Does Reaper of Souls’ weighted drop rates, enormous variety of items, lack of trading, and general randomness make it too difficult to find what you want, and especially to collect complete item sets? Is it time for a Diablo 3 RNG Overhaul?

    How long do you think it is reasonable to get a full class specific set? (What I call “end game items” plus the very rare OP items like DiabloWikiCalamity, DiabloWikiWand of Woh etc…)

    I did 800 rifts, yes 800, playing every single day since 2.0 probably more than 8h/day. At the moment, I didn’t even complete one single set. Half of the few items that I got for sets come from friends. I don’t even have 4 pieces.

    So, BLUE give me an idea of what time I should spend on , excuse me to recall you , what was once called “a game”, something that should be FUN (which seems totally out of your D3 specifications)

    Vaneras: “No matter how long you play, you are not guaranteed a legendary / set item to drop.”?
    Very much this! I’m not trying to be patronising when saying this, so please forgive me if I come across like that, but such is the nature of Diablo games—by playing the game you have a chance at acquiring the loot you are looking for, but it will never be possible to guarantee that you will get it. Because of this, it is also not possible for me or anyone else to say how much time it will take for you to get the item you are looking for, and whether or not said time is within reasonable.

    whats the purpose of cache dropping torment legs then?
    Vaneras: The purpose is to increase your chances of getting legendary items, and by extension give you an additional chance to get a particular item that you might be looking for. That of course still does not guarantee that you will get said item, but your chances will be improved.

    IMHO, the purpose of enabling caches (if earned in Torment) to drop DiabloWikiTorment-only legs is to de-incentivize the cheesiness of Normal difficulty split-farming. I don’t think it’ll work (unless they make the DiabloWikiRing of Royal Grandeur Torment-only), even if they greatly buff the chance of legs popping from Torment quality Caches, but it should offer some incentive to doing something in the game other than normal A1 split-farming — or — Torment+ DiabloWikiNephalem Rifts.

    Does this sight still get your hopes up?

    Does this sight still get your hopes up?

    On the larger issue, what about that R iN the G? The heart of the item hunting experience in Diablo 2 and now in Diablo 3 is that it’s random, within certain broad guidelines. Diablo isn’t WoW or other ARPGs where only X monster can ever drop Y item, and if you want it you know you have to just farm it endlessly, until it pops. The Diablo RNG system gifts unto players a much wider array of farming options, which is a blessing and a curse. You might get your coveted Item X from a barrel or from an Act Boss, but you don’t really have any way to seek it more specifically. Should there be such options?

    Reaper of Souls returned runs in various ways, most obviously with DiabloWikiLegendary Materials, where you need one material for each crafting recipe, there is just one or a handful of creatures that can drop it, and you know where to go and what to do if you want to find it. As we discuss on the current podcast, it can get pretty boring running DiabloWikiThe Matriarch’s Bones over and over again just to find the DiabloWikiShard of Entsteig Plate material which you need for crafting DiabloWikiAughild’s Authority set items… but at least you know where to go and what to kill to obtain what you’re after.

    Given that our current vote shows a (surprising?) majority of you guys feel that Diablo 3’s RNG system is not just unfair, but “broken” it seems like the devs should be making some changes. How could that work? Weighted odds of finding items from a set if you’re wearing 1+ item of it already? Specific enemies with better odds to drop item types (e.g. Cydaea is +50% chance for wands, Siegebreaker is +50% chance for maces, etc). Or how about a general game-wide bonus to find items from any item class your character already has equipped?

    On a related point, something I was debating with Elly yesterday; should D3 offer some long term building up type items? Diablo 2 had that with Runes, where even if you found no good items, you’d at least find a steady supply of DiabloWikirunes, which you could upgrade and eventually create really powerful ones. Diablo 3 kind of offers that with blood shards and rift keys, but those can not be directly cashed in for an upgrade or an item. They just enable further RNG efforts.

    What if you could spend, say, 500 Shards and 100 Rift Keys to gamble a specific legendary item? Or is that what Crafting is for, and some items should remain “get lucky and find them or not” since that’s just how the Diablo games work?

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