Diablo 3 Season 16 Extended

Diablo 3 Season 16 Extended

Due to its popularity according to Blizzard, Season 16 has been given a time extension until May. They are also now working on plans for Season 17.

Season 16 has proved to be our most popular Themed Season yet, and we’re glad to hear so many of you are enjoying experimenting with the Ring of Royal Grandeur buff. We’ve seen some really cool and unique builds come out of community theorycrafting and seeing them play out in practice has been exciting! We have plans for Season 17, but they are going to need some time for us to test both internally and via PTR closer to launch.

To accommodate both the desire we’ve heard for an extension of Season 16 as well as to give us more time to prepare Season 17 (and Patch 2.6.5), we are moving the Season 16 end date to May 12.

We hope that you’re enjoying the change-up to your gameplay during the Season of Grandeur and can’t wait to share with you what we’ve got in store for our next theme.

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    10 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Season 16 Extended

    1. Yup everyone loved it so much….

      More liked blizzard yet again fucked the dog and need more time. Where i come from people get fired for being as lazy as blizzard is.

    2. I’m excited we get extra time.. Most ppl have negative opinions about blizzard and what they do…. I love playing n don’t really focus on what’s wrong none of us are as perfect and flawless as ppl expect blizzard to be.. Im excited for a couple more months to this season…

        • Why? Because he doesn’t immediately bash on something Blizzard does or announces, but actually admits he enjoys one of their games?

          There’s plenty to dislike about current Blizzard, I must admit. But I don’t think that kind of comment is needed just because someone says that he likes a Blizzard game.

            • You must be limited to one sentence one. I prefer to be new in that case. Not that it should matter anyway obviously.

              Btw, glad that the people over at the SPF, where I spent almost all my time at these forums, do have a welcoming and mature attitude. O yes, and you’d notice I’m actually not that new …

          • Totally agree if u dare to say something positive about blizzard u are an idiot. It seems that this forum is only for haters, there i s a lot to dislike sure but imo its still a nice game and no Im not new has play the game from day one and still enjoy it

    3. I thought the season was too short, it just a shame Blizzard waited until so close the the stated end to announce this. Given how much longer they have made the season, they must have known way before now it was going to need extending.
      It’s still only a minor mistake though, that the community will obviously overreact to, as always.

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