Diablo 3 Release Dates and Beta Countdown

I know we are all super-excited at the prospect of what will be the most anticipated Beta for a PC game for some time. As we know, Blizzard has been teasing us with DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta release dates for months now, and although we have no exact date, the the team at Gamescom confirmed that the beta is still planned to start during Q3. With Q3 wrapping up in a number of weeks, we wait patiently for more news.

Keeping the September Beta date in mind, we have now launched the Beta countdown timer which you can see in the right navbar (eyes to the right please). The date has been set based on the latest information we have from the dev team. We’ll obviously alter the counter as soon as a definite D-Day is announced. Keep your eyes on it and we have added a page explaining the timer.

In related news, I took time out this afternoon to find out the latest final game release date speculation at retailers and the results were as follows (all are UK date format):

  • 01/11/2011 – Gamestop UK
  • 31/12/2011 – NewEgg
  • 16/09/2011 – Shop to (doh)
  • N/A Gamestop (US)
  • N/A GAME (UK)
  • Released in 2011 – Gamestation .

A right mixed bag there I think you’ll agree with Newegg (thanks Flood) having bumped their release date back recently. Gamestop’s regional sites show different predictions while Shopto have simply got it all wrong as apparently it’s being released in a few weeks (smacks head).

We do have the release date pool still on-going in the forums so why not have a punt at when you think Diablo 3 will be released. While you’re there you can snigger at all the predicted dates that have long since expired. Oh, wishful thinking.

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28 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Release Dates and Beta Countdown

  1. 01/11/2011 – Gamestop UK
    Are you using UK way to write the date (11/01 in US) or it is 2012?

    • The one where the Witch Doctor summons corpses that run in all directions and gradually turn into skeletons looks very impressive. Not sure which skill it is, but wow.

      Also, the videos linked to above could be considered something of a spoiler as they show late game skills like the Wizards Archon and the Barbs Wrath of the Berserker among others.

      • Ya I thought it was a pretty crazy find. i really wonder if they were leaked, but ya alot of cool skills!

    • Wow you serious ? This doesn’t make any sense. Diablo 2 reset has nothing to do with Diablo 3.Trolling isn’t your greatest side is it ?

      • what makes you think I’m trolling ?
        I don’t think it makes a lot of sense to start a new ladder in D2 on Sept 28 if D3 is going to be released 3  months later

  2. not everyone will be buying d3 at launch jamesL plus some wont get it because of the RMAH or always online…especially the always online…some people live out in the boondocks with dialup or satellite at best

  3. Sorry Flux, bad idea.
    How does Jay and numerous sources saying we “hope” its out by the end of 3rd quarter translate into a counter?
    We really don’t need to get hope up just to have the counter reset again and again.
    How about a gif image saying coming soon…..when its done….coming soon…..
    A counter is something you use in a game with a release date like Skyrim 11-11-11 no matter what.

  4. Herpderp in the comments aside, I think the countdown is pretty cool.
    I would say that it is as exciting as it is depressing. :p

  5. Maybe someone could hack the counter and set it to 1 day remaining? The wait will be over 😀

  6. Something’s wrong with the countdown, it’s eating all my CPU. I tried Firefox, Chrome and IE and it’s the same. I’m on an old single core CPU right now (Pentium M 1.73Ghz) but i don’t have problems browsing usually (expect for hi-def videos).

  7. Game Stop US is November 2nd, Put in my pre-order yesterday and they told me their date. Seems soon, but I’ll take it!

  8. Please write the date [any format you like], but use THE SAME format in every list element:

    12/31/2011 – NewEgg
    16/09/2011 – Shop to (doh)

    If 12 is the month, then 16 which month is?
    If 09 is the month, then 31 which month is?
    PS: I also hope it’s 16/09/2011…

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