Two short posts from Blizzard about a change and an un-change coming up in v1.08. The first informs us that experience for completing quests will become available to level 60+ characters, including quests completed in Inferno difficulty.

    We know that every little bit of XP helps, so coming soon in patch 1.0.8, level 60 players who complete quests will earn experience towards Paragon levels.

    When she says “every little bit” she means it literally. When testing on the PTR over the weekend I got 24,000 exp for every quest I completed on Inferno. Which would be great at like, level 14… but once you’re into the higher paragon levels and needing well over 100m per level up, that’s not even a rounding error. Each Zombie Dog is (was) worth 12k in the Arena, for the sake of comparison.

    In other news, the Barbarian’s passive skill DiabloWikiInspiring Presence was set to get a buff from 2% up to 4% health regen per second. Was…

    Inspiring presence at 4% is too much. it completely invalidates any life regen mod on gear as any vit/%life roll will always yield a far greater life regen than the actual life regen roll.

    Making it affect the whole group though is nice. I would suggest extending the range of the group effect as well as allowing it to stack for multiple barbs running inspiring presence but leave it at 2%.
    Grimiku: Thanks for the feedback! Based on discussions we’ve seen from players testing Inspiring Presence on the PTR, we’re going to go ahead and change Inspiring Presence back to its previous values. In a future PTR build, it will return 2% of your maximum Life per second instead of 4%. This is being done to keep it in line with other Life regeneration skills.

    *Edit* I should note that we’re keeping the part where it will buff your allies.

    The PTR is a great place to test changes like these, and your feedback goes a long way to help us achieve the balance we’re seeking. So, if you feel the value should be higher than the intended 2%, please let us know why. (For these situations, we really appreciate information based on testing in the PTR environment. Also, if you can provide videos or a detailed analysis, that’s always a plus.

    37238214For those of you (us) who wondered if any bonus was so large it could be officially deemed OP(B), I guess we’ve got our answer. Giving that class the best party Mantra in the game, to go along with the best offensive skills, and by far the best passives, was finally a bridge too far.

    Still, the blue post says the issue is open for debate, so there’s still hope that they can tack on a shared 4% Attack Speed and 5% Critical hit Chance bonus to Inspiring Presence, to allow the Barb to outdo all of the Follower’s shared bonuses with a single passive skill.

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