If you haven’t had time to level up a character on the PTR, one of the fun new additions to the 1-70 has been the usefulness of the blacksmith. As you level him up you can quickly gear your low level character with wildly overpowered weapons and armor. As it stands currently the level restrictions for crafted gear have disappeared, making it much easier to outfit that new character and much less of a chore. While this quickens the pace of the game, to me it doesn’t seem to cheapen it as you don’t bypass much ,and it still is a much longer time commitment than sitting idly by in a torment 6 rift. However it looks like this is not an intended change(though I hope otherwise)courtesy of Nevalistis-

    Crafted items should have a required character level. This is definitely a bug. We’ve already gotten this working properly on our internal build; unfortunately, the fix just barely missed this past Tuesday’s patch.

    We’re exploring some options to get this fix out as quickly as possible, but it may end up requiring a patch. We’ll be sure to keep you all updated.

    Thanks for your reports and dedicated testing!

    The rest of the the thread dovetails into reasons for and against with the majority falling in the camp of being for. Having done the grind from 1-70 on the PTR I’ve found the crafted items to be a help in quickening the pace but not being too fast. The dead zone hits at 50-60 when your items catch up with those that drop. This feels right to me, and thinking of hardcore might make that grind back a little more bearable. One of the larger complaints deals with how legendaries are made null and void as they drop now due to not scaling. However as you’re leveling most are going to be replaced quickly and I was mainly looking for stuff I could add to my cube if useful. This felt intended, as if the legendaries where dropping for their ancillary abilities instead of being stat sticks.

    So here is what I’d like to see, eliminate the ability for people to leech xp off of rifts to level as it stands now, and allow the item requirements to stand. That way the road back isn’t too bad, but there’s still a time commitment and it’s a path worth taking. We might even have low level games to join if that’s the case, or just patch it and lets us go back to sitting and waiting.

    What are your thoughts on the crafted item restrictions? Take it or leave it?

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