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  1. Have fun, friends.

  2. I thought the season wasn’t going live until 5PM Pacific (Americas).

  3. Roflmao, the Season is definitely not live :P.

    Maybe for those overseas.

  4. And a wallpaper just in time for the season: gallery & deviantART

  5. Are ANY of the Doctor/Wizard set dungeons not god awful ridiculous shenanigans? Is there any way to get the pennant w/o re-rolling a brain dead easy Marauder Hunter?

    • If you have Wilken’s Reach and Deadly Rebirth then Zunimasa’s is ridiculously easy. I mastered it first try with almost a minute to spare. Arachyr is almost as easy with any gear. Haven’t done any Wizard ones yet.

      • Firebird Set … NOT something for hardcore unless you like suspense … as in Firebird Set dungeon: let yourself get killed so that you can kill your killers with the revive meteor. Imagine if death was permanent in the dungeons … it would be a real Feat of Strength playing FB this way.
        Arachyr is stupid simple just like the barb IK dungeon.

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