started a new Season, and killed Zolton Kulle at Expert at level 1. That's right, I had Magic Missile and no Paragon. It was actually kind of fun and weird, b/c you can't teleport, you can't freeze, you can't Slow Time, you can't really kite, you have to just run and snipe over and over again.

        Anyway, the real point is that the 1-69 slog doesn't teach you ANYTHING, and doesn't represent real progress towards what you eventually "should" be focusing on; building up to T6 and 30+ Grifts (or PvP, if it ever existed). Nothing you pick up before 61 helps much; you don't really get enough gold to put three Imperials together, for crying out loud. Level 69 might be the toughest thing, b/c that one level to 70 jumps all of the gear stats up a huge notch. You can struggle at 69 Expert and quickly, w/ some lucky shard gambling, get mediocre T1 ready at 70. The 69-70 gear gap is that vast. Not to mention the sets and high level Leg gems.

        Anyway, TLDR; the "leveling" grind should come from collecting, refining, and customizing gear (something that needs more work, especially the customizing part). The leveling for leveling sake is garbage and boring, and doesn't teach you anything or make you a better player.

  2. After looking closely through the options I didn't see the one named "I despise seasons for splitting every community I'm in, have no desire to grind through 70 excruciatingly boring levels again, and am not insecure enough to need an epeen-stick to measure how much time I can waste on vidya gaems". So no vote for me.

  3. Two (smartass) comments:

    1) Learn something from PoE. Short sprint seasons during a long season are fun.

    2) "Season" imply a competitive sports like environment. There is a set beginning and end. The fact Blizz isn't sharing when the season ends means they don't even really get part of why they are fun or important for the game long term… A bit troubling.

  4. Everyone one I talked to said 3 months… but it would be pretty lame if Blizz didn't announce a date.

    They gave us a whole 5 days notice on the start of S1, not enough time to plan for time off work :\

    I really enjoyed the first couple day of the season. I'll try again in s2.

  5. So i know when i am gonna start playing again 😉

    I dont really find any purpose in playing more after i cleared lvl 36 grift and i am having pretty decent gear on my DH and Barb. I really like the concept of gems, sadly most of them use passive effects. I would like to see some gems that for example activate a special power after i kill x enemies with blizzard. But thats to much to implement i guess 🙁

  6. I think that if people want there to be new items and different quests or achievements for each season, then they are dreaming about a new season every 3 months.
    If you can go without those things, then they probably wouldn't have a problem.

  7. I like the leveling process for skill re-discover but I don't like the fact that all item you find is trash (gems also). I would really prefer that levelling = getting skills, runes and tougher elite with increased affix number. The problem with this is the exploit of easy grinding easier at level 1.

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