Diablo 3 Season 10 Ending Soon – Season 11 Start Dates

Diablo 3 Season 10 Ending Soon – Season 11 Start Dates

Diablo 3 Season 10 is coming to an end soon and Blizzard has also dished out a Season 11 start date which is likely to be just after the release of the Necromancer Pack.

Season 10 will conclude on the following date and times:

  • North America: Friday, June 23 @ 5:00 p.m. PDT
  • Europe: Friday, June 23 @ 5:00 p.m. CEST
  • Asia: Friday, June 23 @ 5:00 p.m. KST

Season 11 will start on the following date and times:

  • North America: Thursday, July 20 @ 5:00 p.m. PDT
  • Europe: Thursday, July 20 @ 5:00 p.m. CEST
  • Asia: Thursday, July 20 @ 5:00 p.m. KST

In case anyone is unfamiliar with what happens at the end of the season, check the Blizzard blog update.


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    6 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Season 10 Ending Soon – Season 11 Start Dates

    1. I would say, that it is wrongly calculated. I think there was never a space of one month between seasons.

    2. My guess is it’s longer because they’ll be releasing the Necro pack sometime in that window. So they probably want a brief “extended beta” window to patch it before the new season starts.

    3. Yes, of course its because of the Necro. They will release it before season goes live, so players can mess around with it and get to know the class. Those players will also influence people that dont want to buy the pack, and the season will then put mental pressure on those players “I might as well also get it and play it with this new season”.

      It still sucks though that there is one full month of no-play time. But then again I always stop playing after the first 24-48 hours of play-time when seasons starts since i am fully geared and the paragon hamsterwheel does not appeal to me. If i could find exlusive items that unlock at paragon 600 or similar then that would be a different story, but in D3 you get everything in the first 12 hours of playing season and then its just boring. 1% upgrades aka “better versions” of your already existing gear is no fun, its a chore.

      I really have high hopes for D4 going back to Diablo’s roots. Runewords, Runes, D2-style itemization, Skill Trees, Passive Skill Trees, Huge pool of Endgame-Exclusive items, big randomly generated open maps, deep, dangerous and dark dungeons. “Hopeless and Horrific” art style depicting a dangerous destroyed medieval world. 60% of character power comes from leveling up and putting points into character stats as well as skill points into Skill Trees. The remaining 40% of damage and defense comes from gear, but is still necessary to be able to play Hell Difficulty comfortably. Oh and also max 3-4 difficulty levels…

      • I mostly agree with that, but skills and stats would need to be seriously re-worked. Honestly, outside of a few fringe builds, even in D2 everybody knew the best skill builds to play and 99% of the stat setups were “Strength for gear, dex for gear, then either add dex for max block or put the rest into vit, nothing into energy.” Now D2 did have more builds than D3, but that’s partially because D2 had a difficulty cap. You knew what would work and what wouldn’t, and you could experiment with it a bit. D3 has infinite scaling so eventually only 1-2 “best” builds are going to work. Depending on your point of view that’s either a good thing or bad thing. If you wanted to treat D3 more like D2 you could stay at lower difficulty and then most builds would work, but if you want to compete for top scores you’re basically forced into the min/max setups.

        That said, I would love to see everything else in D2 return, but the stats and skill trees that so many people seem to love weren’t nearly as perfect as people remember. Not to mention, as much as character identity should be a thing, having to re-roll for a single missclicked stat or skill was terrible (although they did eventually add respecs, so not as bad anymore). I’m not sure how to do a proper middle ground, but having some ways to rebuild a character without having to go to scratch every time is a good thing.

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