Diablo 3 Reveal Contest and Hidden Content

With today’s Barbarian reveal the second stage of Blizzard’s “earn a special sigal” contest began. The feature started last week with the Demon Hunter reveal and was hobbled by technical difficulties, and to explain that and clear up fan questions about this ongoing feature, Blizzard has posted a FAQ. You can read it below.

Before I quote that, let me point out something you might have missed. Blizzard’s main reveal page has a sort of Advent calendar (or Beervent calendar?) with 9 mystery circles on a chained progression, none of which have yet been revealed. However, thanks to the clever code delving of Reziel in comments, we know them all, and they’re quoted in the news item about the Demon Hunter reveal. They include:

  • A multi-part video developer’s diary starring Jay Wilson, Art Director Christian Lichtner, and Lead Software Engineer Jason Regier, covering a wide variety of game dev topics.
  • A behind the scenes look at the Book of Cain.
  • BlizzCast 17 focused on items, quests, and sound effects.
  • Diablo: Wrath, a special focus on the story of the games.
  • And of course, new class wallpapers. (No, really.)

All those are coming up over the next 34 days, though we don’t have an ETA on exactly when each will be posted. The full list can be seen in an update to our Demon Hunter reveal post.

That said, here’s the new FAQ about the Sigal creation contest.

Recently we released our “Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise” launch site which rewards you and your friends for rising up as the heroes of Sanctuary. Through your interactions on this site you’ll find new information, videos, unlockable content, contests, a banner customization tool, and be able to win five exclusive sigils for use on your customizable banner when Diablo III is unleashed upon the world.

That said, we know there have been a few issues with the site that have caused confusion for participants. Below are answers to common questions we’ve seen since the site launched. It’s our goal to ensure your experience with the features of this campaign is a positive one, as everyone should be looking forward to unlocking the amazing content we’ve prepared for you.For more information on the basic functionality of the features for this promotion, see the official FAQ.

Click through to read the rest of the lengthy FAQ.

The site was very unstable the first few days of launch and I wasn’t receiving confirmation emails that I’d successfully claimed a sigil. Why didn’t you extend the time the demon hunter was active?

Even though confirmation emails weren’t being sent, we did receive all submissions made during the period when our mailer wasn’t working. If you’re worried your submission wasn’t received and that hero is no longer available, fret not, there will be a period at the end of the promotion where you’ll be able to claim any sigils you might’ve missed.
Why have Mark of Valor gallery updates been so infrequent?

While we’ve had no problems receiving all of your banner submissions, we experienced an issue that prevented us from being able to update the gallery on the website. This should now be fixed and you can expect to see new faces in the gallery (maybe even your own!) much more frequently.

Why isn’t the image I submitted in the gallery?
As we’re receiving hundreds of thousands of images, not all submissions will be posted on the website.

There are a lot of pictures in the Mark of Valor gallery. How will I know if my image has been added?
If your image is selected for display in our gallery, you’ll receive an email letting you know.

The website said my submission was successful, but I never received a confirmation email. How do I know if it worked?
We experienced an issue during the first few days of the promotion where our mailer was not properly sending confirmations to participants. As of April 9 this has been fixed; however, rest assured that this didn’t prevent us from receiving submissions prior to April 9. If you’re still worried about not receiving the sigil, you’re welcome to submit another entry in order to get a confirmation email. There will be a brief period at the end of the promotion where you’ll be able to obtain sigils you might’ve missed.

What happens if I mistype my Battle.net email address?
The website doesn’t verify your email address is valid at the time you make a banner image submission, so make sure you type it in carefully! You’ll receive a Mark of Valor confirmation email shortly after submitting your picture.

How can I tell the email I receive apart from a phishing or scam email?
The automated email will come from [email protected] If you’re worried about whether or not an email is legitimate, just know that no action is required on your part if you receive an email from this address (you won’t be asked to reply or click on any links).

Why does the unique URL of my Mark of Valor image (provided when clicking the “share” buttons) not load my image?
This is an issue we fixed very recently. Share your image with the world now!

Why hasn’t the progress bar for the unlocked content moved?
There was initially an issue that prevented the progress indicator from properly reflecting participant activity on the site. This has been fixed and you should see the progress indicator update more frequently.

When will I actually receive my sigil?
We’re keeping records of all the Battle.net accounts which have claimed each sigil. Within the first couple of weeks of Diablo III’s release (May 15), we’ll be processing all of these accounts and flagging them to unlock the appropriate sigils. The bonus sigils will automatically appear for those who unlocked them in the banner customization screen in-game.
If there are additional questions you have regarding this campaign not already addressed here, in the FAQ, in the Hero of the Day contest rules, or in the Portrait of a Champion contest rules, please let us know.

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    21 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Reveal Contest and Hidden Content

      • You know, after missing a lot of the exclusive WoW promos (before that game turned to nonsense) and generally NOT getting rewarded for my obsessive reading about these games, I’m actually kind of stoked that I can start with an exclusive sigil for my favorite class, because I was paying attention, and that Joe “IGN said so” Fratboy can’t have the same sigil I have when the game launches.  Dedication, dammit!

        Edit: Also, years from now when we’re still playing and someone new joins for the x-pack or whatever, it’s just something to show you participated in the excitement, the build up of this 12 year old game that we all waited for. At least, I appreciate that.

    1. What I don’t get is that in the beta you can already customise your Banner/Sigil. So are we actually getting any benifit at all from doing this now? Or just setting the default flag so we don’t have to when we start playing on release?

      • It’s unlocking new vanity plates to put on your banner that only people who jump through their stupid hoops will get to do.

        To clarify: everyone gets a banner, and this is way to unlock “special” images to put on your banner.

        Not sure why anyone would bother, personally. 

        • People bother with this for the same reason they’re concerned about the color of the collector’s edition dye. Some people really like customizing the appearance of their character.

      • Y’know how in the beta, if you go into the banner customization menu under “Sigil” there are only four options, three of which require specific achievements to unlock? This gives you extra options for sigils.

    2. Holy crap, that is the coolest gameplay vid I’ve seen yet. Suddenly, I want to play the barbarian.

    3. si the chained progressing things, we all can see right, its not for the sigil winner? so as the time count downs to the release of the game, those things will unlock for us to watch, right?

      • Yes, the advent calendar feature stuff is for everyone to see. independent of the sigil contests. At least I think so; the whole thing is kind of a jumble of features all at once, with poor website navigation making the new artwork and class short stories very easy to overlook in all the other junk.

        • When I first read about it, I had kind of hope they would reveal new features at each milestone; I am obviously an idiot.

    4. I uploaded a banner with a background image from The Sims. Wonder if that will get approved? 😉
      I have to say I really like the banner design minigame 😉 Silly? yes. But hey. Whatever anybody tells you, computer games are not Srs Bsns 🙂

    5. The sigils and accompanied videos really are nice. The unlockable parts on the other hand are a bit lame. All in all its a nice thing to get your adrenaline started for the release.

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