The patch notes for DiabloWikiv1.08a spoke of an improvement to the DiabloWikirubber banding issue, and that topic received a lengthy blue post today.

    Rubberbanding (especially as it relates to movement-based abilities like Whirlwind, Strafe, and Tempest Rush) is an issue that may not always come with a quick-fix. The source of the problem is not always easy to identify, and sometimes it may not always be the same thing for every player. As a result, there will be times where we implement potential fixes which we know will work for some players, but don’t know if it’ll work for all plays.

    In other cases, we’ll make improvements — i.e. changes that probably won’t stop rubberbanding from happening completely, but should at least help reduce the frequency with which rubberbanding occurs. This was the case for 1.0.8a and with previous hotfixes we’ve made throughout the year. Again, we know these fixes may not resolve the issue for every player, but they should help reduce the occurrences of rubberbanding, and lessen the effects should rubberbanding occur for most players.

    Now the important thing is that we’re still working on these issues — just because we implemented some changes that we hope will make the situation better doesn’t mean we’ve called it day. So, if you’re still experiencing rubberbanding, here are a few things you can do.

    First, you can try performing the following troubleshooting steps to ensure that external causes are not adding to this issue (this isn’t required, but recommended):

    1. Ensure that your network connection is optimized.
    2. Make sure that no other program is interfering with the game by running in a Selective Startup.
    3. Check for updates to any drivers.

    If those steps don’t help — or if you’ve chosen to skip them — please let us know so we can continue looking into this issue by posting in the Bug Report forum (and be sure to check out this guide on reporting. That’s really the best location for those types of reports, as it’ll allow our QA representatives to document them and forward them on to our development team for additional review.

    (We want your experience in the Diablo III to be as fun as possible, so working on these issues is important to us. That also means we’re extremely grateful for any reports receive that can help us troubleshoot — so thank you to everyone who’s already posted!)

    I wonder if some people don’t play that much and don’t notice boss mods and thus confuse DiabloWikiKnockback or more likely DiabloWikiVortex for rubber banding? Sometimes a pack of champions with Vortex can yank you back in several times in a row, creating a (dangerous) game mechanic that can mimic a technical difficulty while being nothing of the sort.

    This problem varies from person to person and as far as I can tell it’s got a lot more to do with your machine and internet connection than the game. I say that because had a ton of rubber banding issues in the Beta and right after launch, typically when I used DiabloWikiDashing Strike " target="_new">Vault[iki] or DiabloWikiDashing Strike. The technical fixes over the months have made a big difference though, and I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I saw more than .1 second rubber banding in an entire game, and my main is a Monk who uses DiabloWikiTempest Rush constantly. It used to happen a lot with Tempest Rush, but during the past few months I simply don’t see it anymore, and I’m using the skill for short bursts of movement hundreds of times per game.

    Maybe I’m just the lucky one though, and everyone else is bouncing worse than ever? Share your experience in the comments.

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