Diablo 3 Season 9 Details

Diablo 3’s Season 9 kicks off in January, and ahead of its launch, Blizzard has released details of whats’s on offer. We know many of you don’t exactly get excited about the Season rewards but take a look at what’s coming up after the break.

Season 9 begins Friday, January 6 at 5:00 p.m. PST in North America, 5:00 p.m. CEST in Europe, and 5:00 p.m. KST in Asia.


New Cosmetic Rewards

As with past Seasons, Season 9 continues to introduce new cosmetic rewards, obtainable by progress through the Season Journey.

In addition to the Chest and Gloves slots of the exclusive Conqueror Set, a brand new series of portraits themed around Pandemonium will be available. Pet collectors will also be thrilled to befriend a new cosmetic pet—Rocky is a regular chip off the old block, and he’ll be happy to rumble along and pick up your gold as you adventure through Sanctuary!

Season Journey Rewards

If you’ve been playing the past few Seasons diligently and reached Conqueror in the Season Journey each time, you’ve accrued a few extra stash tabs. Players who have not yet earned a total of four stash tabs via the Season Journey can still unlock an additional stash tab by completing the following tasks at the Conqueror tier:

  • Complete a Torment XIII Rift in under 5 minutes
  • Complete Greater Rift 60 solo
  • Kill Greed on Torment XIII
  • Kill the Skeleton King on Torment XIII in under 30 seconds
  • Reforge a Legendary or Set item
  • Augment an Ancient item with a Level 50 or greater Legendary Gem
  • Level three Legendary Gems to 55
  • Complete two Conquests

Seasonal Conquests

Speaking of Conquests, we’re rotating those too! Players that just gotta go fast can tackle Sprinter, Speed Racer, Speed Demon, or Need for Speed. Got a thing for gold? Avarice or Avaritia might be right up your alley. If Cursed Events are more your style, Curses! and Stars Align might be more suitable challenges. Finally, if you enjoy facing a challenge without sets, The Thrill and Super Human are both making a return.

Haedrig’s Gift

Finally, just as before, you’ll get a shiny new Class Set courtesy of Haedrig’s Gift for completing certain chapters in the Season Journey. We’ve listed the available Sets below. For those new to Seasons, here’s how it works:

Completing Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of the Season Journey will reward you with three Haedrig’s Gifts. Each Gift contains a few pieces from one of your Class Sets. Players can only unlock one Class Set in this manner per Season across Hardcore and Non-Hardcore, so choose wisely!

In addition, the set you receive will depend on the Class of the character you’re playing when you open each Haedrig’s Gift. To collect a full Class Set, you’ll need to open all three on the same character.

Here are the sets granted by Haedrig’s Gift in Season 9:

  • Barbarian – Might of the Earth
  • Crusader – Thorns of the Invoker
  • Demon Hunter – The Shadow’s Mantle
  • Monk – Monkey King’s Garb
  • Witch Doctor – Raiment of the Jade Harvester
  • Wizard – Firebird’s Finery

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  1. crap, shadow set for dh :(((

  2. Diablo 3 season 9? I thought this game is already dead,lmao:))

  3. They couldn’t put the necromancer in for season 9? :(.

  4. Fuck Season 9 and FUCK Diablo 3

  5. not getting the 4th tab, didnt play anymore. 4 years of repetitive grinding my butt. i have 15 games installed. ill let the necro revive my lust. 2016 was sh*t.

  6. Damn, the conquests for season 9 are MUCH easier than Season 8 was. I went through grinding hell to get that last stash tab and it looks much easier to do this season. Oh well, least I get to skip this grinding crap from now on.

  7. Have all my tabs, will pass on this season. Like Turbo, I’m interested in what the necro will bring to the series.

  8. Whoever decided the “look” of the Might of the Earth set was acceptable should be fired. The helm is the worst part, and the trend continues with the Firebird, Thorns, and Jade set. I mean really, what were they thinking?

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