An early build of Reaper of Souls has been hacked and datamined, and there are spoilers galore. It’s not known where the info came from but it seems like an inside job; perhaps an embittered Bliz employee leaked it, or maybe someone at Gamescom snagged a demo and there was a bunch of extra game info on it? It’s hard to imagine Blizzard not attempting some legal action, and we can only hope the hacking and dissemination of the data doesn’t create a situation like they had with Half Life 2 back in the day, where the security breach considerably delayed the game’s release.

    That said, you guys just want to look at the goods, don’t you? Well, we’re not hosting it here but go for it. There’s some very cool stuff, including monster renders and some early Crusader story cinematics, and a ton of code strings that (appear) to give more details about how upcoming features like Enchanting will work.  You can even watch the ending cinematic and see how the whole story unfolds.

    I say “appear” since the code strings are a chaotic haystack of this and that, with new code, old strings, removed/canceled features, drawing board stuff, and much more all mixed in together. I am not a programmer, but I’ve often heard that game code is notoriously messy — nothing ever gets cleaned up and removed and old features just get disabled while all of their code and strings remain in. That and the fact that this the datamining is coming from an early build means much of what you can see now will not be functional in the final game.

    All that said, if you sift through the strings you can spot some interesting things, even if there’s no way to know if any of them will make the final game. I’ve noted a few below the jump, of a non-spoilery nature. Feel free to point out other nuggets of gold in the comments.

    Update: Just to clarfiy the information source, it’s the data has been pulled from Blizzard’s test servers, downloaded and mined. This is how patches are also datamined prior to them going live but it’s a real shame this has been done and it is damaging for the game.

    I confirm that Blizzard employees are testing various elements Reaper of Souls, and some of these items are available on the test server. I remind you that the data is a test server and they are by no means final. Also warn against spoilers contained in these articles. Information on the progress of the development of the addition we will publish on our official website.

    Mystic Enchanting:

    • Enchant Intro – The Mystic can replace an unwanted property on a rare or legendary item with a new random property. You can replace the property as many times as you want, paying the enchant cost each time.

    Other strings make clear that only Legendary and Rare items can be enchanted, and *not* Crafted items.

    Loot Runs

    There are strings mentioning kill 500 enemies, and others that say there are 10 levels of Loot Run dungeons. They are opened by Zoltan Kulle (Where? How?) when you take to him “Portal Keystones” which you have to find somewhere else. Only one can be active at a time and you must finish it by killing a final boss before you can start a new one:

    • Line0 – Be patient. I cannot open another portal for you until the raid guardian is defeated and everyone has returned.

    There’s a huge list of possible end bosses for Loot Runs, with a few new monsters and new versions of virtually every quest boss (up to and including Act Bosses).

    Challenge Modes:

    Code stings for a number of different types of game modes are available. I’d say the “this all may change before release” warning applies doubly here, but quote:

    • Wave Trial – Destroy each enemy wave as quickly as possible. Extra time is converted into bonus experience and gold!
    • Horde Trial – Slay an unending horde of monsters. Kill monsters before the timer ends to earn bonus experience and gold for every kill!
    • Collapsing Dungeon – Loot Nephalem Relics to delay the dungeon collapse and earn time bonuses!
    • Berseker Trial – Slay monsters before they become enraged! Killing marked monsters before they enrage grants bonus experience and gold!
    • Goblin Hunt – Find the treasure goblins before they all escape!
    • Nephalem Trial – (No details provided.)

    Ladders and Guilds

    There’s no real detail about either, but there are code strings referring to ladders in a lot of detail, and guilds in much less detail. As elsewhere, the “this all might change before release” applies. After all, there were Guilds in Diablo 2 as well… pre-release.

    Ladder strings include, Best Ladder Rank, Best Ladder Paragon Level, Clan Ladder, Seasonal, Hardcore Seasonal, Clan Ladder Rank, and Hardcore Deaths.

    Elemental Damage Effects

    Spotted in the item effects by Snurrfint.

    • Double the number of enemies that Lightning elemental effects jump to.
    • Double the damage of Poison elemental effects.
    • Double the chance for Arcane elemental effects to charm the enemy.
    • Double the healing amount of Holy elemental effects.
    • Double the duration of Fire elemental effects.
    • Your Chill effects have a 50% chance to Freeze instead of Slow.
    • Lightning – Sends out mini chain lightning on hit.
      Fire – Burn effect. Probably low duration, “high” dps.
      Poison – Dot effect. Probably long duration low dps.
      Holy – Life steal.
      Arcane – Charm effect.
      Cold – Slow effect, as it is now.

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