Diablo 3 Season One Overview video from Blizzard

The end of Diablo 3 Season One arrives on 3 February, and while most of you know exactly what’s going to happen, perhaps you missed something. This evening Blizzard has released a new video which explains what’s going to happen with things such as Blood Shards, stash space, achievements and more. Worth a watch if you’ve not been following all the updates here in the news.

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  1. What happens if you have no off-season character slots available at the time of migration? Do I need to delete an existing character to make room for the seasonal one?

    • No, there aren't seasonal/non-seasonal slots. A seasonal character already takes up one character slot, when it's converted to non-seasonal it still takes up one slot. The only issue many be if you want to create characters for the next season.

  2. Watching non-HC players on video always gives me hives. So careless and reckless and imprecise. It's like sitting in the passenger seat with a really bad driver and kicking a hole in the floormat trying to hit the phantom brake pedal.

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