Diablo 3’s one and only expansion Reaper of Souls celebrates another anniversary, it was released three years ago. Time has flown by and it’s frustrating┬áthat there’s not been another full expansion in those three years.

    The Necromancer update will be out this year but the Diablo franchise hasn’t received the level of attention it probably deserves since the original Diablo 3 released. With no subs model, and the auction house long since removed, the only incentive for Blizzard to really push the boat out is to keep the community playing until another full game releases for the franchise.

    The Necromancer update is an interesting one, it’s the first time Blizzard has tried this DLC model for a Diablo game, and if it’s successful, it could pave the way for more. Many Diablo 3 players have moved on to other things, or even back to Diablo 2, but if Blizzard sees there’s a hunger for more Diablo, hopefully Diablo 4 will eventually get made. Sure, it might take another five plus years but if they get it right this time it could be well worth the wait.

    One thing can be said for Blizzard, they are pretty good at supporting their older games and we’ve even seen the mighty Diablo 2 get a couple of small patches in the past year. Diablo 3 has also seen plenty of updates, even if they can’t change a lot of the core mechanics.

    There was a lot of excitement surrounding the Reaper of Souls release as Flux discovered at the launch event three years ago. There’s probably not the same level of excitement for the Necromancer pack but it’s keeping Blizzard aboard the Diablo train and Reaper of Souls has at least kept some of the community playing.

    Happy birthday Reaper of Souls!

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