Terrlinde’s CeBit 2012 Report

Site visitor Terrlinde popped along  to CeBit in Hanover, Germany early this morning to get some hands-on time with the Diablo 3. He also sent over a few nice pics from the Blizzard area. He does apologise for some of the images which were down to his “crappy mobile cam”. He also wrote up a short report of his visit this morning.

We arrived at 9:00 at the exhibition area and just after passing the gates, some friends of mine and me headed towards the Hall 23. I was just looking for the Diablo signs and /ignored anything else. Finally I spotted the Diablo banner.

There were around 20 stations there, all of them occupied, but fortunately the queue was not that long, I guess because it was still so early in the morning 🙂

 While waiting to be able to play, a Blizzard-guy told me to draw something Diablo related on a post-it. There were many things in my head that were Diablo related and I couldn’t decide what to draw, so after looking at a screen where a guy was playing the Demon Hunter, I drew  the dual-resource-globe. As a reward I got a blizzard key necklace, sadly not a Beta access key.

A contest was then announced where players with the most exp after 15 minutes will receive Beta keys.

I selected the Witch Doctor and I have to mention that I had never played Diablo 3 before so I tried to progress to the stronger mobs as fast as possible. Lucky for me, watching so many gameplay vids and streams, I knew exactly where to run next. After a few minutes I got used to the mouse and keyboard setup. Some things did annoy me, I forgot to turn on Elective Mode so I could not use corpse spiders and grasp of the dead at a same time which was frustrating. By the end I found myself in Cathedral  level  2 with clvl 5 and 5581 exp

15 minutes was a very short time to make any qualified statements about the game, this was the first time I had gone hands-on. However, the game felt complete and ran very smoothly. The difficulty also felt balanced and challenging.

Many thanks to Terrlinde for sending that over. It’s always nice to hear what people think of the game when they play it for the first time.

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  1. Lucky people get to play. Havn’t even tried it for one second 🙁
    I’m guessing Terrlinde won a beta key. Grats man 🙂

    • Yes I did 😯 ! 18:11 i got the mail. But i couldnt registrate it yet due to the battle.net page maintenance.
      As an update to the topic: At the end of the 15min i found myself at the gate to the royal crypts, not in cath lvl2… i rescued cain and so on..

  2. They let them play the beta for 15 minutes? WTF? Should’ve been waaaaaay longer. Lots of people have the beta!

    • That’s the same time allowed on the PvM at Blizzcon last year; I’m actually surprised they didn’t take the exact same demo build, but if the new skill system is in then clearly it’s been updated. Be nice if the PvP demo from Blizzcon is at the show too; it’s much more fun and highly recommended.

  3. Draw something Diablo related… I would have wrote down \Soon\ with a little TM next to it. 

  4. I had luck and won beta acess for 24 hr from one guy on twich TV and I must say :
    GOD DAMMIT Ilove this game DH is the best char for me ^^

  5. “The difficulty also felt balanced and challenging”  Can we assume that this build has the double monster damage that Jay tweeted about a few days ago? 

    I’ve seen generous reviews call the difficulty balanced, but NEVER challenging. Good stuff if so. Pack it up and send it to the testers.

    • Balanced is a tricky term. For their intentions and goals, yes, I would say the beta is balanced. Challenging? No, but still fun and engaging.

  6. I also noticed the Diablo III booth today.
    I was watching the League of Legends IEM stream earlier and you could see it in the background, basically next to the stage where the commentators were conducting their interviews. 🙂

  7. I would have drawn a beard. :p

  8. I will visit CeBIT tomorrow, we will arrive at about 9:20 at Hannover Laatzen with the Metronom train, guess about 40 minutes walk to the mess will make it, so 10:00 at the spot and another 20 mins later diablo 3 (if I will go there, I wont go there on my own because friends of mine are interested in LoL contests) there will be alot of people already waiting ;-/

  9. I can’t but notice that the guy in the pictures is not wearing and headphones, comon man the sound is awesome! >:@

  10. I would have drawn the word “SOON”.

  11. So what’s in this event?
    Can you just play the regular Beta content or is it new a demo build? Is there PvP? I don’t get it.

  12. [quote]“While waiting to be able to play, a Blizzard-guy told me to draw something Diablo related … I drew  the dual-resource-globe. As a reward I got a blizzard key necklace, sadly not a Beta access key.
    A contest was then announced where players with the most exp after 15 minutes will receive Beta keys.[/quote]

    that is so incredibly lame
    really Blizzard, just give people beta keys 

  13. clearly you should have drawn a unicorn running on rainbows

  14. hmmm…draw something ‘Diablo related’?  I would’ve drawn 600 former Blizz employees waiting in the unemployment line.

  15. Draw Diablo and his brethren playing poker (like the infamous dog painting) waiting for release…

  16. I have played the beta over and over and over and i would say that before the “doubling of monster dam” which i have yet to experience (next patch assuming) the game was entirely too easy.  To every person that is devoted enough to be on this site/read this post, you would be severely disappointed.  So, that being said, hopefully the new monster dam is going to give us a damn challenge.

    I understand its the beta and i understand its the first level… but this is the third Diablo and we arent pansies, we want a damn good fight.  Lets just hope Blizzard doesnt spend too much time trying to catering to the n00bs and dumb it down. 
    As for those who have not played the beta… im sorry that sux but put it this way… you will be more surprised and excited than I.

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