Diablo 3 Release Date Announcement Coming Next Week…?

Diablo.IncGamers.com was the first place on and offline to announce Diablo III (Rush boldly did it the night before the official reveal once snippets of  info started leaking on to the Net), back in June 2008. At that time we *knew* it was coming; it was not a guess. We’re not as certain about this prediction, which is why it’s classed as a RUMOUR, but various inside sources have given us strong hints that next Monday, March 5th, should be a very interesting day for Diablo III news.

Details and tea leaf readings:

With CeBit starting on March 6th, the quote from Jay´s latest blogyou can seriously expect a launch-date announcement from us in the near future. See, I didn’t say “soon,” so I’m not taunting you.” and the coming start of the EU Beta the March 5th date for announcement seems likely.

Blizzard announced Diablo III back in 2008 at WWI in Paris, France. An announcement from the Cebit show would bring things full circle back to the EU. Here’s what Jay said and we’ve heard privately about the current state of the game:

  • Non-US servers deployment has been delayed.
  • Almost all systems are in a “ready to ship” phase.
  • The remaining problems come from the runes system, and the DiabloWikiAuction House which is still quite buggy.
  • Battle.net server’s infrastructure is suffering.
  • Global server infrastructure should be done by end of March / early April.
  • They are aiming at end of April / early May for a possible release date.

We have also heard mutterings from sources that the release could be sometime around mid to late April but we’ll know very shortly if this is correct.

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115 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Release Date Announcement Coming Next Week…?

  1. Coming start of the EU beta? Did I somehow miss something? Seems to directly contradict ‘Non-US servers deployment has been delayed.’

    • According to Kaydee that was listed under what Jay said and they’ve heard privately about the current state of the game.

      So if they’re going to announce it on Monday, it’s safe to assume that it’s already fixed by then.

  2. Can I be the first to call BS?? This is pure speculation based on the previous CeBit annoucement.

    How the hell can they have a release date, when at least ONE hugely important game system is seriously bugged?? (RMAH)

    With that said, I hope Im wrong.

    • Check the intro paragraph. This is not based on the cebit event, but stems from hints and remarks we’ve heard from sources that must remain anonymous. The cebit event is largely a coincidence of timing, in my view, and I might not have even mentioned it, had I written (instead of just contributed to) this news item. KD did since he’s in Sweden and thus very aware of the rare occasions that Bliz shows D3 on that side of the pond.

  3. More like a big announcement that will result in levels being removed from Diablo 3. 

    Future big announcement:
    “we felt that leveling wasn’t necessary and it really lacked in feel, also no more affixes on items” 

    • Tell me about it. What are people actually going to do when they announce it for real? I imagine it’ll be a similar feeling to having just graduated from uni in that it takes a while to sink in, you’ve been waiting for that moment for so long.

      • My guess is that when they do announce the release date, there will be a milion threads whining about it.

        • “why are they releasing it now? this is a terrible time for that! I am busy, i have school, or work, they should delay it until I don’t have work so hat I can play more and be the first to reach 60!”

    • and it will be so real when they delay it with 2 months afterwards (get it, so real – surreal) 🙂

  4. Book of Cain? Check. “In-game” look and feel? Check. Thin film of dust on cover? Check. A wait so agonizing that even Tal’Rasha would probably feel sorry for us? Check.

  5. With all problems mentioned above, how should we expect that D3 release date announcement will next week? It sounds like unreasonable and unlogical.

      • You are so cool to sit behind your monitor and taunt non-native English speakers while you’re so heavy that you can’t move away from the screen. 😀

        • Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Non-native English speaker, by the way. But yeah, sorry, it was just too tempting to pass up.

  6. We don’t know how many of this problems are already solved in retail version, and the skill system need only few tweeks here and there, other is balancing that they have atleast 2 months to do, and they will continiue doing it even after the game is launch… I think end of April / early May is to early, but mid may sounds more promising if they announce date next week… They even stop fixing things in the beta this is sign of that they work on something else like on retail version…

  7. I’m with Kross. Sounds like they’ve got some significant stuff to iron out…they can’t announce release with a buggy AH and broken servers, could they?

    • Yes.

      The AH is going to be broken even if they sort everything out because it really has a horrible UI and doesn’t do what you want it to do.

      They’ve changed the QA feedback method from posting into one consolidated thread, to making separate threads for each bug, which tells us that the bulk of the squashing has been accomplished, and they’re now focusing on smaller issues. I’d bet that an upcoming patch fixes a lot of stuff. 

      In any event, March 6th will be even more interesting because I’ll actually have a game in-hand to freakin’ play. :p

      • I’d bet they’d want to fax a horrible UI that doesn’t do what you want it to do pre-release. But I supposed we’ll see.

      • ME3 I take it?  The first was good, but its been going down hill, and I expect 3 to be the worst story of the three.  That’s if you even think 2 had a main story.  It was just a collection of mini stories about each of your companions.  There was some interesting characters in 2, (like the illusive man, and Mordin Solus) but a lot of them were either boring or annoying. (Like Jacob Taylor for boring and Jack for annoying)

        • True, but I still enjoyed 2 more than 1 due to gameplay/UI changes. I’ve played through that game, toes to head, at least 20 times now. The ME3 mutliplayer is pretty fun, too. Surprisingly so.

          @yovargas, you’d think so, but they haven’t made one response to any of that. 🙁 

      • Man, I was looking forward to the ME conclusion so freaking much but I can’t support a company who spoils their own story just for the sake of $10-20 extra on release day.

        • ye pretty much that ; EA / Biosware is so full of crap; they charge us 60 bucks on console and 50 on pc ; than they deliberately exclude pevital finished content so they can squeeze out extra bucks.
          and in Europe the price is 1:1 usd : Euro which is extra disgusting ; i heard its even 1:1 usd : GBP which is utter insanity ( the descrepancy  for dlc and “collector edition”-crap ).


          well – i wont get it even though i played ME1 / 2 and would have liked to see the conclusion but i wont buy it. or rather i wait until the total cost of game + DLC  halved. even in the case that that will never happen
          the ME2 DLC`s still cost exactly the same as on day 1 afaik.

          • If you just want the pure plot, the gameplay script was leaked a long time ago. You can find it online.

            Haven’t read it myself but from what I hear, it is basically every event in the game. 

  8. Got Nameday on 23rd of April and Birthday on 24th of May. Already told my GF what kind of present i want [D3 and GW2 lol].

  9. I’ve also heard from my anonymous sources that HOTS beta would get an announcement on Monday the 5th.
    But I still say: Seeing = Believing.

  10. I’d assume they would have fixed the UI issues through their internal testing with the build Jay is talking about. The AH has always been my reason as to the delays as it is still buggy even now. Hopefully they’ll have a straight month to do nothing but work on the AHs and the server infrastructure to prep for the game.

    • It’s still buggy, but bugs come, get squashed, and then a new bunch crops up due to new things being implemented.

      Also, I suppose it depends on QA’s interpretation of what a “bug” is. This is also keeping in mind that there’s a dearth of items to choose from in the beta, so there’s a very limited selection to test from. In terms of actual search functionality.

      A lot of the bugs in 13 seem to stem from the changes website to letting players add money to their balance, the entire bnet balance system. 

  11. Waited almost 4 years for this, hard to believe we’re almost there. “These are great days we’re living in, bros.” 

  12. @ news pic:
    Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar. You’re gonna go far, you’re gonna fly high!”

  13. well this cant be true, since Jay in the same paragrah also said

    “You’ll know as soon as I know for sure the exact date.”

    so unless blizz didnt tell jay, this cant be…

  14. Quote : I’m with Kross. Sounds like they’ve got some significant stuff to iron out…they can’t announce release with a buggy AH and broken servers, could they?

    Annoucing a release date doesn’t mean the game will stay in his actual state.
    If the release date is in May there is still a couple of weeks left to improve the game. You can expect at least two more patch in my opinion.

  15. Dunno, honestly what’s the point of a rumor if we can’t even see the source of this rumor? Is it Blizzard employee?

    • You are joking right?  Who gives their source so they potentially lose it.   Either believe it or not the choice is yours.

  16. When does the last issue of the Diablo 3 comic get into stores? You can almost guarantee the game will be released after this happens.

  17. Hey Flux its real bullshit that u guys never got a beta key giveaway to partake in .. and it seems uve been blacklisted by blizz or activision even tho ur the best info there is going! and probably the most popular d3 info page on the net today? right?

    i recently got invloved in the latest beta key giveaway at CVG .. which they coined the new term “no hoops to jump through”   it was a shambles … for the thousands of people that logged onto their page and twitter acc, refresh twitter continuously etc .. they gave a single key at 1pm … and then a single key at 2pm … making us create accounts, like facebook pages, log into facebook apps, all their page and site have been overloaded and couldnt cope with the traffic generated by this

    many people didnt even know of CVG before this beta key contest .. and im sure many people after it finishes wont care about them again either… but for an unknown page to be given keys like this and for you guys.. such a dedicated team to be missed out and left out of this obvious publicity stunt and build up pre-release date is an insult

    ive entered for pretty much every beta key contest going … jumped through so many hoops u wouldnt believe  to no avail… just thought u should know what a sham CVG was 

      • This site never did anything wrong, the blacklisting has noting to do with this site, it was out old SC2 site which we closed down because we were not interested in covering the game any more.

        The problem wasn’t even caused by the core team, but by a news contributor. Doh! Anyway, it’s been mentioned tons of times in the forums so you can check there for info.

        • I didn’t know that actually since I don’t really follow StarCraft apart from playing the main story at each release. 

          Thanks for the info though 🙂

        • In 5 years time, when you come back through the websites Archive, and see some of the news posts over the last 1-2 years you’ll probably have a better understanding, ( You’ll realise, ‘Ok crap, that wasn’t well said, mmmm that wasnt just being honest, mmmm i did let my emotions get the best of me in a few of these posts’ etc.. )
          Sure the Sc2 debacle could of been at the core of the reason, but honestly you guys didn’t do yourselves any favours, you can sit back in your chair, with any troll face of your own volition and go back to the classic lines of “We just delivered the honest news, we didn’t want to stroke blizzard’s epeen” , I think after playing Diablo 3 for 1-5 years or 10 years, you’ll also realise that was not the right perspective to look at it for anyone’s sake. Especially when you read through the archive’s in a few years time’s you will see certain personal emotions coming through the news
          You guys made your bed, knowing that Blizzard wasn’t going to like it, and you had to lay in it, not cause more angst when that dreadful press/ media came around, but thats another story for another day
          But over the last month iv’e noticed a nice change in posts, It’s amazing what getting so close to the release date can do to people 🙂 The true colours are showing

          • you must have never worked in the media before. You won’t find a single media outlet who sits down and says “what should we write that remains emotionally relevant in two years?”.

            You write for the day, not for the years to come. It would be really stupid and, from a business perspective, suicide to do otherwise. 

      • Flux took an upper decker in Bobby’s gold-plated toilet.  He didn’t anticipate Bobby’s security system also monitored the bathrooms.

  18. The excitement about the day on which they’re going to announce the release date is great! That said, today is exciting as it’s the day they announced the day on which they’ll announce the release date! 

    I can wait – I just need the release date so I can schedule the days off work I’ll need 😀 

    • I don’t think they said anything past “in the near future”. And even when they do give us a release date, that still won’t mean much, sadly. 🙁

  19. I was planing my holiday today. With this news, I should wait with my request. You can be 99,999% sure that my holiday will start with the first day of the release :O

  20. Let’s hope Blizzard doesn’t read the news here. If they do, they will probably think “Goddamn DIII.net again… let’s delay the whole thing again for a few more weeks”

      • I know, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t checking this site out, right? If they really decided to announce the date next Monday, they will be pretty pissed that the info leaked i guess.

        • Reminds me of the time that a UK newspaper “The Observer” ran a story that the Titanic had been found, a day before the USA/French expedition announced it. I think the story goes that the Royal Navy had been eves dropping on the subs involved.

          Anyhow, kudos to Flux and the gang if they have an insider. 

  21. You sure are making a big deal out of some german show when the more obvious Game Developers Conference is happening.

    • End of April / Beginning of May: hopefully finished with my master thesis. Perfect timing if Flux and co. are correct.
      Finding a job? Naaa, playing Diablo! 😀

  22. Most companies don’t do betas outside of their country of origin. I think we(you) should be happy blizzard is doing a beta outside of the country period instead of whining like you were owed the beta in the first place.  
    And what the hell is with this having to click on an add for your captcha or having to listen to it? Captcha are lame enough to begin with, now you guys add this? Uber Lame…

    • I’d tell you what to be happy about but unfortunately this site is rated G, and my answer is rated R. also hypocrite much? calling me a whiner on the beta and you start to whine yourself about something else. idiot 

  23. So nobody mentioned the big “high-level” CM meeting in France in conjunction with this, eh?
    Maybe my paranoia is so grand that it has outsourced other logical thoughtlines. 

  24. To quote The Pixies:
    “There is a wait so long. You’ll never wait so long.”

    Here comes Diablo 3!

  25. Blizzard will announce March 5th that Diablo 3 beta is going well, and that release date information will be “in the near future”.

  26. Who still needs Diablo 3 ?

    I am doing the Iron Man run and I am having a blast as if WOW was released 10 days ago !!!


  27. I’m not that old, but I still wonder if I’m going to see D3 before I leave this valley of tears.

  28. lol what a joke. since getting blacklisted, i’ve really tried to have this site’s back. but you guys make it really hard. and like a battered spouse, i keep coming back. i guess in times of desperation, quantity can outweigh quality.

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