Diablo 3 Rated 15 by the UK’s BBFC

Diablo 3 has already been rated in the US where it was given an ‘M’ rating. Today the UK’s BBFC rated Diablo 3 a ’15’ rating and the only comments added to the rating were “Moderate bloody violence”.

The US rating means that any gamer 17 or over can purchase the game, and as the rating suggests, any gamer 15 and over in the UK can purchase the game. At the beginning of the month the game was also given a MA15+ rating in Australia.

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    22 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Rated 15 by the UK’s BBFC

    1. do Europeans mature faster than Americans? 🙂
      you have to be 21 in US to drink, 18 in Europe.
      15 to play Diablo in Europe, 17 in US.. etc

      • Unfortunately just like in WoW I seriously doubt the MA rating will keep the smaller ones out of the game. Parents always seem to cave and buy the game for them.

        • for example Requiem Online is 18+ but… And who will stop them? Especially in Russia 😕
          what about WOW.. huh not for me. too shiny and rainbowcolored. but still good and interesting when you goona kill some boss
          Anyway 2 most expectational gamers breeds for D3: First – D2 fans and others like TQ players etc. And 2nd – WOW swarm. And where the majority of children?

      • Not quite. Blizzard has already said that they’d cut some violence if that’s what it takes to get an M-equivalent rating in some countries.
        I live in Germany and here violence is treated as nudity is in the US. As an adult I’d like to get D3 uncut, so knowing that it’s already been M-rated in the UK and the US is not so uninteresting as you might think.
        Then again, I’ll most likely download and play the english client if possible, but not everyone can do that.

      • Australia isn’t *that* bad – the only problem is that there is nothing higher than an MA (hard +15) rating for games.  In practice this can result in games that are rated R elsewhere being gifted an MA rating in Australia.  The only thing I remember not being granted MA was Fallout 3 before it renamed the “real” drugs.

        Anyway D3 was never looking to get an R rating anywhere anyway (unfortunately) and Australia is soon to introduce an R rating besides..

    2. Yep medium level violence sounds about right… Look at the beta, just a few guys mutilated and 1 guy impaled to a wall.  You have to actually look out for this gore rather than it been nearly everywhere & the monsters either just fall over or crit into a blood explosion. Not really much to see so far to get more than medium level violence. Maybe this holds true for the entire game.
      Lack of nudity will help lower rating as well.

    3. Probably going to be 16 in Germany, too. There is just not enough violence in the game and it’s way too stylized for an 18 rating (only human-like creatures, iso-camera, fight against evil, no glorification of war or other inhumane stuff, …). Germans will be able to play a german uncut version for sure, if they dont want to play the uncut english version.
      (ps: “enter the following: thumbs up”. haha :))

    4. Makes me wonder how it got the mature rating in the US, if all these other countries are listing content that seems like a teen rated game…

      • You probably see an inner thigh, or a nipple at some point.
        The rest of the world doesn’t seem to be as sexually repressed as the US.

        Or perhaps it’s because the thought of a game with the alternate name of Lucifer in the title caused some Christians to revolt.

    5. Just shows how kiddie Diablo 3 is  and how all the 21+ who will buy and play Diablo 3 and borderline 15yo kids.

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