The industry analysts have been number crunching again and the latest predicted sales figures by analysts Sterne Agee have the game selling 3.5 million copies in 2012.

    “We think Diablo III, which is releasing after a gap of 12 years since the launch of Diablo II, has the potential to sell more than 4 million units life-time,” said Bhatia. “We note that Diablo II had sold 4m units by August 2001 or 14 months following its initial release in June 2010.”

    Considering they predict that the game will sell 3.5 million by the end of this year, surely it would sell a lot more that 4 million in its lifetime? With the WoW annual pass making up around 1 million plus of the 3.5 million sales and pre-orders at around the 800,000 mark in the US alone (source VGChartz), the game should easily shift more than 4 million in its lifetime due to the replay value of the game.

    As a comparison to a recent big release, pre-orders for Mass Effect 3 reached 985,000 during the week before launch and hit 1.3 million sales in the first month of release.

    Thanks IncGamers

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