Diablo 3 Season Three: Day One

season3-dhThe first night of the third season of Reaper of Souls went off last night, and seemed well-attended. I had to work IRL and didn’t get home and online until around eleven, which was almost exactly as the first members of the Americas IncHC clan dinged to max level. Of about 50 members online and playing in S3, there were 3 people at 69, several others at 68, and many others in the 60s or high 50s when I first called up the clan roster. I think Recursive was the first to 70, so props to him and +1000 bonus clan points!

I had no such fun, with another tragic day of IRL work coming on Saturday, I only had about an hour to play, so I just got on and fooled around a bit with a new DH. It was kind of fun to be so weak and slow, after months of T6 speed runs, and I actually felt thrilled when I found a Fleeting Shrine. SO FAST!!1!

I also got a good reminder of just how slow/weak a new character is, playing solo and untwinked. Turns out it’s just slightly faster to start off with a r35 Gem of Ease in a 3400 DPS ancient bow. Who knew? (My last new char was level 70 in about the time I took to reach lvl 11 last night.)

But enough of my sad story. How about you guys?

Our Friday survey showed about 30% of you guys planning to rush to 70 last night, with another 40% not rushing, but planning to play mostly Season Three over the next months. So how went it? Find any new strategies for leveling to 70? Anyone forget about the Farnham Cursed Cellar death trap and die horribly? Did anyone just enjoy the journey without obsessing over fasterfasterfaster for the destination?

Diablo 3 Season Three: Day One…

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  1. Yawning, bored and alt tabbing so much instead of leveling. I'll just wait for someone to power level me later while I play non-Season instead.

  2. Played for about an hour and a half last night, then a few more this morning. I got lucky with my crating and rolled a level 60 2 handed mace with -16 level req when I was around 35. Currently sitting around level 62 or 63, and plan on hitting 70 tonight after work.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find a ton of goblins while doing bounty runs. The really cool part was that gem hoarders and the tormentor ones were dropping much higher level gems than I could find naturally. Got a gem hoarder around level 15 or so and just slowly hit him one shot at a time to make him drop more gems. He ended up dropping a bunch of the triangle gems for me and I hadn't even found a single chipped yet!

    • I've heard it from a lot of people and seen it myself… way more goblins than expected so far in S3, and of the alternate kinds. I actually had to gamble at level 44 since I was already at 500 shards thanks to 4 blood thieves. I've seen several Odious Collectors and a couple of Gelatinous Sires already also; way more than I saw of any of those on the PTR playing with max level chars.

      I'll post a news thing with a survey/vote on this, since I'm curious if it's as universal an experience as my play and clan chat would indicate.

      • Also, goblins at low levels can be funny. You mention the gem hoarder… last season with brand new char I found a Gem Hoarder at level 2, and he dropped me all sorts of triangle and round gems, which wouldn't ordinarily fall until level 30+.

        Friday night in S3 I started off in Adventure Mode, went first to the Matriarch's Bones bounty, and after killing 1 skeleton in the graveyard, the first thing I saw in the crypt was a normal Treasure Goblin. He dropped 4 items, all 4 blue chest armors with +3 or +4 life regen. I guess that's literally the only item type and affix you can get at level 1? It was a funny sight, at least.

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but they ought to fix powerleveling.

    Only allow players to play with people +/- 5 levels of themselves (the creator or lead of the game is the base level of the game)…

    Why should they fix this?

    1. Stops the begging
    2. At the beginning of the season if you lose a level 59 or lower, you don’t really have anything of value, but you’ve invested your time (hardcore, because softcore is dumb). But, now the next one will be another 6hrs, but it’s a process you know will be 30-60min in a few days.

    If Powerleveling wasn’t an option, you’d actually have a reason to level up your characters.

    • The developers have said many times they love power leveling and will never remove it. There is no reason to level up characters in soft core. Feel free to remove it in HC to preserve that feeling if the HC community wants it, but don't touch it in SC.

      • "There is no reason to level up characters in soft core."

        you do understand the concept of "season", right ?

        • Seasons is for pushing limits once you hit 70, getting gear, Paragon levels, and progressing in Greater Rifts alongside a community that is freshly started. All of that doesn't start until 70, with a good 4-7 hours wasted getting there if you aren't power leveled. Starting Seasons at 70 would make it a lot more fun IMO.

  4. The leveling is boring, let’s face it. The real game starts at 70 and that is where the meat is at, everything below 70 is just downtime. This season achievements and conquests are geared towards level 70 anyways. So why not let everyone just start at level 70 and work from here?

  5. i typed in clach chat "when does s3 start?"
    "14 minutes ago"


    killed a monk mid-30ish and another lvl 1, hungry and tired, went to sleep. but these deaths don't count b/c 70.

    saturday all day spent on my barbie 'Sheman'.

  6. That picture looks like a Barb mixed with a Demon Hunter! Amazon confirmed expansion class? ;p

    • Seems highly likely 2XP is going to be set in the Skovos Islands, at least for part of it, so Amazon seems like a high probablity.

      • I don't know where this "the game is set in X so the new class must be from there" concept has come from. There's no precedent for it. Crusaders aren't from Westmarch and neither the Assassins nor Druids were from Harrogath.

      • The problem with Amazon is that the DH covers some of her abilities already, like Multishot. I'm not sure how many of her other skills would translate well into D3 that wouldn't feel so "samey" to other classes. While Skovos seems likely and Amazons are from there, I think Druid would be more likely. Shapeshifting with D3 runes would be amazing IMO.

        • There is blue quote somewhere that states that other classes could come back regardless of previous classes.

          Since the Amazon also featured a Spear and Javelin tree, There seems to be plenty of skills left for a amazon class.

          I'm hoping it happens.

        • Or perhaps the Druid mixed in with some of the Amazon's Javelin skills? It's not difficult to imagine Blizzard making another hybrid class. In fact some concept art depicting something like this popped up last year on this site! http://diablo.incgamers.com/blog/comments/blizzard-intern-art-teases-diablo-3-druid

          • Cool link, That druid does look good. The Lion idea is nice, a character with a full head of wavy hair and a nice Beard, I could see that. The Male Druid would morph into a Lion and the Female Druid would morph into a Lioness.

            I say bring back both the Amazon AND the Druid!

            The only problem with bringing back the Amazon is how doe the male version work in a society where only the females fight?

            That only moves the ball closer to a more Hybrid character it seems, Druid seems to fit.

            It still sucks though for Necromancer fans, and in the future Amazon fans to see NPC's of the class YOU REALLY WANTED TO PLAY!

            So its both exciting and a bit depressing to hear about Skovos.

          • And here I thought I was the only one wondering why the Barb was cosplaying as a Demon Hunter… Trying to hide from the nerf bat maybe? Next we'll see a Wizard playing dress up.

        • The problem with the Amazon is that men can’t be an amazon. There will be no amazons. If anything, that is just early concept art for when the Demon Hunter was a Ranger.

  7. I love most of the changes in the 2.2 patch and have been playing HC Solo.
    But some of the changes I'm not so happy about. I like to see how many achievement points I can collect during a season. But almost all achievements are gone…

    The changes with potions (no more potions!) and things like the wings, for instance, are good in my opinion. It saves the unnecessary usage of inventory slots.

    And I laughed my pants of when I found (for the first time) and equiped the Bovine Bardiche on my Monk, bringing back sweet memories of the original Cow level in Diablo 2.

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