In my haste to download the update and get going with patch 13, I came across an interesting site. My version of the launched game is the following: Diablo III Retail. Not Diablo III Beta, or any derivative. Take this as you will, but it seems that the current version of the beta will be the retail version – meaning the game is primed and ready for a release announcement. While this seems to be fairly solid proof, take this with a grain of salt because… you know, it’s Blizzard.

    Diablo III Retail

    Comment your experiences with updating the client. Are you getting this same message? If you want to check, launch the game and tab-alt out. Right-click the icon on your task bar and you should see it.

    Update: maintenance has been extended 3 times and the latest ETA is now 12AM PST:

    10:41 PM PST- We are continuing to troubleshoot some additional issues and will be extending the current downtime until approximately 12:00 AM PST. We will provide further updates as they become available.

    Update on skill calculator

    The web guys have been working hard on it and hope to have all the patch 13 changes reflected, including an updated calc, on the site next week.

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