Diablo 3’s Reaper of Souls Expansion Turns Three

Diablo 3’s one and only expansion Reaper of Souls celebrates another anniversary, it was released three years ago. Time has flown by and it’s frustrating that there’s not been another full expansion in those three years.

The Necromancer update will be out this year but the Diablo franchise hasn’t received the level of attention it probably deserves since the original Diablo 3 released. With no subs model, and the auction house long since removed, the only incentive for Blizzard to really push the boat out is to keep the community playing until another full game releases for the franchise.

The Necromancer update is an interesting one, it’s the first time Blizzard has tried this DLC model for a Diablo game, and if it’s successful, it could pave the way for more. Many Diablo 3 players have moved on to other things, or even back to Diablo 2, but if Blizzard sees there’s a hunger for more Diablo, hopefully Diablo 4 will eventually get made. Sure, it might take another five plus years but if they get it right this time it could be well worth the wait.

One thing can be said for Blizzard, they are pretty good at supporting their older games and we’ve even seen the mighty Diablo 2 get a couple of small patches in the past year. Diablo 3 has also seen plenty of updates, even if they can’t change a lot of the core mechanics.

There was a lot of excitement surrounding the Reaper of Souls release as Flux discovered at the launch event three years ago. There’s probably not the same level of excitement for the Necromancer pack but it’s keeping Blizzard aboard the Diablo train and Reaper of Souls has at least kept some of the community playing.

Happy birthday Reaper of Souls!

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  1. I’d love to see more Diablo 3 but I can understand Blizzard focussing on Hearthstone and Overwatch. A lot of kids go QQQ support my game forever but Blizzard/Activion is still company with shareholders.
    Lets hope Necromancer sells really well and the game is still alive enough to warant another character/mini DLC pack.

  2. Rip diablo series, way to go guys, focusing on the wrong games, when u should be focusing on one of the best action rpgs which once was called the diablo series, i used to kill mephisto 100 times a day. now i havent logged in diablo 3 for ages becuase no real update, just very small ancient and rift updates, and now youre giving us a chance to purchase necro..really? no thanks, this is a disgrace , im a diablo vet and disgusted by this behaviour. thanks for ruining this game. Ill stay in black desert online untill u get your stuff together, hopefully diablo 4 in 10 years. *Ill tell you all about it when i see you again*

    • 10 years? Sure. More like “I’ll keep whining about D3 the next time a post appears here”.

      • wow u dissagree. u must be having allot of fun playing rifts and getting the best ancient items and now super duper ancient items, are u buying necro? most poeple are looking forward new characters and not bringing back old ones and that also gonna cost money. but have fun reaching lvl 5000 paragon if ur not already there, 10000 then?.


        • Why are you on a “Diablo Fan” site complaining about a game you no longer even play?

          • because the game is boring and ruined and has no more meaning to it. why are u defending it? oh sorry i didnt know everybody has to like it?

          • Most of the ppl on this “fan” site are haters

            game is still great , lots of fun , nice ppl to play and talk with (in game)
            New patch is awesome
            looking forward to necro (don’t care if its payed)
            They can bring AH back now

            A big FY to all the haters (go play poe crap its where all the D3 haters dwell) and leave the real diablo lovers play in peace
            Don’t like it , don’t play it , STFU and FO !

    • It’s still the best in the genre, unfortunately it’s just a dead genre

  3. You appear to be suffering from a form of dysfunctional codependency. This is a Diablo fan site, if you are not a fan you should be playing something else. Haters with nothing better to do, go figure.

  4. The only real problem diablo 3 had problems with the a.i. it’s limited to chasing you instead of dodging, providing counter attacks, actually blocking instead of a statistical block chance no matter your level difference. The amount of dodge they do have is miniscule compared to actual intellegence, instead of having swarms of massive groups just have smarter a.i. grouping catagories with functional pairing that safeguard eachother that can provide tactical brute enemy a.i. that provides sheilding support to less health but smarter dodgier tactical black mage support or dark healer to help the shield guy last longer in battle against you. Similar in technique archer enemy and fighter move after a strike or two against you rolling dodge or block or parry against you the player. Or tecnique nullifier causeing temperary peralisys to magic attacks similar the how a poison works only you cannot do massive damage with magic or spendature attacks that take energy to use. I have more ideas where that came from. This was on the spot made up based off of years of playing.. also actual diablo needs more adaptive a.i. should be adjustable based off level instead of a 1 hitter quitter he should still be able to dodge you and provide massive attack damage to ultimate players simply for fun.

  5. I dig D3. I been playing it for a lol while off and on. I dont knkw what the fuss is all about. Its a fum game bottom line.

  6. To bad it was the beginning of the end for D3, at least for me.

  7. Moo mooooo moo moo moo mooooo moo mooooo moo mooooo mooo moo mooooo mooooooooo moo mooooo Moo mooooo moo moo moo mooooo moo mooooo moo mooooo mooo moo mooooo mooooooooo moo mooooo.

  8. well I have play Diablo from day even the clone hellfire, D2 was great yes, but it seems like mates have forgot all the problems in the game, cheating, dupes, laaqg when a sorcerer go bananas with blizzard storms or whatever they called it, and how mates complain that you only could reach lvl 99, you could trade trade with other players, but never know if the item was a dupe,and it also seems like mates have forgot that D3 has getting free support, and patches for 3 years now, the only mistake they do was to remove AH there was a part of RoS and the reason why mates bought it, removing the gold AH was fine with me but not AH where u trade with diablo gold. Yes we have all wishes for a D4 or bigger expansion no doubt about that, but all this nagging and complain about D3 are out of line, if you dont like the game then stop playing it instead of this shitstorm. This site is a Diablo fansite not a Diablo hate site even it seems like that these days

  9. Reaper of Souls changed so much. I remember all the excitement after RoS reveal at Gamescom 2013.
    Thanks for your post, Rushster. I share your hopes.

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