Win Tickets to the Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Launch Party

win tickets to reaper of souls launch party

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the 25th March is a date marked in your gaming diary as the day Reaper of Souls is unleashed upon the Diablo community. But how about adding another date to the diary? How about Monday the 24th of March when you and a friend could be rubbing shoulders with the creators of Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls at the event of the year. Blizzard are throwing a Reaper of Souls Launch Party at the Vibiana in Los Angeles to celebrate the launch of Diablo 3’s first expansion pack in style. IncGamers will be attending too and we’d love to see you there.

IncGamers has 25 pairs of tickets to this invitation-only event and luckily there is more than one way to snag yourself a pair.  Dip in after the break.

The first way (you can enter them all):

1. Poster/Flyer

A. Create a flyer for the Reaper of Souls Launch party. It doesn’t require epic artistic skills, no, no. Cutting out and pasting imagery and creative use of fonts is all you need to master. Check out these on Google images for inspiration.


B. Create a poster for the release of Reaper of Souls on 25th March. This could be in the style of a movie poster or even a concert, again you don’t need to dig out the easel for this one, be creative in Photoshop or Paint (free!). Examples for inspiration.

You have until 1st March to create your piece and mail it to us at this link.  We’ll pick multiple winners.

2. Party Pal

Who would you take as your +1 to the Reaper of Souls Launch Party from the Diablo universe and why would they make the perfect party pal for you.

Put your answer in the comments of this post below. We’ll pick multiple winners.

3. Quickie Contests

We will also be holding quickie contests for our Facebook and Twitter users too which will require even less effort, but you’ll need to keep an eye on those pages for when they pop up.

4. Site Pal Draw

Lastly we’ll be holding a lucky draw for a pair of tickets just for Site Pals, simply add your name to the the thread in the Pal forum.

Pesky Rules Bit

  1. You can enter every contest once.
  2. One entry per person in the the Flyer/Poster contest.
    1. Entries in the Flyer/Poster contest must reach us at the correct email address no later than 1st March 2014.
  3. One entry per person on the Party Pal contest.
    1. Entries must be in the comments below in this news item by 1st March 2014.
  4. IncGamers’ decision is final.
  5. Winners will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation.

The Event

  • When: March 24, 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Pacific Time
  • Where: Los Angeles, CA @ the Vibiana
  • Food and drinks will be provided (for free), and a DJ will be throwing down hot beats.
  • There will be fun on-site, Diablo-themed activities for attendees to participate in, and potentially even score some cool swag from!
  • A graffiti wall and art gallery will  also be on-site. Woot.
  • All contest winners who attend the event will be provided with a Collector’s Edition.

Note: If you can’t enter because you couldn’t attend (distance for example) don’t forget to share this news with your friends who could attend so they may enter the contests.


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  1. I wish good luck everyone who’ll decide to participate.

    Why no Pszczyna? We have beatiful castle down here 😀

  2. My party pal would be Leah. Why? Because shes a cute girl. Why would I bring a dude or monster from Diablo to a party full of other guys….

  3. Andariel because with multiple arms she could hold my drinks, food and goody bag.

  4. Easy answer. I would take maghda…

    Why? BECAUSE CATCH ALL THE FLYING LOOTZ!! and tughs and lazurs and stuff

  5. I’d bring a treasure goblin. I’d be the life of the party, with plenty of gold and loot for all.

  6. I’d bring along Tyrael with me. Not only is he the ultimate Wingman he certainly won’t mind being the designated driver for the evening!

  7. I would have to bring Pepin! He’ll be mixing up some feel-good elixirs for everyone!!!

  8. I would bring Ghom so he would fart, scare everyone away and leave me will a lifetime of RoS goodies.

  9. I would bring Ghom to the party so he would fart, scare everyone away, and leave me with a lifetime of RoS goody bags.

  10. Look out for me and Tyrael, makin’ our party entrance through the roof… and uh, the floor…. We’ll be in sub level five and I’m sorry if you parked your car down there.

  11. I would bring by best friend, he managed to get me into the game and ide love to try and get him to the reaper of soul’s launch party. heres to hoping! Cheers Guys.

  12. Inarius! The guys had it rough for quite a while, and after all he did for Sanctuary. Diablo 1 Manual(
    “The Lord of Hatred took the proud archangel and his followers captive. He bound Inarius with tremendous chains and slowly tore the wings from the back of the angel. Great barbed hooks were then used to stretch out the once glowing skin and his features were distorted by vile powers. Many of the followers of Inarius were given as gifts to Baal and Diablo, but the rest were molded to match the bloated image of the now crippled angel. To this day, Inarius is said to be trapped in Hell within a chamber of mirrors, his eyelids torn from his face as he is forced to gaze upon his misshapen form for all eternity.”

    After something like that, who wouldn’t need to kick back and have a few?

  13. I’d bring the female Wizard because she’d be the most interesting thing there. 😀

  14. I would take the Cow King because he’s secretly a party animal

  15. David Brevik!

    I am not gay but I would go with that guy to get hammered…

  16. Is this contest US-only? Another fan-site has similar giveaway and it says US-only.

  17. Deckard Cain.

    Think of the after party. We could stay quite awhile and listen!

  18. I would bring Deckard Cain, because for him, along with the rest of the player base, it would be a heartwarming event. Finally, after decades of trying to spread the word about the coming demonic invasion and being ignored, he’d be in a room full of people who’d love to do nothing more than ‘stay awhile and listen!’

    I live in China, so if I win, don’t send me the ticket cause I won’t be able to go. If it’s possible to still get the CE without going I’d love to have it, but if not, no problem.

    P.S. It would also be cool to bring Malthael. He’s the star of the expansion, so it would only make sense to bring him to his own release party.

  19. Leslie chow. Cus he’s can fly.

  20. QUOTE

    Launch party, lol, for this sh!it ?! OMFG!

    Don’t be hating. A launch party is fantastic. Check it out.

    Top left: Travis Day.
    Top right:Wyatt Cheng.
    Left: Lyrirra.
    Middle: Grimiku.
    Right: Josh Mosquira.

  21. I would take Auriel, not only is she a beautiful partner to accompany to this fancy event, but she has great style and we would compliment each other quite nicely.
    We would arrive to everyone’s delight, captivating their attention as we declare:
    “Let their potential be developed…for in them I think there is a chance that we may see the end of our struggle at last!”
    And so D3 was saved from development Hell and reborn as the Reaper of our free time

    [P.S. I live in L.A. and would gladly offer to pick-up anyone’s Collector Edition for them and mail it worldwide free of charge. I already got my copy, I just want to attend the event]

  22. I’d bring my brother. He’d have a blast!

  23. I would bring Diablo of course! How are you going to have a launch party without the main character of the franchise being there?! Would be awesome to hear his tales of the many heroes he has vanquished as well as his ultimate downfall!

  24. Haedrig the Blacksmith. Feel bad about killing his wife in D3. Crafting a Plan: Get him “hammered” at the event and hook him up!!

  25. I’d bring Kormac the templar because he’d be the best wingman. Telling a joke? He laughs and yells “GLORIOUS!” What does he think of this girl I’m hitting on? “A worthy choice.” or “I would have chosen the same.” . His opinion on how the launch party is going? “Just a skirmish. Give me a real battle!”

    He’d be a total bro.

  26. The Necromancer, so that when the party “dies” down, he can bring it back to life!

  27. Yeah there are many people to choose from, cute girls, since there will be a lot of guys, handy henchmen to carry drinks and stuff… But personally I would go for Humbart, I mean, the guy is amusing at all times, it’s impossible to not have a good time with him around… So yeah, Humbart for me

  28. I am going to bring my laptop, waiting for the countdown, install it right away and waiting to be first one to play it!!~

  29. I would take my wife, because we had a blast at the pax after party for wildstar and I believe this would be a similar situation filled with good times.

  30. I would bring the Female Wizard because it sounds like she knows how to party!

  31. I would bring Kate Beckinsal….. er the female demon hunter. Either way it’s a win-win for everyone.

  32. I would bring the enchantress Eirena but only if she was in under level 29 attire….you now what I mean, nudge nudge wink wink, say no more.

  33. I would bring Tyrael because he seems really chill and helped me in my quest to kill Diablo

  34. No doubt I would take Diablo as my pal.

    He would rock that joint like a BOSS!

  35. I would take the Lyndon the Scoundrel…. he’s one to enjoy the party, free food and drink, and would help himself to any goodies that came across his path… He would know how to have a good time!

  36. I would bring a Key Warden with me, because people are always looking for him

  37. Covetous Shen, would be my plus one. He seems like a lively fellow. Having him with me gives me an excuse to wear my bedazzled jeans. Hopefully he wont go flashing his jewels, ya know.

  38. I would take Baal. Nothing says party like the Lord of Destruction!!!

  39. I’d take Wirt as my party pal +1, he could use a good party!

  40. I would choose Azmodan as my party pal. He’s the lord of sin and there certainly are a couple of sins that can be quite enjoyable. Gluttony, Lust… I feel like he could get some sweet things going. If you could keep him from throwing corpses and meteors around, that is…

  41. I would bring my monk equipped with the Horadric Hamburger, cuz he’s ahead of the party

  42. I would bring deckard cain. I’m sure he has some great stores to tell when he gets hammered.

  43. I would take the female barbarian because two gingers makes twice the party~

  44. I would take Lachdanan because we all know that guy could use a drink

  45. My party pal would be my fiance, because of him I started gaming and learned about Diablo, it is my favorite game of all time. Playing D3 has enabled us to bond in different ways and it has also given me a healthier outlet to relieve stress. The Diablo franchise is something my fiance loved ever since he was a child, he never stops talking about Lords of destruction! For me however its brand new and its already a big part of my life. I truly believe that the couple that plays Diablo together stays together, going to this event with him would be like having everything come together.

  46. Wanna Hear a Joke ?? 😀

    I’d Take my Virginity as my +1 to the Reaper of Souls Launch Party from the Diablo universe , ‘Cause …
    It Would be Perfect to Marry her in There !!

    Love you Diablo <3

  47. I would love to go to this with my wife. Have family in Cali i could visit and stay with. this would be awesome.

  48. In reality, I would take my husband…if he were currently in the United States. (He’s currently over seas fighting for our freedom) So, instead I would have to take Tyreal, because what better to have than an angel to protect me at the midnight rush.

  49. Have winners been chosen yet for this?

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