Blizzard have added a nice overview of the resources systems for all five classes. This is a great primer if you’re new on the Diablo 3 scene as it provides details of how the resources regenerate and are consumed with examples of how they can be used with particular skills.

    Probably the best bit for those who are familiar with the systems by now are the high quality graphics of all the orbs which look absolutely gorgeous.The smoke-in-a crystal-ball effect is visible in a way that it doesn’t show up in screenshots or gameplay movies.

    While the fundamental rules of each resource are set in stone, how they’re strategically spent can be greatly customized through passive skills, which can drastically alter how quickly and efficiently your resources generate or regenerate. Through the use of specific skills, as well as the near unlimited combinations offered by skill runes, you can fine-tune your character’s power through resource management and control.

    The video at the foot of the page is the Beta gameplay b-roll released in the Aug 1 updates.

    If that lot whets your appetite then you can feast on additional information on the DiabloWiki Resources page.

    Thanks to WoWFinder for the tip off.

    You can get the full quality, 500meg AVI version of this movie in the 8/2/2011 “Blizzard Media Tour” on the Blizzard presskit page. The full download is 660meg and includes HQ versions of numerous screenshots and pieces of artwork that were new at the time.

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