Diablo 3 Release Date Parody Music Video

Everyone got rather excited when May 15th was announced as release day and Diablo 3 parody songster TerrenceJay is back with a new video to show his delight at the release announcement.

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  1. I like this guy, he should be in the game as NPC.

  2. i hope he actually has a beta key

    edit-lol @ evils finally back, blizzard picked up the slack

  3. I’m thinking a crazy skeleton singing songs about diablo’s return, with a guitar.

  4. I had to go to youtube to find out what that was a parody of.  Guess it’s a Katy Perry song “Part Of Me”. Never heard it before. But this guy is pretty talented, I like his stuff

  5. It WAS kinda short but the guy is great. It summed up my thoughts about the game (I never got the beta key either 😕 ).

  6. Lol I didn’t get the beta for that reason as well! I don’t recognize the song but it’s quite catchy.

  7. Blizzard should hire this guy to do their all their promos.

  8. The music is ok but it’s someone else’s.  The lyrics anyone could have written, there are hardly any and what is there isn’t anything special or clever.l

  9. Whenever I watch this guys videos I have a strong desire to turn him into a paraplegic. 

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