season3-dhThe first night of the third season of Reaper of Souls went off last night, and seemed well-attended. I had to work IRL and didn’t get home and online until around eleven, which was almost exactly as the first members of the Americas IncHC clan dinged to max level. Of about 50 members online and playing in S3, there were 3 people at 69, several others at 68, and many others in the 60s or high 50s when I first called up the clan roster. I think Recursive was the first to 70, so props to him and +1000 bonus clan points!

    I had no such fun, with another tragic day of IRL work coming on Saturday, I only had about an hour to play, so I just got on and fooled around a bit with a new DH. It was kind of fun to be so weak and slow, after months of T6 speed runs, and I actually felt thrilled when I found a Fleeting Shrine. SO FAST!!1!

    I also got a good reminder of just how slow/weak a new character is, playing solo and untwinked. Turns out it’s just slightly faster to start off with a r35 Gem of Ease in a 3400 DPS ancient bow. Who knew? (My last new char was level 70 in about the time I took to reach lvl 11 last night.)

    But enough of my sad story. How about you guys?

    Our Friday survey showed about 30% of you guys planning to rush to 70 last night, with another 40% not rushing, but planning to play mostly Season Three over the next months. So how went it? Find any new strategies for leveling to 70? Anyone forget about the Farnham Cursed Cellar death trap and die horribly? Did anyone just enjoy the journey without obsessing over fasterfasterfaster for the destination?

    Diablo 3 Season Three: Day One…

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