Diablo 3 Retail Version + Extended Maintenance

In my haste to download the update and get going with patch 13, I came across an interesting site. My version of the launched game is the following: Diablo III Retail. Not Diablo III Beta, or any derivative. Take this as you will, but it seems that the current version of the beta will be the retail version – meaning the game is primed and ready for a release announcement. While this seems to be fairly solid proof, take this with a grain of salt because… you know, it’s Blizzard.

Diablo III Retail

Comment your experiences with updating the client. Are you getting this same message? If you want to check, launch the game and tab-alt out. Right-click the icon on your task bar and you should see it.

Update: maintenance has been extended 3 times and the latest ETA is now 12AM PST:

10:41 PM PST- We are continuing to troubleshoot some additional issues and will be extending the current downtime until approximately 12:00 AM PST. We will provide further updates as they become available.

Update on skill calculator

The web guys have been working hard on it and hope to have all the patch 13 changes reflected, including an updated calc, on the site next week.

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58 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Retail Version + Extended Maintenance

    • Same here : Diablo III

      If you go into detailed properties you’ll see the “Product Name” (which is that field OP is talking about the same as what we’re seeing. No Idea why OP *only* gets to see that Product Name.


  1. Checked mine as well, does not say “Retail” for me. Strange indeed! Might they have incredibly quickly remedied this after the first few minutes of the patch going out? I was not exactly sitting around waiting for it, so I only just got it.

      • i wanna say i’m sorry cyz i saw similar shot few days ago in bnet forums and was a fake so i was think that this is the same sshot… Sorry again… I can’t test how is with my version cuz i’m in work now but later i will check 🙂

  2. Sounds pretty good though, be nice to not have to download 12GB + again 🙂 And also if you buy a retail / DVD copy, all you need to do is enter your product key and play.

    • It’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll have to uninstall the beta client, and then install the retail client, no matter what. There’s different security protocols and numerous other issues between the two clients.

      • Although it’s possible that they could re-use some of the art assets that won’t change from beta to full version. It could actually save them quite a bit on bandwidth: they sent out 100,000 keys at least, so that’s up to 1.2 terabytes they save themselves on bandwidth.

        • Yeah but wouldn’t the mpqs have different checksums (or whatever the file-based terminology would be)? Kind of like different version numbers or something.

          That’s how they mpqs operate on a patch-by-patch basis, too.

          • Yes, the MPQs as a whole would, but there’s no reason they couldn’t have a little program that extracted the contents of the MPQ and included them into the new one. That is of course quite unlikely.

            Alternatively, the way MPQs have generally worked is a base MPQ and then a patch.mpq whose contents take precedence over any resources with the same name from the base MPQ. They could actually ship the final game using the current MPQs and make any ‘final game’ changes just included in a patch MPQ. In fact that could be the root behind this “Diablo III Retail” string change – the existing beta MPQs do seem to include a hell of a lot of stuff that’s not required for the beta.

    • I guess they are going to test those changes (and runes in general) in the beta for a week or two before announcing anything. But nevertheless, I’m pretty fond on them now being in a general mood that “this is it”. At least that’s what I got from the tone of Jay “Chiliking” Wilson’s blog post. 

      It’s just sad that they can’t release on April 1st, as it is a sunday. ;(

    • btw just figured out that if you left click on Diablo 3 (or Diablo 3 Retail as Nizaris posted up above) it brings up the launcher. Not sure if that is new or what but I have never been able to bring up the launcher without having to download a patch.

  3. Ok, time to put my IT skills to use:
    For people who it says just “Diablo III” it’s because you have auto-preview on Windows 7. Nizaris doesn’t hence why it just has the text.
    Disabling the hover-preview will make it say Diablo III Retail” or whatever.

    • switched to 7 classic and 7 basic themes (which disables aero peek) and still “Diablo III” as product name, I don’t see why that would change anything anyway.

    • R-click on the ‘pinned’ DIII icon brings up the same screen as the screen cap above. Not sure if hover preview will still affect this screen menu though.

      Mine says ‘Diablo III’ by the by. 

      PS. Been trawling these forums since Paris ’08. First post 🙂 . How was ‘GrizwaldsGhost’ not a taken user name?? 

  4. When I log on, the little blurb on the bottom left side of the screen says it will be back on at 11pm PST, not 9. which time is right?

  5. v. – Path 13

    I’m not in beta but that looks like we have two more patches to go before hitting 1.0 for release i.e v.08 and v.09.  It kind of make sense to see v1.0 as production release (Gold / Retail).  I could be wrong and Blizzard may not bet going by other software version scheme.  However, I’d guess that v.07 indicates new features where an even number would be a stable release with bug fixes.


    • Version numbering might increase by more than 0.1, or less depending on how much was changed. Major releases may jump higher, minor releases may jump a lot less..

  6. Just got pushed back another hour… 12PST 3EST

    I’m done waiting… I’ll play it tomorrow 😛 

  7. Release…wait for it…wait for it…nevermind, maybe next time. Blizzard is obviously only trolling beta users and fans again, like they do a lot recently.

  8. Don’t be ridiculous. Has there EVER been a game that has gone gold before the release date was even announced?

  9. I was curious about whether the client exe really has “retail” label in it, so I started to download US Beta client. The game version, as well as other info, can be seen by right-clicking game exe, choosing “Properties” and clicking through tabs at top of the window. Indeed, the game is marked as “Retail”, here is the proof: http://www.freeimagehosting.net/ytged
    P.S. sorry for cyrillic symbols, “????????” means “Extended info” and “???????? ?????” is “File description”

  10. I imagine this is one of the last big patches for the beta. So maybe this is a good sign there may be a release candidate soon? I’d imagine there may be a few more small patches but I feel we’re pretty close now.

  11. So, I am right in assuming it’s 12:28 AM PST time now? As in the patch should have been playable half an hour ago? How long do these things usually take?

  12. Seems like they are treating this like the WoW PTR patches where they start labeling them as “retail” instead of “PTR” when they are getting close to having it go live. My guess is that this mean that this is the last major patch for the D3 beta and that any others will be smaller bug fix/tweaking patches. Hopefully this means an actual release date within the next couple weeks.

    • Nah there’s still the entire EU beta test to start first guys, so theres still about 4+ weeks to go if not more.

      • As a European, as much as I would love to get into the beta, there is no reason for them to do any extensive beta test for Europeans. I highly doubt that 100k Europeans will play any differently or find anything that 100k+ Americans have not. So, even if there is beta for Europe, which is a big if at this point, it will probably be very short. I am still leaning towards no beta test for Europe whatsoever. 

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