Diablo 3: Seasonal Stash Clarification

A player over on the Diablo forums wanted some clarification on the seasonal stash tabs. Nevalistis gave some helpful clarification.

If we don’t unlock the seasonal stash tab with seasonal conquests, does it unlock anyway after the season ends or are we SOL on that stash tab forever?

While stash space won’t unlock for players automatically at the end of Season if the requirements haven’t been met, failing to acquire a stash tab reward in a Season does not permanently prevent you from acquiring it in the future. Seasons going forward (for the foreseeable future) will have a stash tab reward; there is simply a cap to how many of them you can earn, that being 10 total tabs.

For example, one player could earn a stash tab each in Seasons 5, 6, 7, and 8 (that being the fastest way to to hit the cap). Another might earn them in Seasons 6, 7, 8, and 10.

And yes, I know what day it is. No joking around here. 😉

At least now you wont have to worry about the extra stash tabs if you miss a season in the near or long term future.

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  1. I would still very much prefer to just not be forced into playing seasons in order to unlock stash tabs…

  2. Yep call me back when there’s a nonseasonal way to obtain the extra tabs. I can almost nearly guarantee that I will never play seasons.

  3. I will do my best to get all additional stash tabs because MOAR!

  4. Tabs for seasonals is acceptable for me, but with the requirements needed I was forced to change my playing style completely…
    In Season 1 to 4 I played only hardcore, but if I need to reach the chapter needed for the extra stash tab, that is not possible.
    I spent almost all my spare time in getting there, but I’m stuck in chapter 5 and won’t be reaching the next 3 chapters in time. The power increase in the current patch helped reaching lvl 70 and getting sets together, but I don’t have time to spent on getting master on set-dungeons (you need to alter your complete playing style just to do that…) when I can play at most one hour a day on weekdays and sometime 4 hours in the weekend.
    So: yes, the idea is good, but the requirements are only reachable by players with too much time on their hand and not having a life outside of D3.
    I hope this will be fixed in a next season, giving players with families a chance as well to reach the extra tabs.

    • “So: yes, the idea is good, but the requirements are only reachable by players with too much time on their hand and not having a life outside of D3.
      I hope this will be fixed in a next season, giving players with families a chance as well to reach the extra tabs.”

      Bulltweedle. I notice that the definition of “having a life outside of D3” typically means “more time than I choose to spend on the game.” I’m picking on you here, but I’ve seen plenty of comments like this (including from myself!). I personally am married with two kids, and I have a full-time job. It took me about a month (…looks up actual date – February 3rd…) to earn the extra stash tab. I play about a couple hours a night, although I admit that this season I’ve been fortunate enough to put in some additional time above that. But the season is 3 months long-PLENTY of time for casuals to get an additional tab. And yes, I play (mostly) Hardcore mode.

      Are you a member of the DiiHC clan? If so, I can try to help you get there in the next few days. I’m running DH this season so we could power-level a DH to 70 for you and then loot share until you get full Marauders set. Then you just sit at the entrance of the dungeon casting sentries while I kill all the monsters. GREAT GAME DESIGN, BLIZZARD! So yes, while I’m picking on you, I’m offering to step into a Set Dungeon again for you-which I don’t ever want to do this Season. (Or any other season, for that matter; but stash space.)

      • Yes, his criticism can be reduced to there being a mismatch between effort needed to be put in and reward gained afterwards. Nonetheless a valid criticism. But respect for your offer of help.

        • It’s not the effort and reward, but the effort and the available resources.
          I just don’t have the amount of time needed. And taking time off of work to have more time for diablo won’t be accepted due to other obligations.

      • It’s very generous to offer help, but due to full-time job and a young daughter I can only available between 9 an 10 PM CEST on some weekdays. And once in a while some time during the weekend.
        Seeing the basic requirements for the first four chapters, I concluded that a HC character was not feasible (I have played the game for hundreds of hours, but getting to the higher greater rift levels or defeating bosses on Torment 7 or 9 are things I hadn’t done befor), so for the first time in a year I started new softcore characters and for the first time got as far as I’m now. If I realy could spent time, I think that with the Crusader and Deamon Hunter I’ve now, I could beat chapter 6, apart from the mastery of a set dungeon. But that still leave 2 more chapters…
        So no, I don’t have the time to do this and will have to hope that a next time the requirements and the available time are more in sync.

        • Since you mentioned DH, the Set Dungeon can be done easily with Marauders. You open the portal and stay at the entrance refreshing sentries while another player clears the dungeon. Just posting this in case you make an attempt for the stash tab this season.

  5. As long as set dungeons are a part of the tab lock, I’ll never get one.

  6. I’m now close to getting my season stash tab but I’ll know for sure I wont try again next season.
    This is taking way to much time and I already had 1 character go RIP aswell.

  7. Not gonna play Seasons.

    Fuck Blizzard

    Captcha – no friend of mine

  8. I, on the other hand, play seasons but getting to Conqueror is just a pipe dream for me. As much as I like this game I just suck at it. I guess only good and dedicated gamers deserve extra tabs… Sigh…

    • Felis, I’m curious as to what specifically is an obstacle for you? What class(es) do you play? Which mode? What is your S5 Paragon? Good groups can carry you through most of the journey; good gear can get you through most (certainly not all) of the rest. Look me up in Season 6 as I think I’ll be playing both SC and HC modes.

      • Well, enforcing groupplay is an ideologic standpoint of the development team. That’s not a playstyle for everyone, though. For me, the hectic involved puts on too much stress to enjoy playing in a group in D3. So “good groups can carry you […]” is quite the opposite of a good advice to reduce the workload of obtaining an additional stash tab.

      • There is the crux of the matter – I only play solo. Not because I don’t like people but because I can’t communicate and coordinate well with others. That, and I don’t wish to inflict my slow, idiosyncratic playstyle on others. I don’t play that much either – couple of hours every other day. Right now I’m playing Demon Hunter on SC. I’m only paragon 224 and reached GR 32. The main problem is gear. I’m still using crafted, non-ancient Griswold’s Perfection I started with because nothing better dropped/cubed/kadaled.

  9. Wow this site is so dead. Forum is full of spam and the news appear 2-3 days later than on diablofans.com and the “articles” ones like this. Clarification, clarification. No content. Sorry to see this site go down so fast, it has been a one man show :/

    • It’s not the site, it’s the franchise. ActiBlizz killed the Diablo franchise in 3 short years. This sight was more active in the time between LoD and D3 than it is at the end of RoS, lol.

  10. Yes, ration out stash space for this crap, Blizzard. Good job. Makes ME totally want to play more….*EYEROLL*

  11. Well look at diablofans. There is at least some news a couple of times a week. This site used to post news much sooner than diablofans, but now its vice versa.

    I don’t even consider the news as added value as such since they are usually just Reddit reposts or Blizzard blog reposts. But it’s convenient to have them gathered in one place.

    The added value of diabloii.net was always Flux’s insightful articles and the way he interpreted and summed up players’ feelings about the meta and situational topics. Now that he isn’t playing anymore, no one is doing this. The other “articles” on this site are 1-2 sentences and then a link to another site.

    • …or the routine and cookie cutter fan art posts of ridiculously slutty positioned scantily clad demon hunter or wizard women. *Yawn* Sexually repressed ugly artists who express their frustrations via video game characters.

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