Diablo 3 Season Conquest: Sprinter & Speed Racer

There’s been a fair amount of discussion in the community about the fast clear of all five acts as a seasonal conquest, and how or if they can be done. It’s the same achievement for softcore (Sprinter) and hardcore (Speed Racer); beat All Five Acts in story mode in under an hour. That’s not an hour per act, as in the regular achievement, but all 5 acts in less than 60 minutes.

It sounds impossible to many, but if you check the Leaderboards it’s already been done, and on all three servers, though only by a few players. If you refer to the screenshots below for the current handful of completionists, it’s a pretty select group. No more than 11 characters have done it on any of the realms, HC or SC, and almost all are parties of 3 or 4 Demon Hunters. You see a scattering of other classes, including Crusaders and Wizards and Witch Doctors, but it’s almost all Demon Hunters.

Because Vault.

asian-gamersThere’s one exception; the first person to earn Sprinter on Asia, did it solo, and with a Crusader. I talked to some players in-game tonight who were were fairly certain Sprinter/Speed Racer could not be done solo, and yet here we’ve got a Crusader who did it on Asia… and there’s a solo DH as well, also on Asia.

Because Asians.

These conquests can not be done solo, and not even done in parties, without great cooperation and some items that enable spectacular movement speed. Wizards have a chance now with the DiabloWikiAether Walker want (a DiabloWikiseasonal legendary) that (mostly) removes the cooldown on Teleport. Demon Hunters have the “turn Vault’s cost to Hatred” option when dual wielding the DiabloWikiDanetta’s Set Xbows. And the magical tool for the Crusader is the Swiftmount flail, which doesn’t give perma-pony, but does double the duration. Which I wouldn’t have thought was sufficient to run A1-A5 in 12m each, but apparently it was.

Anyone got any Sprinting Speed Racer tales to tell? Players in parties have to all zoom along at crazy speed, splitting up at every fork in the dungeon so that someone finds the stairs ASAP, then pulls the others in via teleport to player. It’s crazy that two people (even if they are Asians) have done it solo, since you’d have to get lucky almost every time you picked a direction, and even then you need incredible movement speed and disciprine to keep that up through five full acts.

Here are screenshots of the current completion-ists for these two conquests, which are the most exclusive of any conquest DiabloWikileaderboards. Respect. Diablo 3 Season Conquest: Sprinter & Speed Racer:


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  1. These are pretty impressive. Its a long haul through 5 acts and there are some large maps (and all of act 5 maps).

  2. “to run A1-A5 in 12m each”

    Real numbers are very different from this. Act IV takes 5-6 min to complete even solo. Act III is also much smaller than others.

    BTW you can ask your friends to help you in some quests throughout acts 1-5 and then they can leave the game before Malthael fight. This will make you kinda “solo” conquestor.

    If you seek a party to get this on HC EU, feel free to add me in game.

  3. Currently Running WD Might try this if i get the oh that allows unlimited spirit walking…

    Unlim spiritwalk + 30% boost from passive skill + Spiritwalk on death passive skill + 25% item speed boost.

    Could be possible with that – would like to see the max speed combos for each class actually

    • Yeah for the WD this would be handy, however you exit spirit walk when coming within 30 yards of an enemy. This turned out to be much harder than I thought (had one drop at level 30something on seasons). Don't get me wrong it is probably still handy to have, and possibly required, but the true combo of mega-move-speeed for the WD is rachels ring of larceny in combination with tiklandian visage and enough CD reduction to perma horrify.

      I assume every class is required to wear warzechian arm guards and illusory boots as well and when I actually had the above WD combo going I found the manajuma set to be way OP since simply running past destructables would break them due to the poison cloud.

  4. This does bring up the issue that greater rift leader boards can be spoofed by having group member(s) leave before the rift guardian dies.

  5. those asians and their disciprine…

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