Site visitor Terrlinde popped along  to CeBit in Hanover, Germany early this morning to get some hands-on time with the Diablo 3. He also sent over a few nice pics from the Blizzard area. He does apologise for some of the images which were down to his “crappy mobile cam”. He also wrote up a short report of his visit this morning.

    We arrived at 9:00 at the exhibition area and just after passing the gates, some friends of mine and me headed towards the Hall 23. I was just looking for the Diablo signs and /ignored anything else. Finally I spotted the Diablo banner.

    There were around 20 stations there, all of them occupied, but fortunately the queue was not that long, I guess because it was still so early in the morning 🙂

     While waiting to be able to play, a Blizzard-guy told me to draw something Diablo related on a post-it. There were many things in my head that were Diablo related and I couldn’t decide what to draw, so after looking at a screen where a guy was playing the Demon Hunter, I drew  the dual-resource-globe. As a reward I got a blizzard key necklace, sadly not a Beta access key.

    A contest was then announced where players with the most exp after 15 minutes will receive Beta keys.

    I selected the Witch Doctor and I have to mention that I had never played Diablo 3 before so I tried to progress to the stronger mobs as fast as possible. Lucky for me, watching so many gameplay vids and streams, I knew exactly where to run next. After a few minutes I got used to the mouse and keyboard setup. Some things did annoy me, I forgot to turn on Elective Mode so I could not use corpse spiders and grasp of the dead at a same time which was frustrating. By the end I found myself in Cathedral  level  2 with clvl 5 and 5581 exp

    15 minutes was a very short time to make any qualified statements about the game, this was the first time I had gone hands-on. However, the game felt complete and ran very smoothly. The difficulty also felt balanced and challenging.

    Many thanks to Terrlinde for sending that over. It’s always nice to hear what people think of the game when they play it for the first time.

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