Diablo 3 Release Date Slips

During the conference call today, Mike Morhaime confirmed that Diablo 3 has been delayed into a Q2 release date which takes it out of the previously stated “early 2012” date.

Slide from ATVI Q4 Financial Conference Call

We began beta testing for Diablo III last year. After receiving feedback from the community and our internal teams, we have implemented changes to the game which we believe will greatly improve the game experience, and ensure that the final release will live up to our high expectations. We have also been testing the Auction House functionality. This testing will help ensure a smooth roll-out of this feature with the retail launch, so our players can safely and securely trade items with each other.

Given the popularity of the action RPG genre, and the keen interest in Diablo III, we expect this launch to be a big opportunity for Blizzard. We can also confirm that we are targeting a Q2 launch for Diablo III. We expect to announce more details about the release schedule in the coming weeks.

So there you have it, we won’t be seeing the game for a over a month at the earliest which will no doubt disappoint many of you who were expecting some good news this evening. We can only hope that Mike does come back with more details in the coming weeks because we have heard that comment in previous conference calls and then nothing materialises.

We’ll make sure the DiabloWikiDiablo III release date page is kept right up to date so you can follow the developments.

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96 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Release Date Slips

    • you got it all wrong man… they are targeting, that’s slang for maybe we’ll release it in q3, but really don’t get your hopes up for q2.

  1. Technically it didn’t slip, since as far as I know they never confirmed Q1. Shall we count April as early?

    • doesnt matter, fansites tend to exaggerate on this issue like all unserious pools of information often do (just look at blizz forums ~)

    • Actually they did say “Q1” a couple times. But for the most part they had said “Early” so who knows what they really had in mind. I get the feeling that they have moved the internal target back multiple times now to accommodate more and more iteration and last-minute overhauling. For once I wish their corporate overlords would get involved and put serious pressure on them to be done with it.

  2. They’re soooo going to make all 3 releases this year.
    I’m sure all the WoW-players are thrilled to have to endure 1+ year of the same instance… like Icecrown. That was really fun.
    Heck even SC2s singleplayer campaign needs a push forward…

  3. It’s like they don’t really start working on the game until the year it’s supposed to be released.

    • ye it looks like they are kinda like the average college student ; who does nothing but chilling and party / and than pull off all nighter 3 days before exam and learn more in 72 hours than in the 6 previous months….

      • eh.. accidentally deleted my post :/

        Anyway, I made a comparison between Blizzard producing AAA award winning products, and a lazy college student…. regardless, you make a good point.

        • well but if you scale it up to multi million dollar company with multiple WELL paid employees i think the analogy is reasonable, we also dont know about the quality of the game yet; what if it truly is the Starwars I of Diablo ? I played WoW and Starcraft 2 ; but if you ask me Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3 were better products at the time than WoW and SC2 now. Battlnet 2.0 is a mess and the only thing that kept me in WoW until mid TBC were friends.
          that being said ; i think Blizzard lost something since they are trimmed for Mass appeal, sure i and many other players want to play it and will buy it for the name and nostalgia alone ; but if it sucks we wont keep playing it.

          well – maybe that works out for blizzard as businessmodel ; but it certainly is not the countenance that made Blizzard great gamedeveloper.

          • Blizz games have always been late though… now they just have enough money to be as late as possible…

        • @bloat
          I knew plenty of good students that only studied during exam time, usually for 3-4 days… us average ones where more likely to read the course once a day before… it helped that you get multiple chances as long as you have enough points to pass the year.

  4. I used to worship at the Altar of Blizzard but they have REALLY dropped the ball. I’m beyond frustrated with this company and the bullshit they give us about them trying to release the game before 2011 ends, then were aiming for Q1 and now its Q2 which means (including the month of february, since its just started) we could be waiting nearly 5 months to play this game (Feb. – March – April – May – Game releases end of June – 5 FUCKING MONTHS!) I’m infuriated to say the least. Fuck this game and fuck Blizzard. Pull some overtime and get this game DONE NOW

    • hope you’re not mad, bro 🙂

      relax ME3 is right around the corner, amalur may take some time if you’re into that stuff and Path of exile beta is really nice, that’s a real beta.


    Anyone noticed Mike said that we will hear about release schedule in the upcoming weeks?

     I am wondering is it going to be another one delay explanation from Mike..

    • Yeah… They seem to be fond of throwing around the phrase “in the coming weeks” a lot lately. It makes me wonder if they even have a real definition of that other than “within the next couple months because that is technically the coming weeks, rite guise?”. It pisses me off how much they use their vague time-frame language so much and most of the time it ends up being something totally different than what you would logically think that the words imply. The only totally clear time windows you get from Blizzard are specific dates and it looks like that will never change.

    • Months can be broken up into several weeks. I take it to mean anywhere from next week to 2 months from now… Because it’s Blizzard and who the eff really knows with them?

  6. i don’t feel anything. Blizzard overloaded and killed my brain cells responsible for being dissapointed a long time ago

    • So do I… It’s an odd feeling… I know I should be raging all over the place, but at this point, I just can’t muster the energy anymore… Blizzard are sucking the life from us! 😯

  7. Did ppl really expect it to come in march still? This is not disappointing. It can still show in April. I think it will.

  8. Im actually glad because according to what iv seen in the beta the game still NEEDS ALOT of work! With my biggest gripe being the horrible targeting sytem!

    When i click an empty spot close to a monster i want to run to that spot, not start shooting at the monster my mouse is not even touching! I have a bad feeling this is due to to the console….. Imagine you are playing hardcore, and you are trying to run away from a mob you click an area not touching a monster yet you start fireing at a monster near that spot. The mob you where running from then caught up and killed you…. RAGE!

    I know in the past blizzard has stated the console version will not feel like a port, sadly however they never said that about the pc version and from what iv played it feels like a console port…

    This HUGE GAME BREAKING PROBLEM needs to be addressed through communities like this 1!

    D2 targeting sytem

    D3 tageting sytem

  9. It’s going to be the end of June. They’ll line it up with school ending and all of the kiddies going on Summer break, just like they did with D2X. It’s a mature game, but let’s not be naive here, people of all ages love and play Diablo.

    • Also, blood, gore and mention of sex aren’t really mature, unless you think a 14 year old is the pinnacle of maturity…

    • Your schools go on summer break at the end of June? What kind of communist nightmare region do you live in? Summer is late May through early August dammit…

  10. Always tried to be the patient type when it comes to Blizzard’s release dates, but…

    Just release the damn thing and patch your bloody system changes in later – would like to play this before I become so old I’ve forgotten how to use a computer…

  11. Hasn’t everybody been expecting about a two month lag from release date announcement to actual release?  It’s February 9th.  Two months from then is April 9th (2Q).  I suppose they could have reduced that two month lag time, but Q2 is I think what most were expecting at this point.

    In a crazy way, I see this news as perhaps stabilizing in the community.  It’s now official that they are “Targeting Q2 launch” (per the slideshow that accompanies the conference call).  Hopefullly this will be enough for those pessimists who have been predicting release another lengthy release delay into the second half of the year or later to start getting optimistic instead.  Blizzard has given us every reason to be pessimistic throughout this process, but 2Q seems like it will happen now.

    I do think that this should have been announced on the forums and not in a conference call.  Why do the investors get this info before (or, at best, at the same time) as the fans?  Why was Bashiok telling us not to listen if there was indeed going to be something worth listening to in there?  Guess I should have given up on them shooting straight with us a long time ago…

    • He acknowledged that those that run fan sites pretty much need to listen to it like he does…

      • … while at the same time implying that those of us that don’t run fan sites that he recommend that we don’t listen.  Except then they announced something THAT HE NEW WOULD BE ANNOUNCED WHEN HE RECOMMENDED WE NOT LISTEN that fans obviously find very interesting.  To tell fans not to bother listening to the conference call and then say it seemed like a good time as any to announce Q2 says that a good time to announce something that fans are interested in is when he’s told them not to listen.  Moronic.  Bashiok is a toolbag for that one.  He just is.

  12. I kinda expected to hear no news about release of D3 during the conference call, instead we got a push back.

    Was hoping to extend my easter vacation to D3. Only good news that can come now is announcement of release first week of April. 

    I really hope Blizzard learned from this that announcing a game what can turn into 4 years before release is too long. I hope they never do that again. 4 years is a damn long time, even when you aren’t young and impatient. Guess its good there is no Blizzcon this year, then they can announce “Titan” in 2013 instead.

    • No matter what “target” they’ll set for Titan – from this point on I don’t believe a single word anymore.

    • I doubt it will be the first week of April at this point, otherwise they should’ve just said it during the conference call or right after it as that’s almost exactly two months from now. It’s looking to be mid to late April at the earliest at this point… That’s if they actually give the real release date in the next couple weeks, but that’s looking iffy at best…

  13. What I don’t understand is how heads dont roll at Blizzard. You would think that if you were the project managers and virtually every product you produced was late and delayed, they’d get different project managers or at least a different development cycle. From a buiness stand point, if I was the CEO, heads would roll.

    • The senior producer Steve Parker has just been fired, although I suspect the real causes for the delays are sitting a bit higher up.

      • He’s not the only Senior Producer… I think the causes for the delays permeates most of the hierarchy of Blizzard personnel at this point… The higher-ups enable the attitudes of the rank and file members and it all contributes to an unfocused and unsure way of doing things IMO…

    • Well, I’d imagine the producer doesn’t have as much power over the game’s development cycle as the actual game’s designers do at Blizzard. They’re just there to mainly keep the project on track. Which, I can imagine would be frustrating at times. But ultimatly, if it keeps the game from being a wreck like Hellgate: London then I’m OK with a longer then normal wait.

      It’s not like they’re squandering their development time like 3D Realms did with Duke Nukem: Forever. But getting anyone to believe it is probably an uphill battle.

    • Well delaying games worked for them pretty well with Starcraft 1 and other games that put them on the map… and you don’t fire someone when the model is working out.

  14. I never thought I would say this about a Diablo game but I’m waiting for first reviews before I’ll decide about the purchase. By reviews I mean not the usual media outlets over-hyping crap left and right because they got paid or have some other incentive from it (Assassins Creed 1), but rather opinions from gamers used to D1/D2 that will not be very happy about the game being butchered for the sake of Bobbys profit.

  15. This really isn’t any new information.  Anyone taking an honest look at the state of the game knew that a Q1 release wasn’t possible.  Then stating that “more details will be announced in the coming weeks” is ridiculous.  New details have already been promised and are to be expected considering the amount of major game systems (runes, skills) still in flux.

    I know the development managers have been taking a beating (and rightfully so), but I maintain that the PR for D3 has been some of the most confusing I have ever seen.  From Diableards, to the bizarre beta release that wasn’t really a beta release, to releasing skill calculators and item lists way too early… they have just shot themselves in the foot time and again.  It makes them look unfocused and disorganized.  Much of our anger and frustration is on their heads.

  16. Personally I don’t give anything on what any Blizzard employee says. I’ll get my hopes for release up again when I see the date in the diablo font at the end of a trailer. Written evidence seems to be the only thing Blizzard feels accountable to. Dissapointing.

    • There won’t be any more trailers. It will be in an innocuous little paragraph-long press release that comes out of nowhere one day and finally puts the speculation to rest while simultaneously causing much joy and frustration because it will probably be even further out than many hoped for…

  17. Talk with your wallets and don’t buy the game.  Surely after a bad first week of sales they would realize what they have done and realize the importance of releasing a game timely.  I think they are floating in their own bubble and it needs to pop.

    • The people that won’t buy the game because they lost (or never had) interest in this game won’t buy the game. The people that will buy the game because they are unaware about the circus and/or just don’t care will buy the game.
      I don’t think not buying the game as a statement to express ones anger/disappointement/… about this game will make much of a difference. Honest and valid criticism from respectable people that will hopefully seep through the cracks of initial hyped-up and paid for bs reviews and extreme positive ignorant noob-hysteria will have a much bigger impact in the long run.

  18. This was my first investor meeting sit-in and now I see where all the anti-Blizzard/Activision ranting comes from. It really kills any sort of magic to the games when they’re all summed up in a soulless drone of figures, projections, and economics jargon like this for an hour straight. Not that I’m not aware of how the world works, but man what a buzzkill. Still going to buy the game because I’m sure it will be fun, but I’ll never listen to one of those meetings again. Blech.

    • I’ve listened to (I think) 5 or 6 of them now and it’s always the same. You will be better off for it…

      I always wonder to myself if Morhaime feels out of place in those meetings when surrounded by all the Activision corporate tools…

  19. For me personally, April/May, still falls under “early” in a year imho, im happy with the reaffirmed April-June, that’s all iv’e ever wanted to just a have a solid window to look at… and hey its only 2 months away, time to get excited and try something different other then whining 🙂
    Have fun all! see you at release!

  20. “Diablo release date slips” is a s*** title for the post.
    This is no different to any other vague post or reference Blizzard have had the pleasure in advising over a release date.

  21. HA told you so, early 2012 my ass. at this stage Blizzard is about to reimplement all the character stereotypes because they discovered they weren’t properly working, so they gotta start new chars from scratch. to be safe, put me down for June 30th 2022. hope the world hasn’t ended by then, otherwise Diablo was busting his ass all this time for nothing.

    and who’s the idiot that wrote this article? that’s not a release DATE, it’s a release margin window. Q2 isn’t a date. and how many times have we seen this title on articles so far? “Release Date Slips”……..like 5-6 now?

    in other affairs, Blizzard needs to go on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney.

  22. First half of Q3 is the most realistic time of release. I told you that a few months ago. They said Q2 just to keep you around.

  23. Fu***** tards… they can’t project anything. Well it is no big surprise when you start to mess with core gameplay mechanics one month before “target” release.

  24. Least they can do is stop being racist nazi’s and give 100,000 Beta keys to EU + Asia to say sorry for the 9000th delay.
    Captcha: well done
    Well done to me for speaking the truth? or Well done to BlizzTard on yet another delay?

  25. We’re targeting late 2011. Oh wait no, we are targeting early 2012. Oh wait no, we are targeting Q2 2012. Oh wait… F-A-I-L!

  26. Not surprising, but sometimes the true are hard to hear. With the last changes i have it expected, this changes are so importand, that this have made for long time ago by blizz, i think.
    But anyway, it sucks very much!

  27. More good news from Blizz!  It seems every bit of new info they release is something negative.  Either they decided to completely rework a major game system, completely remove something from the game, or delay the release AGAIN.  Not to mention the bs about the beta being nothing but a server stress test… right.
    “Pfft, they’ll buy it anyway.”   No, at this point I won’t be pre-ordering anymore.  I really believe they think we’re drooling idiots that will buy anything they put on the shelf no matter what.  I’m going to wait a few weeks after release and see whether the game actually lives up to expectations.  Gears of War and Borderlands 2 will keep me company in the meantime.

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