Reaper of Souls has been live for a week, and there’s much to discuss. Changes since the Beta test ended, first classes played, Adventure Mode, Gambling and Blood Shards, Paragon Points, Nephalem Rifts, and more. Featuring Flux, Xanth, and Ynzerg.

    Show segment approximate start times. This recording had some minor sound desynch issues, hence there are some overlapping comments. Alas.

  • 0:20 — Intro and Ynzerg’s legendarily-awkward opening remark. Xanth offers rebuttals to criticisms he endured on the last show re: not attending the launch party, dying immediately with his HC Witch Doctor in direct opposition to his own “Preparing for Hardcore in Reaper of Souls” column, and his Mac usage.
  • 12:00 — First characters for everyone; sticking to one at 70 and trying to gear them or alternating play between several classes? Everyone loves Adventure Mode.
  • 24:00 — Nephalem Rifts. Changes from the Beta, improved maps, rewards and time spent clearing.
  • 31:00 — Gambling and Blood Shards. Useful feature now with no viability long term? It’s only rares with a horrible rate for non-Torment legs.
  • 38:00 — Economic issues thus far. Anyone broke and missing the Auction House yet? Flux is down 40 million in 5 days of RoS, almost all from gem upgrading and enchanting.
  • 44:00 — Legendary Materials and crafting plans. Hunting the leg mats yet? Hours and hours of running the same area with fingers crossed. Is this the return of “runs?”
  • 56:00 — Reaper of Souls abbreviation pronunciation: “arr-oh-ess” vs. “ross.” Why do most people say “arr-oh-ess” while everyone says “wow” instead of “double-you oh double-you?”
  • 1:03:00 — Paragon Points. Are they good enough? Do players care? Should they add something more? Xanth suggests some form of skill modification.
  • 1:12:00 — IncGamers Hardcore clans are recruiting. IncGamers HC West/East/North. (East is full, but West and North are recruiting.)
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