patch 2.1.0 seasonsBlue post reminding players that seasons are option. You can create and play seasonal characters on the ladders with some or lots or all or none of your play time. Diablo 3 Seasonal Ladder Characters are Optional:

    I really want to play ladder, but I really want to have a very good character and continue to upgrade my level 70 wizard.
    Tyvalir: You can absolutely play your Seasonal characters and continue to play your non-Seasonal ones on the side. (That’s what I’ll be doing, too.)

    Those who want to stay at the top of the Leaderboards will need to play their Seasonal character(s) regularly, but there’s no rule that says you have to play for the entire Season. For instance, you could complete the Conquests and hunt down the Season-exclusive Legendary items you want before switching to play your non-Seasonal characters for the duration.

    If you don’t play on the ladder, the season-only legendaries will roll into the normal loot pool (ie, your current 70) at the season’s conclusion.
    Tyvalir: CyberGoat beat me to it (or perhaps bleat me to it)! Seasonal Legendary items will roll over into the non-Seasonal loot pool after the current Season ends. Items, gold, blood shards, crafting materials, Paragon experience, Artisan progression, achievements, and any new recipes or stash tabs earned during the Season will also roll over.

    More information can be found here.

    Counter this post, most players I’ve talked to about seasons seem to be thinking all or nothing. Either they’re very eager for a fresh start and want to throw themselves into the season and race up the ladders, or at least play them with all of their (limited) gaming time… or they tell me they’re not going to play ladder seasonal characters at all, and will just play their current chars.

    So, let’s assemble some stats to compare to those anecdotes. What are you guys planning to do some Season One, on the live realm?

    Will you create char(s) in Diablo 3 Season One?

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