Diablo 3 Release Date Announced

This is it. Diablo 3 will be released on 15 May 2012!

It's About TimeThe end is nigh! Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. today announced that Diablo® III, the next chapter in its critically acclaimed action role-playing game series, will be unleashed from the Burning Hells on May 15.

Starting that day, gamers with a thirst for fast-paced action and adventure will be able to purchase Diablo III at retailers throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. In addition, gamers in the regions above as well as in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil will be able to buy Diablo III digitally via Blizzard’s Battle.net® website.

Players in the listed Latin American countries and in Russia will be able to purchase Diablo III at local retail locations starting June 7. Digital availability for the Russian version of the game will also begin June 7. In addition to the English version, Diablo III will be fully localized into Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, European Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Korean, and Traditional Chinese.

Blizzard also kicked off global digital presales for Diablo III today. Would-be wizards, witch doctors, demon hunters, barbarians, and monks throughout the world should head to http://www.blizzard.com/games/d3/ now to reserve their digital copies.

“After many years of hard work by our development team and months of beta testing by hundreds of thousands of dedicated players around the world, we’re now in the homestretch,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “We look forward to putting the final polish on Diablo III over the next two months and delivering the ultimate action-RPG experience to gamers worldwide starting on May 15.”

Diablo III will be available for Windows® XP/Windows Vista®/Windows® 7 and Macintosh® at a suggested price of $59.99 USD for both the retail DVD-ROM version and the digital version sold directly from Blizzard. A special alabaster-white Collector’s Edition, sold exclusively in retail stores at a suggested retail price of $99.99 USD, will include the full game on DVD-ROM, a behind-the-scenes Blu-ray/DVD two-disc set, the Diablo III soundtrack CD, a 208-page Art of Diablo III book, and a 4 GB USB soulstone (including full versions of Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction®) and corresponding Diablo skull base, as well as exclusive in-game content for Diablo III, World of Warcraft®, and StarCraft® II: Wings of Liberty®. Diablo III has received a Mature rating from the ESRB.

World of Warcraft players interested in getting Diablo III free are encouraged to join the more than 1 million players who have already signed up for the World of Warcraft Annual Pass.* Through this promotion, with a 1-year commitment to World of Warcraft, players will receive a free digital copy of Diablo III — which they’ll be able to start playing immediately on May 15 — as well as an exclusive World of Warcraft in-game mount and access to the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria™ beta test. This offer will no longer be available as of 12:01 a.m. PDT on May 1. Learn more at .

In Diablo III, players take on the role of one of five heroic characters — barbarian, witch doctor, wizard, monk, or demon hunter — and engage in pulse-pounding combat with endless legions of evil. As they undertake an epic quest to rid Sanctuary from the corrupting forces of the Burning Hells, players will explore diverse and perilous settings, grow in experience and ability, acquire artifacts of incredible power, and meet key characters who’ll join them in battle or aid them in other ways.

Diablo III was built from the ground up to leverage the full functionality of the Battle.net platform, which delivers powerful matchmaking and communication tools, allowing adventurers to seamlessly join forces for exciting cooperative play. Battle.net also provides a secure infrastructure for the Diablo III auction house, a feature-rich marketplace that Sanctuary’s heroes can use to trade their hard-earned treasures. Players will be able to buy and sell weapons, armor, and other valuable items in the auction house in exchange for in-game gold. Players will also have the option to receive real-world currency for auction house sales, which they can apply to their Battle.net Balance for the purchase of a variety of digital products through Battle.net, including Diablo III auction house items, or cash out through a third-party payment service such as PayPal™ in most regions. Further details related to the auction house will be announced in the coming weeks.

For more information on Diablo III, please visit the official website at http://www.diablo3.com. To set up a Battle.net account and to opt-in to Blizzard Entertainment beta tests, please visit the official Battle.net website at http://www.battle.net. With multiple games in development, Blizzard Entertainment has numerous positions currently available — visit http://jobs.blizzard.com for more information and to learn how to apply.

So the speculation is now over. We have a date, not “soon” but a real date. Contain your excitement everyone, I know we can’t.  In case words fail you right now perhaps this sums it up?  Thanks to MengNa for digging that one up.

Digital pre-order are now open for everyone too, so if you are looking to pick up the game from Blizzard you can do so here.

Thanks to everyone who mailed in with the news but first across the line was Christopher Wright.

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    232 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Release Date Announced

      • I first saw the release date wallpaper and thought “LOL, now they start creating wallpapers with fantasy dates!”

        BUT THEN

        I CAME 


        • I was actually expecting an extra blurb that says “This is exactly what we WOULD say, IF this were true. It’s still coming…SOON” lol.
          anyway, my point is…..I’M SO FUCKING HAPPY!!!!! *Passionate Nerd Tears*

      • you´ll just meet Biff and a lot of manure if you use a time machine ahaha better be patient. Seriously 15.th may FINALLY!

          • Exactly. I really want D3 to be a epic game, but right now I don’t have much confidence after seeing so much things I dislike.
            I will not buy it in May 15. I’ll pirate it and while I play the pirated version I’ll keep checking for news about how well/bad D3 is doing and after 2-3 months I’ll decide if I buy or not.

            • Good luck with that, considering that the Intelligence, quests and everything in between is server controlled through the online only requirement :p

            • Dude, that is disgusting. You realize the people who make these games are people right? They have families, and they want this game to be successful. I didn’t know they were working so hard to satisfy Synchrotron!!

            • Hear hear – you’re an ass. So many things that you dislike? How about don’t play then. Or better yet, make your own epic game. 

            • @eld: Have you seen the progress of the beta emulator? I have much confidence people will be able to play an emulated D3. It may not be as good as the original game, the quality will probably be the same of a private WoW servers, but the game will be playable.
              @Radeonic: I never say I want D3 to fail, quite the opposite, and I’m not a dirty pirate. I have D2, LoD, War3 RoC and FT and WoW registered in my battlenet account. Strangely enough I don’t play any of these games anymore because my point of view and Blizzard’s about what a good game is has been diverging for a long time in the last years.
              When you buy a product you have the right to return it if you didn’t like it. Unfortunately there’s not such option when you are buying games, and I don’t know if a trial will be offered by Blizzard, so the only way to make sure D3 is worthy to spend my money on is by piratin and buying it later on if I think the game is good.

            • The fact remains, you’re pirating the game at some point.

              Don’t candy-coat it, you’re a pirate, getting a game (in some form) thousands have worked on for years, for free.

              If you want to see if the game is good, don’t pirate it, look at the reviews to see if it’s good.
              A good reviewer should tell you if the game will appeal to you or not.

              If it doesn’t, move on. 

            • Actually, NO! I will not move on. I’m perfectly fine by pirating D3 because there’s no way to test the game and I’m not alone in this ship fortunately. I wasn’t giving an excuse for my “bad” behavior, I’m actually giving a excuse for Blizzard to try to change my mind about the game and make me buy it later on if its worthy it.

            • So you’re excited enough about the game to be checking a fansite for it, you care enough about it to post in response to the release date, you say you’re definitely going to play it, but you’re not going to pay for it.  What an ass.

            • “Have you seen the progress of the beta emulator? I have much confidence people will be able to play an emulated D3. It may not be as good as the original game, the quality will probably be the same of a private WoW servers, but the game will be playable.”
              Eh, so you are going to base your judgment on the game by playing a beta emulation server that has almost *none* of the mechanics the game actually has as of yet? Not the smartest in the bunch aye? You do realize that it gonna completely suck compared to the full experience maybe for years to come, right?
              Pfft. Honestly. Some people are funnier than others 🙂

            • While I hate the fact that the game has to be “online” to play, I am glad just for reasons like this. You really are a piece of sh*t with your lame thought process.

      • Well, I for one do not care about the price this time. Pre-ordered the digital download so I can play at the very second it releases. Can’t wait!

        • Yeah but if you use first class (UK) delivery, Amazon etc tend to post them so they arrive the morning before release 80% of the time…sure you can’t install it, but at midnight you just hit the go button so you lose maybe 10/15 minutes.

          • Thanks for the tip; I see Amazon have now added a note recommending First Class delivery to get the game on day of release.  It still works out £10 cheaper than Blizzard, for those of us in the UK. 

    1. Old news already….   😆

      Seriously though, we can officially start the clock (finally!!!!) 

    2. If you are unhappy with the direction that D3 has been going – be it
      the dumbing down, the online-only / no LAN policy, the repeated delays and
      cuts, no PvP for release, the real money trading, the lack of proper chat channels, or
      something else – I ask you to not buy the game on day 1/week 1. Buy it two
      or three weeks later. That will be a small sacrifice for you but will make enough of a dent in their initial sales numbers to make them think again about how they handled some of these things. This is your chance to send a message to Blizzard, without a need for a full boycott.

      Thanks, Mr. Pinsky.

      • I would, but i already pre-ordered it from amazon uk last autumn… and the price went up since…  still cheaper then getting it from Blizz though.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^   The above comment has been voted down into oblivion because DIABLO 3 IS OUT ON MAY 15 WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU gg.

      • Because buying it two or three weeks later will really show them.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        • Read their press releases – they really like to brag about how many copies they sold on the first day / weekend.

          Sales numbers is the only language those suits understand.

      • Hm… the only thing out of those that I care about is the delays/cuts and no PvP on release, so I have no remorse for buying it already. I pre-ordered the CE back in November, and there’s no way in hell I’m wasting 3 weeks of my summer waiting even longer for the game just because I’m pissed they are making me wait a couple more months for arenas. Besides, the few hundred people that might read your post and do what you say will not really put a dent in their millions of other day 1 sales.

      • Nice avatar.

        …Oh, and hooray for D3!!  I get the beta AND the announce date in the same week?  Elation overload!

    3. very excited…now really gonna start getting into theory crafting and min max excel spreadsheets…anyone know of other good sites out there to get in depth in that??
      super pumped, now to get my new computer so im not gaming on my laptop!!

    4. Going to let a friend in the US to buy me the digital version for 60 dollars and send him my money to his paypal account. That way, i don’t have to pay the overprice of 60 EURO. that’s about 30-33% cheaper 🙂

      It’s the final countdooooown! 

    5. FUUCK YEAH!!!!

      Also, mark my words: Await an announcement from Runic Games VERY soon. They will have to release TL2 before this behemoth is out. 

      • no they don’t 
        in fact it would be stupid to release TL2 now
        people will just skip it and save their money for D3

        better for Runic to wait and balance the skills and items, make sure the multiplayer is working well and release it when its ready; if its before D3 then fine, if its after, then that’s fine too

        but the last thing they need to do is panic and rush out an unfinished game that will get bad reviews

        • its a topic that is interesting to debate.  I’m sure Runic is having meetings right now.  (or will when they get up and get to work)    I for one have already written that it would be a huge mistake to release after D3.  Even a slightly buggy release would be better as long as it is before D3.   I will still eventually buy T2, however it won’t be for probably another year.  Now, if they were to release before D3, I’d buy it just to satisfy that sick urge to click monsters to death.  I’d put it down once D3 comes out, but I’d have bought it. 

          • Pretty much… If they release it in April then people will play it some. If they release it any time from like early May and like 3-4 months after, then hardly anyone will buy it… Basically they have to either release it within the next month or wait until fall to have any sort of substantial early sales.

            • You discount the possibility of people being MASSIVELY disappointed with Diablo III.  Without meaningful personal direction in the progress your character takes, with potentially terrible itemization and a combat philosophy that seems to be more HP = more challenge, with your character potentially feeling the same in combat at level 60 as he does at level 30, there is a distinct possibility a lot of people will rush to buy the initial boxes, only to put it down 2 or 3 weeks later in disappointment, same as Starcraft II.  In that event, Torchlight’s BEST chance for huge initial sales would be to release about a month After Diablo III, so as to grab all the disenfranchised DIII players, plus all the people who would have bought their game regardless, especially as their expected price point does not preclude people buying both games.

        • Talk about releasing a game before its ready, just look at Final Fantasy XIV. i made the mistake of getting the CE for that one and i’m still waiting for them to get their crap together. 2 years later they will have FFXIV 2.0 (what the game SHOULD have been at release). seeing people cry over blizzard delaying to get it right only makes me shake my head in comparison. 

    6. “beta testing by hundreds of thousands of dedicated players around the world” yeah right, dream on..

    7. sdfksd fçlsa opqriopt wieotr-io0e-0  -50 ko

    8. Cool – I’ve been guessing May 31 since last fall, since it was the absolute latest possible date you could call ‘early 2012’.  So they beat my estimate – it’s early 🙂

      • Eh… I’d say May is more of the middle of the year. Early 2012 ends with April…

    9. Pre-purchasing now! So sweet! Hard to believe. After coming to this site many times on a daily bases, reading the forums and front page posts it’s great to see an actual release date of D3!

      • Haha yeah, forgot all about that ‘early 2012’ thing.

        But then I’ve also successfully repressed that 2011 holidays thing. FFFFUUUUUU…

    10. So what about the CE? Way to leave that in the dust Blizz.  I guess it doesn’t really matter since we’ll be camping out anyway.  Would be nice to pre-download though. 😀

    11. Now all we need are updates to the website (affixes and stats on legendary/set items ASAP hopefully) before the release and we are good to go!
      Calculated the time difference between America when it will release and to where i live and it turns out i will JUST get home from uni with two days of only lectures ahead of me (aka: two free days)
      and i should have all my assignments done by then, with still a month before exams
      THANK YOU BLIZZ perfect timing for me (more or less ^^)
      GG everyone, im done with reading forums now that the information is out
      see you all in 2 months!!!  

    12. damnit, this is the exact same day i start summer school at UNC
      one of those dates needs to change or i’m screwed

    13. Don’t quote me for it but i am almost certain predownload will happen BUT only a couple days before release max,

      They do not want people to have access to the full game client early and datamine stuff hardcore.

    14. I was in a bad mood cause I had to get up for class this morning, but now I’m pretty dang excited 8)


    16. I’ve had two CEs pre ordered for my wife and myself every since they fiiiirst announced sales. I finally get to set a date for when we’re going to camp outside Best Buy!!!

    17. This is so f***** nice. I even finished downloading the full game client just now. Time to masturbate violently.

    18. *Mario jump + heel click*
      This is so surreal! I wouldn’t be mad at Blizz if they decided to reuse the “Hell, it’s about time” tagline.
      *Snoopy dance*

    19. Finally… Finally. FINALLLYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    20. Woo – Finally, a release date.  Still two months to go, which is too bad, but hopefully they can squeeze in more polishing and what not in that time.
      My employer will be so happy.  I have four weeks of banked holiday time, and I keep telling them I am waiting for “something” before I start to use it.  Yay, now they will stop harassing me for when am I going to start using it!

    21. My guess was off by 2 months, July 10, 2012. That was 3 years ago, but glad I was wrong 🙂

    22. lol love the starcrablo graphic.

      Incgamers should ask for people to take a pic/recording of their reaction when seeing the release date and send it in.

    23. I read the news as i logged onto facebook. Really happy for us long time Diablo fans who have been literally waiting a decade for the new sequel. Can’t wait to pick up my CE may 15th and smash out countless hours of demon slaying. 😈

    24. Too bad my internal clock was already set for an April release… Now I’m sad.

      My captcha is “well done” how ironic. 

    25. I’m seriously a bit afraid of the possible “emptiness” I’ll feel after release. I mean, waiting for this game has become a big part of my life after reading this site daily for close to 4 years. Might just be me…

      Even so, FUCK YEAH – FUCKING FINALLY!!! 

        • It might be a void a couple of months into the release, but after lets say 6 months, when the expansion is announced you will click the refresh button again. 

    26. Damn… I was 3 weeks off with my prediction in the release date pool thread. Oh well… only 2 more months! :mrgreen:

    27. i have pictured this moment in my mind many times. How do i find out? When? It turns out, it’s my birthday today, and i found out the release date while taking a crap an checking diii.net on my phone…

      • There seems to be a recurring theme with Diablo release dates and people taking a crap.  Seriously, sign of release? 😆

    28. For me, they’ve kept all features I wanted. Hardcore after 10th level is good enough.
      Win, I’ll get it.

    29. What? It’s 59,99 euro?! It’s 250zl (polish money)!
      It’s outrageous!
      Why so expensive and for electronic version?!

      • yeah seriously, what were they thinking setting that price? the result will be that zero EU people will buy it off their site.
        boxed version is around 45 euros in stores here..

    30. Today’s gonna be a good day.  Today’s gonna be a good, good day.

      Captcha: vicious cycle.  Oh the irony! 

    31. Already purchased and now downloading! And now I have to enjoy life as much as I can untill it’s over on May 15th. w00t !

      • I was wondering the same. But I GUESS the final client version is compressed, and then when you install, it extracts all the files to larger ones. (the system req. says you’ll need free 12Gb on your HD to play the game). fAnd I think the beta files are a mess. I think they didn’t want to waste time organizing it a lot and compressing it correctly, etc. Just a guess though.

    32. May 15th and the following days may be the most unproductive days of my life…….but i’ll be having a blast 😉

    33. I’m trying to understand why the digital download is a lot more expensive than the retail product. I don’t care about the box, and for that I have to pay an additional 15£? Slightly upsetting.

      • Frank, the printing of the box and disc probably costs $1.53. You’re not paying for a retail product you’re paying for the game with all its code and art etc.

        • Yea but I’m not paying the same price for the same game. I’m paying 60£ for the digital download even though it’s 100% pure profit for Blizzard. I’m paying 45£ at retail and a portion of that goes to the retailer. The only explanation I can come up with is that they want people to buy it at retail because they’re kind and/or want to get some load off the payment server. 

    34. Will not buy for the following reasons:
      + Announcement to release- 4 years.
      + No skill points, stat points, or rune ranks.
      + 2 months prior to release, they have STILL yet to reveal satisfactory itemization for their high level items.
      + What itemization has been revealed, is unsatisfactory.
      + Hardcore is locked, preventing you from playing it on your first playthrough from level 1.
      + No Arenas with launch.
      + It’s online only.
      + I’m in protest against the RMAH.
      + Their response to complaints has been unsatisfactory.
      + No mod support.  In fact, designed on a system that precludes the possibility of mod support ever existing.  
      There are more reasons, but those are all that come to mind right now.  Simply put, with all things in consideration, I do not want to contribute to their record setting sales, or GOTY status, etc.  Even though Diablo II was, perhaps, my favorite game of all time, and I KNOW I would enjoy Diablo III, it’s worth it to me to delay that experience for one more year, so I can see how things play out- see what high end itemization looks like, see when, and if, Arena support is enabled, see how Guild support looks, see how many people are still playing and having fun at that point, see if they change their stance on hardcore from the start, etc etc.  It’s possible I’ll buy it a year and a day from launch, it’s possible I’ll never buy it.  But there’s no way in hell (pun intended) I’ll be part of the release date crowd.

      • hardcore is unlocked after reaching level 10. its a recent change.
        arena and pvp was never the focus of the Diablo game.
        If you are looking forward to diablo 3 because of the pvp. then just buy it when they patch that in and think of that moment to be the release date.
        I understand the frustrating. We all feel it. But you are realy only punishing yourself by not playing this.
        They had the power to do this. They know that. We know that. We are Blizzards B!tch and we deal with it no matter we like it or not. You are not going to hurt Bliz by not buying this.
        My suggesting. Just pick up the game. Play it. the past doesnt matter.

      • You do realize that you must grind out and equip a character to enter the arena for when PvP is patched into the game, right?  You will also need to figure out a valid setup for survival.  It will It will probably take MONTHS to do so. 
        You don’t just magically start with a fully equipped lvl 60 char ready to go.  kthnxbai

    35. Today is my birthday and a release date is an awesome present! Hell yeah, got my CE preordered and will be there at midnight release! All the naysayers can go to hell!

    36. It feels surreal.  After four years of trying to pin down an announcement and a release date, the finality of this moment escapes me.  This is amazing news.
      Good times diablo.incgamers, good times.

    37. Well, I was hoping for April but May is awesome as well. 🙂 Gives me a few months to finish up some of the games I hadn’t done so in awhile. Best of all, it’s just shy of it’s 4th year from the games official announcement! Nice timing there. 😉

    38. Kinda dissapointed it’s not the rumoured April date. Still, after waiting for four years, two more months shouldn’t be much of a problem.

    39. already preordered the ce and here i await it now most dearly. So they cut some stuff out of the game and i could care less because that stuff wasn’t a dealbreaker for me anyway. Finally a Diablo Game with shared stash *g*
      GW2-Beta and D3-Retail soon for me, looks like i am lost in virtual hell.. *wave good bye*

    40. too bad they didnt release 2 days earlier on my birthday , but well , thats a sunday so 😛

    41. Can’t install: “fire is still falling from the skies and shit” 
      Someone please crack the damn installer so i can put my login name and password and wait for 15th of May, thanks

      • In some countries i.e. Russia you can choose to buy either the full retail version as in most of Europe, or a cheaper version which requires an additional subscription to play. 

        Don’t worry about it, it is just giving people who don’t want to pay as much up front another option 🙂 

    42. After years and years of waiting I’m not sure how to feel, I just know this next 2 mouths is gonna be a brutal wait. Oh and I’m so glad my weekends start on tuesday and end on saturday. Perfect for ridiculous amounts of gaming without pissing off the gf.

    43. Precisely 2 months after the announcement.  My guess was right on the mark.  So I’ve got 2 months to wrap up my other games before I take a leave from all other forms of entertainment.  

    44. My honeymoon is scheduled for that week…

      Suppose I should break the news to my fiance. We’ll have to reschedule to 2014 😐

      • lol… I have just told my wife about it… she gave that kind of look… she knows that during diablo II, I lost 2 girlfriends, 1 year at high school and my job… even though I was at that time a pizza guy!!! 

        • don’t worry, there are plenty of ex-or-about-to-be-ex wives that have no taste, you’ll find plenty by 2014

    45. listen, i think that you are a tool…. if you want the game, buy it, if you think it;s not that good, don’t buy it but don’t go off saying shit like that cause it’s annoying, it’s disrespectful for the community, it’s disrespectful to blizzard and it’s absurdly juvenile… you’re saying that you’d pirate it like blizzard is going to let that happen… people like you is the reason that they’d made this game online only. if you’d really like playing diablo you’d buy the game like anyone else if you don’t like it keep it to yourself. you are as disgusting as the juice on the corner of the garbage bag and i think you suck… people, buy the game… if you love this game, if you support blizzard, you’d buy this game… 

    46. All I want now is for Elly to say “15th of May my lovelies, Soon™” ;D.

      Also, doesn’t that mean that the German’s or Nobbie are now confirmed about their EAN and shippment of palettes?

    47. will I be able to give away the crappy SC/WoW bonuses from the Collector’s Edition? some nerd might wanna use them, and as long as I don’t activate them myself or something. can’t activate them anyway, I don’t play that shit

    48. Daaaamn, and still not sure which one should I get: normal or CE. CE is just few adds which I don’t even care that much about, but than again price is twice more than normal edition ;x


      …… is what I would have said a year ago.  Waiting for reviews.

    50. There is a God… First time posting, but it deserves… I´ve been waiting for more than 13 years for it… I am from Brazil… Forget June 07… Will download the May 15 and tell my boss I am sick… will be playing until the next carnival in 2013…

    51. 😀 i got so exicted when i read this during class today….i even told my teacher, we used to play d2 together, great times…..and Blizz has almost perfect timing. I say “almost” because the game comes out May 15 and i graduate may 16 hahahaha……gonna play all summer long :))))))))

    52. YAY!!!! FINALLY!
      Now just have to wait until May 15th.  🙁  Oh well…what’s another 2 months  :mrgreen:

    53. I am happy.

      May 15 is an agreeable release date for me. 🙂

      I was kinda worried that it will be released in June-July. But seeing as it is March 15 now, waiting for 2 months seems logical.

    54. Diablo III was built from the ground up to leverage the full functionality of the Battle.net platform, which delivers powerful matchmaking and communication tools

      I lol’d SOOOO hard at this 

      • don’t you mean “waiting for heart of the swarm”, “waiting for pandaria”, “waiting for D3X”, Waiting for “Legacy of the void” THEN “Waiting for Titan?”

    55. I ask you this…I have a vacation to Italy schedule for May 19th-June 1st… SHOULD I RESCHEDULE???

    56. May 15, sure… but note that no year was specified in the official release notice… =)

    57. I feel like I should at least post in this thread to commemorate this day.

      I came back from my office from a meeting saw the headline and sat in shock. It has been so long since D2 and I am so much looking forward to this. 

    58. I don’t get the Pre-order thing Blizzard has.
      I have a Paypal account with a good balance on it yet I’m forced to enter a credit card info when choosing “pay with Paypal”. Why is that, isn’t that crazy?

    59. So many people are saying their lives will end on may the 15th……. I say that’s the day we will all feel alive!!! 

      Soooooooo excited!!! 

    60. Too bad I’ll be out of town the 14th – 18th.

      Blizz… you continue to troll me, even in these seemingly happy times.


    61. your damm right its about time, I had a full head of hair on my head when I started talking about d3, and now? just a bald head.

      I cant believe it. All those years thinking and waiting. Talking about the future d3 with my bro during our weekly d2 gaming sessions, surfing this site for hours on end looking for any tidbits of information. Engaging in debates with my bro and others online about d3. Good times.
      The only sad part is that I cant play it. So the saga ends for me on release date. I will live vicariously through you all, esp the hardcore mode players. Have fun for me.

      • If you dream hard enough and try hard enough then I am sure you will find a way to play it.

    62. It has been said hundred times but it sums up my thoughts perfectly:
      Hell, it’s about time!

    63. I am happy to say the least.  Sure I want to play it now, but it is now being released on a date that really is soon.

    64. Fuck yeah, creme fraiche!!!!!
      Gonna be fun to see the nerd rage, when its delayed on April 1st :p

    65. this time its like, “uh ok, im glad theyre finally willing to release it”, but a year ago, it would be “OMG OMG RELEASE DATE? IM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! GIVE ME THE GAME! JUST GIVE ME THAT GAME ALREADY!!!” not saying i aint happy now, but the excitement isnt that strong, you know? 😉


    67. *sigh* of relief
      I want to thank everybody for their efforts and helping me get
      through the terrible drought with your posts, articles and whatnot.
      That was one hell of a community effort in patience ! 8)  Hats off !

    68. I’m of two minds on this, one wants to cheer from mountain tops that this game is so close to release.  The other wants me togive them the finger for taking so long, and that I will be afirst time father 5 months after release.  You say “when it’s done,” I say “F#ck off!

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