Diablo 3 Season 2 Launching Three Weeks after Patch 2.1.2

Season 2 soon,

Blizzard has decided that the Season 2 will start after the release of the 2.1.2 patch after ascertaining there would be “technical risks” if they launched at the same time. The full update reads as follows which explains their decision.

As we prepare for patch 2.1.2 and the Season rollover, we wanted to share some important information regarding the timing of these two milestones.

Patch 2.1.2 And Season 1:

With respect to Seasons, our goal is to avoid implementing major balance changes towards the end of a Season. Ideally, patches and significant hotfixes will occur between Seasons or early enough in the Season that players have ample time to adjust to the new environment.

However, we discovered some technical risks in executing a simultaneous launch of patch 2.1.2 and the upcoming Season rollover, and it’s clear that trying to do both in tandem or close proximity would jeopardize both processes. This left us with two options:

A) We launch patch 2.1.2 after the Season rollover. In this scenario, Seasonal players wouldn’t have access to any new 2.1.2 items including updated Set items, updated Legendary items, and the new Seasonal items for at least a couple of weeks after the Season went live.

B) We could launch patch 2.1.2 before the Season rollover. In this scenario, this would impact Seasonal Leaderboard progression.

Not giving Seasonal players access to new items right away in Season 2 would take a lot of the excitement out of the start of that new Season. With this, we believe that by giving players a few weeks to adjust to patch 2.1.2 changes, and by allowing them to test existing changes on the PTR, the impact on the existing Leaderboards can be minimized.

After weighing both options carefully, we have decided to launch patch 2.1.2 three weeks prior to the Season rollover. This should provide players enough time to adjust to the patch changes before the Season ends as well as ensure that Season 1 is not prolonged further for those looking forward to Season 2.

Future Season Rollovers:

Season 1 has been a great learning experience for us and we aim to provide a smoother transition at the end of Season 2. In fact, our intent for future Seasons is to have the current Season end, the corresponding patch deployed, and then the following Season start—in that order. While we will not be able to do that for this inaugural Season rollover, this will be our plan for all rollovers moving forward.

For more information about the upcoming Season rollover, click here. To get a sneak-peek at upcoming patch 2.1.2 changes, click here.

Thank you for your patience and support. We hope to see you in Sanctuary and Season 2!

Tyvalir added a couple of replies to questions in the thread:

so, since season 2 will start on 2/3/2015, we should get patch 2.12 three weeks before that, which means next Tuesday?
Tyvalir: As mentioned previously, February 3rd is the earliest date that we would be able to begin the Seasonal rollover, which means the patch could fall as early as next Tuesday. It’s important to remember, however, that this is just the earliest date it may fall, and that it may change if the need arises.

Does this schedule align with the console releases? IE, can we expect to get the console patch on the same day as PC? Or will there be a lag?
Tyvalir: Our current goal is to release patch 2.1.2 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on the same day. This may change depending on a variety of reasons, but we are indeed hoping to provide a simultaneous launch (or as close to one as possible).

Patch 2.1.2 has been on the PTR for so long that it’s hard to remember what all is new and changing in it. We’re working on a big article with info on all the patch changes, informed by our extensive PTR testing.


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  1. "While we will not be able to do that for this inaugural Season rollover, this will be our plan for all rollovers moving forward."

    In other words, they really screwed up by not announcing the end of Season 1 until the new year.

    Should have had it end on ~15 January, and then they wouldn't have these problems.

    • Season 1 was their test season to get out the kinks. Announced as such from the start. So who knows what branch has gotten between their legs. They've obviously expected unexpected problems to turn up on the first run. To be bitching about that is kinda nitpicking.

      • ?

        This purely has to do with the schedule for releasing patch 2.1.2, nothing to do with Season 1. They said they would give at least 30 days notice before Season 1 ended, and they delayed making that announcement until early 2015, meaning that Season 1 can end, at the earliest, in February. I'm saying if they'd just made the announcement in mid December, they could have had Season 1 end mid-January, completely independently of when the 2.1.2 patch was ready.

        The problem is they tied their announcement of Season 1 ending to their estimate for when patch 2.1.2 would be ready, when they've actually just said in this notice that the ending of the season and the rollout of the new patch *should* be independent, but because they ****ed up the timing, they can't be.

        • I'd rather say, they've ****ed up the planning. Now if they'd announced the end of season mid december, as you've said, and wouldn't be able to deliver on time, that would be something to bitch about with credible reason! You're line of argumentation would only make sense, if they would have already been sure mid december, that they'd make the preplanned timetable. And if you'd take it set as impossible that any mishap in communication or coordination between different teams relevant to upholding the timetable, can easily happen in such a big project game development in a big company usually is. Even post release, in between xpacs.

  2. I am disappoint.
    Taking even longer now for the new season and not even that fresh of a experience now with the patch being out way before.

    Well… time to work off that list of Steam Winter Sale games. 🙂

  3. uhm ok….how could they say so much and not mention a patch date?

    Is it 3 weeks before season 1 ends? Which would mean this coming Tuesday? (they said S1 would end "as early as" Feb 3.

    As for occurring during S1, I could care less about the leaderboards. They are already screwy in my eyes. To be at top you have to play very specific builds. My crusader build which was super fun couldn't make it past GR 20. My barb build can't do GR30.

  4. I think this is a smart move. If there are any major issues with the patch, they have a buffer time to fix them before rolling over to Season 2. If they had waited to release the patch after S1 ended, and they had to spend time fixing any major issues, it would have delayed Season 2 even further.

  5. Hmm. Someone must have written up the database migrations assuming that a Season would be in progress when the patch went live. At least we don't have to wait another month for the patch. Only another week :/

    I don't have any spot on any Leaderboard, but it would be nice of Blizzard to take a snapshot of them while the servers are down and make them viewable online. Call it Season 0.1 😀 The Barb, Monk, and DH boards are gonna look alot different come February.

  6. "Our current goal is to release patch 2.1.2 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on the same day. "

    I really believe this was the true reason for the delay.

  7. i dont belive that patch 2.1.2 will come soon all that talking about season roll over is just a smat way to as usual keep the pot boiling. If the 2.1.2 patch is ready then launch it

  8. That P.T.R. felt like season 1.5.

    January will be something like season 1.75.

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