Diablo 3 Resource System Explained

Blizzard have added a nice overview of the resources systems for all five classes. This is a great primer if you’re new on the Diablo 3 scene as it provides details of how the resources regenerate and are consumed with examples of how they can be used with particular skills.

Probably the best bit for those who are familiar with the systems by now are the high quality graphics of all the orbs which look absolutely gorgeous.The smoke-in-a crystal-ball effect is visible in a way that it doesn’t show up in screenshots or gameplay movies.

While the fundamental rules of each resource are set in stone, how they’re strategically spent can be greatly customized through passive skills, which can drastically alter how quickly and efficiently your resources generate or regenerate. Through the use of specific skills, as well as the near unlimited combinations offered by skill runes, you can fine-tune your character’s power through resource management and control.

The video at the foot of the page is the Beta gameplay b-roll released in the Aug 1 updates.

If that lot whets your appetite then you can feast on additional information on the DiabloWiki Resources page.

Thanks to WoWFinder for the tip off.

You can get the full quality, 500meg AVI version of this movie in the 8/2/2011 “Blizzard Media Tour” on the Blizzard presskit page. The full download is 660meg and includes HQ versions of numerous screenshots and pieces of artwork that were new at the time.

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41 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Resource System Explained

  1. While talking about mana and the WD the article mentions a skill called Mana Steal. Have we ever heard about that????????

      • I doubt it. The page was all about describing resources and giving example of skills that would help you gain your resource or affect it in some way.

    • Yeah I found that interesting too… To quote them:

      “Mana will slowly regenerate on its own, but the witch doctor also has key skills designed to replenish his reserves, such as Mana Steal or Spirit spells (combined with powerful passive skills) that can return Mana whenever cast.”

      So all the Spirit spells regenerate mana? I wonder if this includes Haunt.

  2. Now that I see them in motion they look good, even the DH’s, (that I questioned the choice of colors) looks good.

  3. I know some people will hope they aren’t animated in-game but I really hope they are. As static, simple, and sometimes even boring UI’s can be, I want something to look at when I’m not slaughtering evildoers.
    Plus, I liked the animated portraits in Blizzard’s RTS’, Diablo needs to have a bit more.

  4. They could of called the monks Divine Power or Chi and left Spirit for the witch doctor and given Mana to the wizard. But thats my $.02

    • Mana is a concept from the Melanesian’s beliefs system, very important to anthropology’s history when it comes to traditional populations. In order to understand Blizzard’s terminology decision, we have to think globally and stand away from the vicious RPG milieu. I think it really rocks. 😀

      • I am fine with them using Arcane power for wizard as Arcane is what dnd uses for the arcan spellcasters like the wizard while priests/clerics use divine power since they power derives from the gods they worship. They could easily have changed the monk to Chi and let the witch doctor use spirit and kept the wizard as Arcane power and got rid of mana all together. Which would of been fine with me as well

  5. That video is not very good…. It’s laggy and choppy. Nothing like the 2010 blizzcon presskit video.

  6. heh ,they tried to push differences in the resourcers quite further if i recall well (like when the barbarian’s fury was 3 spheres) seems like it didn’t worked ,now they seems to be more similar to each other 
    still different enough imo
    and yeah they look pretty awesome.

      • “Sperm can get that color. Just don’t ask my how I know that…”
        Indeed, looks exactly like dirty sperm. I really don’t wanna link pictures, but sperm can get that color. I just asked on the official forums WTF is up with that and why they put for monk resource, the resource i run out of before i go to bed. With the new community management it took 30 seconds for the topic to getdeleted and while in normal circumstances i would say that this is a good think, the increased censorship and moderation for PR purposes seems kinda bad to me.

        • The monk’s resource looked darker, more of an ivory color, than I remembered it being in the last demo. Maybe they tweaked it a bit to get away from the bright smoke/milk appearance?

  7. The animations are gorgeous, but I kind of hope we can turn them off in-game.  I’ll see the movement out of the corner of my eye and think for a moment that there’s a monster or something down in the corner of the screen.  Even now, I can’t stop looking at them.

    Oh, and the comments on the official site make me sad. Some people think the resources are brand new, and actually delaying the game. 😛

    • You will probably stop noticing the animations after a while; just like you stop hearing a discrete sound that is constant.

  8. Glad to see that they made every single one swirl in a unique way, so that  they are not recolored versions of each other.

    • …and then, after time, it should beautifully swirl away, bringing blood red back again.
      Oh, the epicness that shall be this game 🙂

  9. I like them a lot, just wondering how visible your discipline usage will be. Seems a tad dark in the center.

  10. I still want to know the real difference between mana and arcane power beside it being purple!

    • Arcane Power (if I recall) is capped at a certain number (like 100) and regenerates quickly when not used.  Mana increases with levels and regenerates slowly, much like it did in D2.

    • It’s how different types of spells work w/ each resource. A deep pool, slow regeneration system means you want to cast a few, long duration spells. Cast a big Acid Cloud, then sit back and let the poison do the work while your mana replenishes. Pets and damage over time work well in this type of system. The wizard’s fast to spend/fast to recharge resource means you want to blow everything apart in the first few blasts. It really reinforces the styles of the two casters. A cursing, controlled, damage over time caster versus an upfront, nuke everything caster. I like how they really wanted to separate the gameplay feel of the two types of magic caster so radically, similar to what they are doing w/ the barb and monk.

      • And lots of the lower level wizard skills have a very low AP cost, so it’s essentially impossible to run it dry while casting them. Thus you can always spam the main attack spells, though you may have to time your bigger cool down skills a bit to keep the AP available. Lower cost WD skills are still pretty cheap, but it’s going to be more possible to run dry with a WD; you’ve got to balance your pets and stuff with your spells, since you won’t always be able to cast something as the Wiz can.

  11. The article let slip a new description of the Wizard’s Energy Armor **Arcane Power fuels capable defensive spells like Energy Armor, which increases your Defense for a short period of time at the cost of lowered maximum Arcane Power for its duration.** Perhaps the traditional Energy Shield will be a runed version of the new Armor spell.

  12. Isn’t the DH’s hatred/Discipline just like using a combination of arcane-power and mana?  I mean, it appears that hatred = arcane power and discipline = mana. Am i misunderstanding how they work?

  13. The barb fury color just looks good. Like, really, really yummy. Looks like what fruit snacks taste like.

    • Funny, when I was looking at them I was thinking of sweets too.  I did for the arcane power also, thought ooo sherbety.

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