Diablo 3 Rubberbanding is Still a Problem?

The patch notes for DiabloWikiv1.08a spoke of an improvement to the DiabloWikirubber banding issue, and that topic received a lengthy blue post today.

Rubberbanding (especially as it relates to movement-based abilities like Whirlwind, Strafe, and Tempest Rush) is an issue that may not always come with a quick-fix. The source of the problem is not always easy to identify, and sometimes it may not always be the same thing for every player. As a result, there will be times where we implement potential fixes which we know will work for some players, but don’t know if it’ll work for all plays.

In other cases, we’ll make improvements — i.e. changes that probably won’t stop rubberbanding from happening completely, but should at least help reduce the frequency with which rubberbanding occurs. This was the case for 1.0.8a and with previous hotfixes we’ve made throughout the year. Again, we know these fixes may not resolve the issue for every player, but they should help reduce the occurrences of rubberbanding, and lessen the effects should rubberbanding occur for most players.

Now the important thing is that we’re still working on these issues — just because we implemented some changes that we hope will make the situation better doesn’t mean we’ve called it day. So, if you’re still experiencing rubberbanding, here are a few things you can do.

First, you can try performing the following troubleshooting steps to ensure that external causes are not adding to this issue (this isn’t required, but recommended):

  1. Ensure that your network connection is optimized.
  2. Make sure that no other program is interfering with the game by running in a Selective Startup.
  3. Check for updates to any drivers.

If those steps don’t help — or if you’ve chosen to skip them — please let us know so we can continue looking into this issue by posting in the Bug Report forum (and be sure to check out this guide on reporting. That’s really the best location for those types of reports, as it’ll allow our QA representatives to document them and forward them on to our development team for additional review.

(We want your experience in the Diablo III to be as fun as possible, so working on these issues is important to us. That also means we’re extremely grateful for any reports receive that can help us troubleshoot — so thank you to everyone who’s already posted!)

I wonder if some people don’t play that much and don’t notice boss mods and thus confuse DiabloWikiKnockback or more likely DiabloWikiVortex for rubber banding? Sometimes a pack of champions with Vortex can yank you back in several times in a row, creating a (dangerous) game mechanic that can mimic a technical difficulty while being nothing of the sort.

This problem varies from person to person and as far as I can tell it’s got a lot more to do with your machine and internet connection than the game. I say that because had a ton of rubber banding issues in the Beta and right after launch, typically when I used DiabloWikiDashing Strike " target="_new">Vault[iki] or DiabloWikiDashing Strike. The technical fixes over the months have made a big difference though, and I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I saw more than .1 second rubber banding in an entire game, and my main is a Monk who uses DiabloWikiTempest Rush constantly. It used to happen a lot with Tempest Rush, but during the past few months I simply don’t see it anymore, and I’m using the skill for short bursts of movement hundreds of times per game.

Maybe I’m just the lucky one though, and everyone else is bouncing worse than ever? Share your experience in the comments.


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  1. A long time again, I started the game, no hacks or any out of the ordinary, and my character was going at 1.5x his normal speed… And I didn’t know what was going on and it was, effectively, cheating, because it played normally, even though the animations were a bit off and there was some rubberbanding. So I restarted the game and all was well.

    I haven’t seen this problem since…

    Just saying.

  2. I’ve found that rubberbanding seems to have improved, but server drop-outs and things like this seem to be happening more frequently.


  3. I for one have never experienced rubber banding and never knew that all the fuss was about. That it until pacth 1.8 hit. Now for the first time since launch I am having my WD continually teleported back to the same spot (usually one filled with green spore cloud of death) over and over again. The other night this happened regardless of whether or not i had used any skill or just simply tried to walk away (tried SW the first time, then when I got teleport back from that I tried to just walk away about 10 times to no avail).

    To all you rubber band sufferers out there: I know feel your pain.

  4. one of the reasons why they cut arena PvP

    • BS as it happens when new data have to be loaded from your hard disks in background loading mode.

      PvP arenas would simply have an introduction loading screen and so would solve the background loading of new data.

      As always, people talk without much knowledge.

  5. I have experienced rubberbanding quite frequently, but after patch 1.0.8 i thought it was gone. Did happen yesterday though.

  6. My WW/Sprint Barbie is having this frequently since 1.08, slightly less yet still very much present after the hotfix even. I’m on a 50/50mbit connection with no other programs running next to mIRC and Skype, drivers updated and all…. Even turned all the graphical settings to their minimum values :/
    Luckily I’m an SC player, think HC… ze horror ZE HORROR…

  7. I hardly ever had a problem with rubberbanding with my spin2win barb (and certainly never with my higher-PL DH or my monk.

    I don’t know if it was 1.08, or the fact that I am all of a sudden playing only multiplayer games instead of all solo, but I am pretty perturbed at how many deaths I get due to this. I can see it coming immediately – spinning around gleefully (my barb is pretty darn well equipped, whirling around is not exactly difficult). Then suddenly I see my health bar plummeting, and realize that I am probably a half a screen away from where my client is telling me I am.

    I pretty much just stop clicking any buttons, let myself die, then take that minute or so to go grab another beer, etc, while my WotB cooldown refreshes.

    I certainly will never, ever, ever try playing hardcore – which is a bummer, as I loved it in D2.

  8. SSD is your big friend.

    It surprises me people talk about processors, graphic cards, mother boards, memory but never mention the weakest link on their systems: the pathetic low speed HD’s that simply are not capable of putting all background loading data in time to the CPU and graphic processors.

    SSD in WoW or D3 and you will have 50 times faster background loading.

    Of course rubberbanding is a cascade of little problems, but the HD is one hell of a bottleneck for background loading games like WoW and D3.

    Of course it costs some extra 250 dollars to have a big enough SSD, but believe me it is worth every penny to install your OS and Diablo3 on it.

    • Rubberbanding has absolutely nothing to do with the loading of data. It has to do with movement prediction in a networked game. The client only predicts what will be a valid movement input before asking for validation from the server (this allows seemingly lag-free input from the player), but sometimes the server will tell your client that it made mistake and boom, rubberbanding. In this network model, what happens on the client’s screen is only an approximation of what’s really happening.

      In D3 the problem seems to be that certain skills increase your movement speed too much, stretching the limits of the network prediction. For me, rubberbanding happened most often when I was trying to Tempest Rush around impassable objects (chest, trees, etc.) or when I was switching between normal movement and Rushing very quickly with low Spirit. In these cases sometimes I found myself teleported back to an object I “passed”, because in reality I got stuck in it, or back in a previous position from where I started Rushing, because actually I didn’t have enough Spirit to start TR.

      • What you say is complete and utter RUBISH. DATA streams from the server are just x,y,z coordinates.

        All the GRAPHICAL data come from your hard disks which simply still spin at the same rates as 15 years ago.

        You are a complete idiot if you think server client data are taxing on your local system. The pathetic low transfer rates coming from your HD’s are the reason for rubberbanding: just one new player entering your group in real time is enough for some lesser PC hardware systems to have hic ups: these unexpected player data all come from YOUR HD. Also subpar quality of system boards and too lilmited data buffers play a much larger role.

        Seriously, the most stupid things you read here. Go study before posting.

        Because people buy cheaply made PC’s some will never have decent performances. Oh look ! Cool processor and a nice graphics card is NOT telling anything about the complete system at all…. retalers know this of course and you cool processor is sold with pathetic low HD’s. THAT’s the true story of most PC gaming.

        • you should try understanding what he wrot before you call him an idiot.

        • What you’re talking about is certainly a problem in many games (D3 included), but it will only cause simple frame rate drops. That’s not the issue here though. Rubberbanding is always a network issue.

          The issue you described can indeed be be lessened by running a game from an SSD, but it would be a complete non-issue (even for players using a HDD), if developers would take the time to write an efficient memory manager for their games. These hiccups rarely happen on consoles, even when you’re running the game from a DVD and it’s because Microsoft and Sony has strict regulations for game frame rates. To be honest, I think that in 2013 it’s unacceptable for most games (especially for ones that were made by giants like Blizzard) to not have smart precaching. I shouldn’t have to buy an SSD, just because programmers were lazy.

        • I have D3 installed on a high-quality SSD. My load times are not the issue. Network prediction is. Please don’t call other people idiots for making valid statements.

  9. Barb here, rubberbanding has been an issue that they fix and it keeps coming back, and it’s definitely been back since 1.0.8 and remains back.

    I have had at least one death from rubberbanding every single time I have played for >10 minutes since 1.0.8 came out.

  10. I find the 1.0.8 rubberbanding to still be an issue. The rubberbanding this time around is much different from what I used to get when I played the DH. In the DH’s case, rubberbanding occurs almost instantaneously, as if the server never received that move or vault command, there are no breaks in monster movements, and no pause-fix can be used.
    The new 1.0.8 rubberbanding which happens to my barbarian occurs as if the connection to the server froze up for a second, but my D3 client continues to run the game as normal, ignoring the freeze up. When the freeze clears, my client goes ‘oh, wasnt supposed to be here, then boots me back and everything replays in super fast speed up to that point’.
    To explain it further, lets say I go right (0:00), and the monsters chase me to the right. But when I made that decision to go right, the connection froze up for 2 seconds, so the server did not know that I went right, but my client did and continues as if I went right. When the connection unclogs again, the client realizes that the server never got told that I went to the right at 0:00, so kicks me back to the junction, and acts as if I’ve been afking there for the duration of the freeze which is 2 seconds.
    This rubberband issue I could fix by hitting Esc whenever I suspect a rubberband to be hitting, and if I’m correct the game would still run despite the pause screen running (its a single player game) up to the point where the game froze up, then pause again. Technically this temporary relief can shorten the idle duration that the rubberband issue seem to be imposing, so lets say my connection froze at 0:00, and I realized it, hit esc at 0:005. When the connection unfreezes, the game would proceed to the 0:005 as opposed to 0:02 which would be the case if I did not freeze.

    Its kinda weird explanation, but I think this current issue has got to do with D3’s client and server connection system, where the client is permitted to run independently without continuous connection to the server for a small time period. Should a continuous connection be used in this case, we would realize a lag when it hits, not after a delay. Also I would fraps this myself, but my laptop is crappy, and overheats (leading to fps lag) pretty quickly if I attempt to run anything but D3 at once. Sometimes even Skype running in the background would cause overheating.

  11. QUOTE

    I've found that rubberbanding seems to have improved, but server drop-outs and things like this seem to be happening more frequently. 


    This used to happen to me in Diablo 2 sometimes, but I’ve never seen it in Diablo 3 (so far atleast).

  12. I had a little rubberbanding after launch, but I’ve had none since, including after 1.08. I’ve got a beefy, clean network though and its probably giving me a lot of protection.

  13. QUOTE

    I've found that rubberbanding seems to have improved, but server drop-outs and things like this seem to be happening more frequently. 


    To my recollection, I’ve only had something similar to this happen to me once and even then, it lasted ~second or two and haven’t seen any like it since.

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