Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Info Leak Datamined

An early build of Reaper of Souls has been hacked and datamined, and there are spoilers galore. It’s not known where the info came from but it seems like an inside job; perhaps an embittered Bliz employee leaked it, or maybe someone at Gamescom snagged a demo and there was a bunch of extra game info on it? It’s hard to imagine Blizzard not attempting some legal action, and we can only hope the hacking and dissemination of the data doesn’t create a situation like they had with Half Life 2 back in the day, where the security breach considerably delayed the game’s release.

That said, you guys just want to look at the goods, don’t you? Well, we’re not hosting it here but go for it. There’s some very cool stuff, including monster renders and some early Crusader story cinematics, and a ton of code strings that (appear) to give more details about how upcoming features like Enchanting will work.  You can even watch the ending cinematic and see how the whole story unfolds.

I say “appear” since the code strings are a chaotic haystack of this and that, with new code, old strings, removed/canceled features, drawing board stuff, and much more all mixed in together. I am not a programmer, but I’ve often heard that game code is notoriously messy — nothing ever gets cleaned up and removed and old features just get disabled while all of their code and strings remain in. That and the fact that this the datamining is coming from an early build means much of what you can see now will not be functional in the final game.

All that said, if you sift through the strings you can spot some interesting things, even if there’s no way to know if any of them will make the final game. I’ve noted a few below the jump, of a non-spoilery nature. Feel free to point out other nuggets of gold in the comments.

Update: Just to clarfiy the information source, it’s the data has been pulled from Blizzard’s test servers, downloaded and mined. This is how patches are also datamined prior to them going live but it’s a real shame this has been done and it is damaging for the game.

I confirm that Blizzard employees are testing various elements Reaper of Souls, and some of these items are available on the test server. I remind you that the data is a test server and they are by no means final. Also warn against spoilers contained in these articles. Information on the progress of the development of the addition we will publish on our official website.

Mystic Enchanting:

  • Enchant Intro – The Mystic can replace an unwanted property on a rare or legendary item with a new random property. You can replace the property as many times as you want, paying the enchant cost each time.

Other strings make clear that only Legendary and Rare items can be enchanted, and *not* Crafted items.

Loot Runs

There are strings mentioning kill 500 enemies, and others that say there are 10 levels of Loot Run dungeons. They are opened by Zoltan Kulle (Where? How?) when you take to him “Portal Keystones” which you have to find somewhere else. Only one can be active at a time and you must finish it by killing a final boss before you can start a new one:

  • Line0 – Be patient. I cannot open another portal for you until the raid guardian is defeated and everyone has returned.

There’s a huge list of possible end bosses for Loot Runs, with a few new monsters and new versions of virtually every quest boss (up to and including Act Bosses).

Challenge Modes:

Code stings for a number of different types of game modes are available. I’d say the “this all may change before release” warning applies doubly here, but quote:

  • Wave Trial – Destroy each enemy wave as quickly as possible. Extra time is converted into bonus experience and gold!
  • Horde Trial – Slay an unending horde of monsters. Kill monsters before the timer ends to earn bonus experience and gold for every kill!
  • Collapsing Dungeon – Loot Nephalem Relics to delay the dungeon collapse and earn time bonuses!
  • Berseker Trial – Slay monsters before they become enraged! Killing marked monsters before they enrage grants bonus experience and gold!
  • Goblin Hunt – Find the treasure goblins before they all escape!
  • Nephalem Trial – (No details provided.)

Ladders and Guilds

There’s no real detail about either, but there are code strings referring to ladders in a lot of detail, and guilds in much less detail. As elsewhere, the “this all might change before release” applies. After all, there were Guilds in Diablo 2 as well… pre-release.

Ladder strings include, Best Ladder Rank, Best Ladder Paragon Level, Clan Ladder, Seasonal, Hardcore Seasonal, Clan Ladder Rank, and Hardcore Deaths.

Elemental Damage Effects

Spotted in the item effects by Snurrfint.

  • Double the number of enemies that Lightning elemental effects jump to.
  • Double the damage of Poison elemental effects.
  • Double the chance for Arcane elemental effects to charm the enemy.
  • Double the healing amount of Holy elemental effects.
  • Double the duration of Fire elemental effects.
  • Your Chill effects have a 50% chance to Freeze instead of Slow.
  • Lightning – Sends out mini chain lightning on hit.
    Fire – Burn effect. Probably low duration, “high” dps.
    Poison – Dot effect. Probably long duration low dps.
    Holy – Life steal.
    Arcane – Charm effect.
    Cold – Slow effect, as it is now.
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75 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Info Leak Datamined

  1. As interesting as that looks I don’t see Crusader being able to compete with Barbarian for being the melee favorite. Honestly I don’t really think Monk competes with Barbarian either. Both of them are for the same reason, Barbarian is the only one that gets any kind of reliable CC breaking/ignoring and they can’t dodge out of the way nearly as effectively as a ranged class can. Just my opinion of course.

    • I disagree, The crusader can use a shield + a 2 handed melee weapon ( stormshield + skorn for example ) sure he loses some movement speed but you can offset that easily with innas pants + lacunis + boots with movement speed And the shield adds damage to his attack so you basically got a melee character with the best possible weapon enhanced with more damage and crazy defense.

      In my opinion the crusader will be the OP class. It is usually the case with new classes at blizzard. ( original death knight anyone? )

      • I don’t think you can offset this one. It says that it’s a maximum speed reduction, so I am assuming it simultaneously lowers the MS cap for the Crusader.

  2. “Enable all runes for a specific skill.”

    Now how in the heck would that work for something like Plague of Toads?

  3. One of the ones I instantly like was the one that lets you cheat death, but breaks the item when it happens. That will be insanely valuable for Hardcore and yet removes itself from the economy upon use, too. I really like the idea of implementing things that are simultaneously OP/game changing with negative effects/consequences, too.

    A lot of this stuff looks very promising.

  4. This looks good, too good actually. I bet it was intentional leak from Blizzard to hype expansion out but only minor part are really implemented.

  5. “Reduce the cost of Seismic Slam to 15 Fury.”
    Great! Currently only Strength from Earth is viable. 30 is way too much due to low crits from SS.

  6. Steed Charge is fantastic. Finally we get mounts, well in a sense.

    Crusader Skills

    Heavenly Strength – You can wield a 2-handed weapon in your main hand while holding a Shield in your offhand. / Your maximum movement speed is reduced by 10%.

    “I want both.”

    Vigilant – Increase Life regeneration by 413. / Increase total Life regeneration by 3%. / Reduce all non-Physical damage taken by 2%.

    “Constant vigilance!”

    Wrathful – Gain 5% Wrath regeneration for 3 seconds when you block.


    Holy Cause – Increase the amount of Holy damage on your weapon by 10%. / The proc effect of Holy weapons is increased by 10%.
    “Let Heaven’s might be unleashed upon the wicked.”

    Sweep Attack – Cost: 25 Wrath / Sweep a mystical flail in a wide arc through enemies 20 yards before you, dealing 230% weapon damage to all enemies caught in the arc.

    * Magnetic Arc – Enemies hit by the attack will also catch on fire for 50% weapon damage over 5 seconds.
    * Holy Shock – Enemies hit by the sweep attack have a 20% chance to be tripped, stunning them for 5 seconds.

    Laws of Justice – Cooldown: 30 seconds / Active: Recite a Law, granting you and your allies 900 All Resistances for 5 seconds. / Passive: Whenever you block, there is a chance you and your allies resistances will increase by 300 for 5 seconds.

    Steed Charge – Cooldown: 15 seconds / You are picked up by magical steed, allowing you to ride through enemies without being noticed or blocked for 3 seconds.

    Bombardment – Cooldown: 60 seconds / Call in an assault from afar, raining balls of burning pitch and stone onto enemies around you, dealing 400% weapon damage. The bombardment continues on randomly targeted monsters nearby for the next -22 seconds.

    * Tar Pit – Instead of hurling burning balls of pitch, the carcasses of dead and diseased animals (cows) are thrown. When they land, their poisoned parts are scattered across the battlefield, leaving the area poisoned for a 5 seconds doing 250% weapon damage per second.
    * Mine Field – A timed bomb is thrown on the battlefield which will explode after 5 seconds dealing 250% weapon damage in a holy cross formation.

    Laws of Hope – Cooldown: 30 seconds / Active: Recite a Law, increasing resource regeneration for you and your allies by 20% for 5 seconds. / Passive: Whenever you pick up a health globe, you and your allies’ resource regeneration rate will be increased by 10% for 5 seconds.

    Bird of Prey – Cost: 25 Wrath / Active: Order the Gyrfalcon to enrage, increasing the damage it deals for a short time. / Passive: Summon a Mystical Gyrfalcon to fight by your side.

    * Flock / Active: The Gyrfalcon and his flock swarm the targeted location, dealing 20% weapon damage to all enemies within 15 yards.
    * Boon
    * Staggering Cry / Active: The Gyrfalcon emits a piercing shriek, stunning all enemies between it and the targeted location for 3 seconds.

  7. Just FYI Flux, this isn’t an “inside job” or a Gamescom leak. This was found via someone camping the CDNS Blizz server’s for changes (likely with a bot). Once a change occurs, intrepid codereaders can amalgamate a link to download the data chunks (MPQ’s in this case).

    So no, no-one is going to get fired. Polish Blues already confirmed it’s just datamined from a test server. 😉

    • DamienJohn, I updated the story to the post. Thanks. It’s just the usual way patches are datamined, sad to see this for ROS though. Patches OK, but not an expansion 🙁

      • Oh I agree mate, it’s a shame.

        It’s also really disheartening to think that this might now mean a lot of those features are changed or even pulled from the final version, not to mention a possible release delay.

        • This response is one I don’t understand. Why would this result in stuff being pulled simply because it was released earlier than intended to the public? If the public views it and they dig it, that would seem to suggest LESS of a reason to pull the content???

          I could see if there is more of a programming or keeping something hidden for the expansion that we see here that doesn’t make it to the final cut, but I still can’t fathom why the fact that datamining occurred would result in pulling stuff out.

  8. Also, story/quest mode has been completely separated from the endgame which is now called “Adventure mode”. You unlock Adventure mode upon finishing Quest-mode and it is where you can find Loot Runs, Bounties and the most intriguing new feature in my opinion “Devil’s Hand”, some type of collection/puzzle sidegame.


    It would seem this Adventure mode takes place lore-wise after the completion of the storyline, with each area in the aftermath of everything that’s happened. It would appear that Zoltun Kulle is somehow in Tristram (at one point anyway), and that he will be the man to see about Loot Runs.

    My guess is that he never actually died, but after the events of Act V he is no longer a threat (?). Either way, more Kulle is cool. *groan I just actually typed that*

    • In retrospect, shouldn’t Tyrael and the Nephalem have been trying to resurrect ZK as soon as Act 4 began in D3C? If not then, then certainly after D3C ended, since they needed to figure how to use or destroy or control the black soulstone.

  9. Interesting for fans, but this leak is a catastrophe for blizzard. I am sure they are not amused by this and probably will have consequences like release delays or even cuttin content etc.

    i mean they try their best to make d3 the best game possible. imagine all the work they put into it. they’re looking forward to blizzcon to reveal and make the fans crazy. and then the leak which destroys everything.

    if blizzad is pissed as hell right now and the blizz staff loses some of their motivation, i truly can understand it.

    • This “leak” is likely the best advertising Blizzard can get at the moment, considering that the RoS release is quite a while away.

    • “and then the leak which destroys everything”

      Catastrophe? Destroys everything? What the hell are you talking about.
      A very small percentage of the 10M player base reads fan sites. Even for those who do read this datamined information, the negative impact will be what exactly?

  10. i dont agree.
    the best advertising for d3 is the console version right now. and it works like a charm already.

    imho this leak will hurt everybody, blizz and the fans.
    remember half life 2 was delayed one year (!) after a leak?

      • That’s like asking why the Twilight movies are good advertising for the Twilight books. Or vice versa. Any way to get more attention for and eyes on your product. That’s basically the definition of “advertising”.

        Unless you were attempting to make a snarky joke about how the console sucks.

  11. Same old stupid boring conclusion to the story.

    Just fire Chris Metzen already.
    I could come up with better story plots when I was 10 years old.

  12. Some very cool looking stuff in there. But, i worry that the best bits are placeholders or failed experiments. Or worse yet, slated for d3 xpac2. To make most revenue, they gotta save features for x2. So many features here in this info.

  13. I like the item ideas they’ve come up with so far considering its early. I hope they implement more class specific ideas though, as I saw quite a few for monk and WD but not that many for barb, wizard, or DH.

    • I will say this, I think its “OK” to have gimmicky items like hydra kill on death or “summon fetish army after 20 elite kills (for any class I assume) AS LONG as there are also REAL build changing legendary’s.

      • I agree. There is like 3-4 affixes for Wizards but like 20 for Monks. However, if you look at these effects they are mostly just ring affixes. I think there will be more. 😀

  14. I think this is actually great for Blizzard, assuming that fans realize that all of this is incomplete stuff that may not be in the game at all. This definitely made me as excited about D3 as I was before its release.

    Where this will really hurt though is when they’ll reveal new stuff at BlizzCon and the crowd will go: “Tell us something new!”

    • People will be expecting all those things in a final release and if you look at D3 beta, where half of its features (pvp, droppable runes, mystic) were cut, they will be raging for “promised-but-not-delivered” features (probably blizzard will cut and save some for the second expansion).

      • Soooo… you’d rather live in ignorance than deal with knowledge. Gotcha.

        The reactions to getting to know some stuff aside from being told in interviews is seriously surreal here. Are you guys honestly complaining that Blizzard lost some of its ability to lie about stuff? What on earth is going on here?

  15. Guess I’m the only one who will not willigly check any half-truth spoilers that probably won’t even make it into the actual expansion in this form, and simply wait for Blizzcon?

    • They announced arena pvp on blizzcon once, with playable demo and stuff, iirc… 😉

      Some pieces of information can be useful, other can be fun reading, but agreed, a bunch of it won’t make it just like that.

  16. After seeing talk about ladders (which I somewhat expected), my interest in the expansion spiked dramatically. Most of the datamined information looks fairly standard and unsurprising, with the exception of the new legendary affixes. Those actually look kind of neat.

    • And MEPHISTO is also in (the new design according to the Book of Cain). It looks like Blizzard surprises us with a Best of D2/LOD.

      • Bear in mind those portraits are also used for lore books. Doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be in the game itself.

  17. Now the story and ending are out we don’t need to guess if it’s good or bad (depending on how you view it).

    With the information being tested on live servers that people can datamine this is probably how we’ll get our information from now on and Blizzard can fill in some of the gaps at Blizzcon.

  18. That is a lot of info. Blizzcon will be interesting!

    Good move on dinc for not hosting it, there could be some serious issues coming diablo fans way, not to mention the guy that leaked this… he is fucked haha.

  19. Kinda disappointed I had to go to another site to see the datamined info. Is this the same Diablo website I’ve been attending since 1996? Back in the day, if any info of this sort would have been found it would have been posted.

    Props to Diablofans for having the cojones to post it instead. I just never thought I would think another Diablo website ever would outdo the one I’ve been going to for nearly 20 years.

    • With datamining you tread a fine line with breaching agreements with Blizzard, I don’t mean the TOS but the one where you agree to work with them and the community.

      In this case information was posted that actually could be detrimental to the game’s release, and I think the mark was somewhat overstepped here. While most of the data will actually be not that relevant on final release, information such cinematics and plot spoilers are what oversteps the line.

      On a personal level I sympathise with Blizzard here, there has been a lot of work and effort put into this expansion and in one swoop of pinging a server for data files (we all do it for patches), a lot of the game is let loose months in advance. Flux’s reference to HL2 is a good one and I think Mass Effect 3 suffered a similar fate which caused game release delays. I think Diablo players would rather get the game sooner than later don’t you?

      Based on this fact alone, it is not something we would have posted here, it would just feel wrong to do it and a bit insulting to the development team who are working hard to make this a game-changing expansion.

      It’s all well and good to have a quick info fix, which we all love when they come around, but you have to look at the bigger picture.

      I was really disappointed to see the information pop up this morning, I much prefer to enjoy the game while playing it. One reason why I won’t watch any of the footage 🙂

      We always make sure you guys have all the information on this site, in fact you get it as soon as we have it, not to mention all the articles, podcasts and features every day of the year, and I don’t mean blue posts. We don’t hold back, but as I say, sometimes doing certain things can overstep the line in my opinion.

      The mainstream press are picking up on this today already so shit will probably hit the fan.

      John Doe, 20 years and you still don’t have an account. Wow!

      • Yeah, looking back I think I was a bit of a douche in that comment. You make very solid points. I retract my statement, I think I was just unhappy to go to another Diablo site.

        Yeah, I started coming to your site back in the day looking for talent calculators so I wouldn’t wasted builds. I guess instead of griping I should be thanking instead.

        And yes, I never made an account. I’m more of a read and lurk most of the time rather than delve into community, mostly watch the news and read comments when I’m not playing. Still, it’s pretty cool what you guys have built over the years.

  20. I’m expecting more legendary stuff. They’re still supposed to redo a lot of current legendary’s such as Tal rashas, IK’s, Tyraels Armor, wizard spike etc. There’s also a boot on that list that seems to be an updated firewalkers where the fire damage does 100% of your weapons damage. Seriously, people saying Blizzard will cut out anything from those lists because they think its “a lot” needs to get their head checked because those affixes are not enough to satisfy a new item system they need more.

  21. Just to make this official:

    Blizzard employees are currently testing various aspects of Reapers of Souls, and some of those elements appeared on a PTR as part of that. This was intended (in order to make those elements available for testing, they also became datamine-able).

    Information taken from the PTR is not final, though, and we encourage everyone to keep that in mind when reviewing datamined content–and also to be mindful to avoid potential spoilers! While we’re not going to be commenting specifically on any discussions regarding datamined info (as it is often not reflective of the final product), we’ll definitely be updating the community and sharing more delicious details as development of ROS progresses and features start getting locked down. 🙂

  22. I guess we figured out what effects elemental dmg will do based on these item affixes.

    *Double the number of enemies that Lightning elemental effects jump to.
    *Double the damage of Poison elemental effects.
    *Double the chance for Arcane elemental effects to charm the enemy.
    *Double the healing amount of Holy elemental effects.
    *Double the duration of Fire elemental effects.
    *Your Chill effects have a 50% chance to Freeze instead of Slow.


    Lightning – Sends out mini chain lightning on hit.
    Fire – Burn effect. Probably low duration, “high” dps.
    Poison – Dot effect. Probably long duration low dps.
    Holy – Life steal.
    Arcane – Charm effect.
    Cold – Slow effect, as it is now.

  23. I want to know what impact will this leak will have on the release date for reaper of souls? How long do you think Blizzard will delay it now that information on most aspects of the game including all the story and ending are known?

    • As you can read they knew that this info whas able to be datamined so no delay imo

      Blizzard employees are currently testing various aspects of Reapers of Souls, and some of those elements appeared on a PTR as part of that.

      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This was intended (in order to make those elements available for testing, they also became datamine-able).<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

      Information taken from the PTR is not final, though, and we encourage everyone to keep that in mind when reviewing datamined content–and also to be mindful to avoid potential spoilers! While we’re not going to be commenting specifically on any discussions regarding datamined info (as it is often not reflective of the final product), we’ll definitely be updating the community and sharing more delicious details as development of ROS progresses and features start getting locked down. 🙂

  24. I understand the negative consequences of such a leak and it’s lame to spoil things like story so far ahead of release, but damn, this is some good hype here. Game is definitely on it’s way to being something special.

  25. Interesting thing I just found. DiabloFans has another wave of info on skill changes and stuff coming soon. In the picture of the work he’s currently doing, it looks like there’s only 3 runes for all the skills on there. Interesting…

  26. It seems like hackers are going out of their way to prove that Diablo3 isn’t any “safer” or more secure with the online only requirement.

    I wish people would just give it a rest already.

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