Diablo 3 RMAH Cartoon

We’ve got a new comic featuring the Barbarian and Diablo, as they debate the ethical ramifications of the DiabloWikiReal Money Auction House. You see just the first two panels below; click through for the whole comic and its surprise ending.

The full comic, by Dorkly, is below. Thanks to Muadib for the tip.

You can see lots of other Diablo comics and related laughs in the Diablo III Humor gallery.

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21 thoughts on “Diablo 3 RMAH Cartoon

    • Really .. becasue that wasn’t possible and wasn’t very common in D2 .. give me a break XD

      • i would be more inclined to purchase an item if the system was built into the game rather than through some ad-crazy 3rd party site. that being said, i didn’t buy items in d2. they should do a poll to see how many people actually bought items from 3rd party sites vs. those who didn’t vs those who wanted to but were hesitant.

  1. Hes using the Mastercard’s Great Axe of the Greed. Has +100 damage for every dolar you have in your battlenet account.

  2. it will be funnier when im whoopin kids who pay with daddys money or their own money (cus their losers).. it will all come down to skill in pvp n stuff, who cares if they get a PvM edge, ill glady make real life money selling it to those losers. Cus guarantee you if i PvP, ill find/trade for the best gear without cash 😆

  3. funny.
    But also amusing is how the comics defending D3 are “strawman arguments” and just “dumb” while this has no complaints.

    • HAHAHAHAHA oh my gosh dude i totally laughed at this, i read it with D2diablo’s voice in my head haha

  4. And how exactly do all noobs get their rune-word uber items in Diablo 2? Let me guess, they fight, get socketed items, then fight for the runes, which drop like crazy, then when they make the runeword uber stats emerge << isn;t it right? -_-  pffff
    They can do all the fun they want about this system, but it will revolutionise gaming. And I am sure there will be gear in D3 that will be aquired only by fighting in game, that will make a difference.

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