Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls = All Classes Get Skill Tweaks

It’s not been made that clear with all the focus on DiabloWikiLoot 2.0 and DiabloWikiParagon 2.0 and the DiabloWikiCrusader, but Blizzard has confirmed that not only will the original five classes get new skills up to level 70, but their current skills will get an upgrade/polish/rebalance as well.

We think the expansion is a great time for it, so we’ll be giving all of the existing classes (Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, and Wizard) skill updates in Reaper of Souls. We’re looking to make adjustments that improve the experience for skills that are currently underused, or have balance issues. These changes will likely be part of the pre-expansion patch, but new skills will require players to purchase the expansion to access them.

Good news there, in my opinion. And not to repeat what we said in the last Forum Watch, but we’ve got new threads asking for player brainstorm/feedback on what new skills (passive and active) the classes need in RoS: Barbarian, Monk, Demon Hunter, Wizard, and Witch Doctor.

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25 thoughts on “Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls = All Classes Get Skill Tweaks

  1. A LOT of runes need buffing/tweaking, there’s always 1-2 runes that completely over shadow the other 3.

  2. When coming to D3 i always wanted to play a caster that could follow one of severall paths, customizable at my own choice. ( In my mind… )

    Going from basic fireball you could choose with runes:

    Bigger fireball-> slower moving, cast, and more damage/crit
    Multiply fireball-> add x2,x3,x4, etc fireballs in some sort of controlable arc
    Faster fireball cast-> make a machine gun build
    Lower fireball cost -> less mana = more \balls\ before mana runs out ( oh god xD )

    The one would also apply other tweaks to change the skill, to level the skill.
    Like change damage type, fire/frost/lightning (/holy/arcane/poison for other classes)

    And with it change combat effects:
    Fire – Chance to leave dot, or crit
    Cold – Slow mobs/ chance to freeze
    Lightning – chance to hit multi target
    Poison – chance to spread to other nearby mobs
    holy – extra damage to undead
    arcane – aoe splash damage, or chance to restore mana

    And these too could be \leveled\ up.

    Now… meh.
    Anyways, perma wrath barb, archon wiz going way of dodo. Also OWE monk ( is it still used? )
    FoT for monk used by 99% of people?
    Wizard missing party buffs. All endgame witchdoctors are using that same off hand.
    Poor demonhunter needs some hc buff, but that can come in para 2.0.

    They could make the spells level with us… and not just be static 200% weapon damage.
    Add some synergie if people don’t use elective mode?!?

  3. There is nothing I want more at this point then a really, really thorough review and rebalancing of *all* the existing skills/runes. I don’t understand why they feel they have to keep waiting in order to do this. Specially since a lot of such changes should spend a couple months on the PTR.

    • I actually think it works out better to do the tweaking along with the loot 2.0 and finish both at the same time so that any changes to runes or skills can be done with the new legendary affixes in mind.

  4. * Wizard: Frozen Orb, come on Bliz, do it! Also more fire abilities, and specialy more Primary abilities (free AP), make elements have more depth.

    * Witch Doctor: More Summons and passives around summons, to support them, the class right now doesnt feel as a summoner.

    * Demon Hunter: Wish we could get a demon transformation here, since we got no real shapeshifter in D3C or D3X, and it was the original plain, maybe make it a meele one to give more diversity.

    * Monk: Rework on Auras, specialy now that we’ll be getting a crusader, Monk is feeling out of place, maybe make him feel more of the assassin from D2 instead of the Paladin.

    * Barbarian: Well as a barb, allowing to use 2handed weapons in each hand would be cool, with some diminishing returns, but for sure gotta nerf somethings here, i just started leveling a barb paragon, and im impressed on how cheap it is to build one and how strong/powerful and fast it is to farm legendaries and paragon levels…

  5. Nice to see Blizz already going back on their promise of class content being fully available in the patch, now you need to buy the DLC just for new skills that should have been in the game at launch.

    Sad to see that D3 has taught Blizzard nothing and that they still remain as greedy and arrogant as before.

  6. h=1][/h]
    Is this really news? Revamps of existing skills are pretty much obligatory for an expansion.

  7. Updating skills is nice, I’m glad they are doing it. But what is more important, to me anyway, is character customization. So when BlizzCon rolls around, I expect there to be solutions in that regard.

  8. It’s pretty obvious that a lot of runes, if they remain with similar functionalities to what they currently have, need to have shorter cooldowns and/or cheaper resource costs compared to other runes.

    Then there’s the fact that many skills power / cost ratio is so completely out of whack compared to other skills that they need big overhauls.

    3 examples of changes I would make to the DH, my main (really only) class:
    – Evasive Fire should shoot 3 bolts by default, not 1. Covering Fire rune should shoot 5 shots for 100% damage, instead of 3 at 130%.

    – Cluster arrow hatred cost reduced to 25-30. 50 is ridiculous when you only have 125 in total.

    – Elemental arrow – Frost Arrow should split more than it does if it’s to be even remotely comparable to Ball Lightning, I’ve only observed 2-3 splits. Screaming Skull should work like Sharpshooter, where the % chance of fearing increases until it reaches 100%, then resets back to a base chance of 20%. Lightning Bolts should just be replaced with something else entirely since it’s dull. Nether Tentacles need to either hit more targets, do more damage or return more life, since no one uses it compared to Ball Lightning.

  9. There’s no way loot 2.0 will be good, given the amount of time they’ve had to work on it, there’s no way they can meet expectations. They need to just put it on PTR or live and start working on loot 3.0……..

    Longer they wait to release it, higher expectations get, they be digging their own grave.

  10. Advertise features offering tons of customization as the heart of game? Check.

    Mess the feature up? Check.

    Attempt to solve it by buffing several skills? Check.

    Still didn’t work? Check.

    Promise to improve said game in expansion, therefore making you not get your money’s worth of work? Check.

    Still going to suck? To be announced.

  11. they can buff, nerf and tweak around the clock if they wish; the game isn’t moving anywhere when weapon damage and main stats aren’t adressed as the core problem which they are

  12. they can buff, nerf and tweak around the clock if they wish; the game isn’t moving anywhere when weapon damage and main stats aren’t adressed as the core problem they are

  13. Some of the wd spells that imo could really use a buff are: zombie dogs(thie dmg is way too weapk and so are their numbers), hex(you only use one rune) spider Queen rune, fetish army(wow this spell really blows), giant toad runel and even thorn dmg isn

  14. QUOTE

    I agree completely. Failing that, it would be interesting to add skill runes to other skills that change them into pets (maybe timed, maybe not). This would be another way to make the Witch Doctor more of a minion master, without having to add new skills. Some ideas would be to add a rune for Soul Harvest to summon a grim reaper to fight for you, or to make a Haunt rune that summons a ghost to fight with you. One way or another, though, I really hope that the Witch Doctor will get some additional way of making minions.

    Based on some comments the devs made in pre-release interviews, I think it was a very deliberate decision to make the WD a summoner/spellcaster hybrid and I doubt that’ll change. I strongly suspect D3Y will give us a zookeeper class.

  15. URL]http://diablo.incgamers.com/forums/showthread.php?848646-Skills-in-RoS&p=8556684#post8556684[/URL]

    TL;DR = Integrate the most powerful / most heavily used rune into the core skill and change that rune to
    Reposting here for those interested in reading my idea on how to fix current skills and potentially avoid pitfalls with new skills:

    TL;DR = Integrate the most powerful / most heavily used rune into the core skill and change that rune to something else. 
    Whirlwind (skill) = Move at normal speed (Normally this is Hurricane Rune)
    Hurricane (rune) = Increase dodge chance while using Whirlwind (as an example)
    This should open up different builds for the same skill AND could possibly make a skill that is seen as useless, potently useful after the change. 
    Example of a Currently Useless Skill:
    Earthquake (Integrate Mountain's Call) = No Fury Cost; 105 Second Cooldown
    Mountain's Call = Pull enemies towards you within 30 yds and then release the earthquake.

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