Diablo 3 Quest Exp in Inferno and (Un)Inspiring Presence

Two short posts from Blizzard about a change and an un-change coming up in v1.08. The first informs us that experience for completing quests will become available to level 60+ characters, including quests completed in Inferno difficulty.

We know that every little bit of XP helps, so coming soon in patch 1.0.8, level 60 players who complete quests will earn experience towards Paragon levels.

When she says “every little bit” she means it literally. When testing on the PTR over the weekend I got 24,000 exp for every quest I completed on Inferno. Which would be great at like, level 14… but once you’re into the higher paragon levels and needing well over 100m per level up, that’s not even a rounding error. Each Zombie Dog is (was) worth 12k in the Arena, for the sake of comparison.

In other news, the Barbarian’s passive skill DiabloWikiInspiring Presence was set to get a buff from 2% up to 4% health regen per second. Was…

Inspiring presence at 4% is too much. it completely invalidates any life regen mod on gear as any vit/%life roll will always yield a far greater life regen than the actual life regen roll.

Making it affect the whole group though is nice. I would suggest extending the range of the group effect as well as allowing it to stack for multiple barbs running inspiring presence but leave it at 2%.
Grimiku: Thanks for the feedback! Based on discussions we’ve seen from players testing Inspiring Presence on the PTR, we’re going to go ahead and change Inspiring Presence back to its previous values. In a future PTR build, it will return 2% of your maximum Life per second instead of 4%. This is being done to keep it in line with other Life regeneration skills.

*Edit* I should note that we’re keeping the part where it will buff your allies.

The PTR is a great place to test changes like these, and your feedback goes a long way to help us achieve the balance we’re seeking. So, if you feel the value should be higher than the intended 2%, please let us know why. (For these situations, we really appreciate information based on testing in the PTR environment. Also, if you can provide videos or a detailed analysis, that’s always a plus.

37238214For those of you (us) who wondered if any bonus was so large it could be officially deemed OP(B), I guess we’ve got our answer. Giving that class the best party Mantra in the game, to go along with the best offensive skills, and by far the best passives, was finally a bridge too far.

Still, the blue post says the issue is open for debate, so there’s still hope that they can tack on a shared 4% Attack Speed and 5% Critical hit Chance bonus to Inspiring Presence, to allow the Barb to outdo all of the Follower’s shared bonuses with a single passive skill.

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22 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Quest Exp in Inferno and (Un)Inspiring Presence

  1. With all hate around barbs, it would be sweet to see some buff for Call of Ancients. It was only skill I was looking for before release on barb, but it turned out to be crap.

  2. As much as I agree that the barb is completely OP, especially the constant WotB whirling tornado combination, as a HC player, I was actually greatly looking forward to the 4% max life regen buff… would definitely love to see the other chars get as powerful as the barb, but as a whole, more emphasis on defensive skills and survivability than simply nukes and DPS would be nice, and would allow us HC players to play other classes other than Barb, Monk and WD.

    Still dreaming of a viable DH HC build.

    • I thought everyone’s main complaint early on was that Inferno was so hard you needed a bunch of defense skills and stats, and people wanted to DPS faceroll and so everyone was whining (on top of the gear problems). They don’t want to buff Monster Power rewards too much b/c they’re worried people will moan about having to play defense and not easy-mode everything.

      • The problem was mandatory defensive skills. I.E. if you played a DH and didn’t use smoke screen you were completely fucked and that was for softcore, hardcore was pretty much out of the question. Original inferno wasn’t a measure of skill/difficulty it was an artificial brick wall created by weird tweaked item drops, mandatory stacking of AR and mandatory use of 1 to 2 defensive skills at all times and the options didn’t vary in what defensive skills you used. There are loads of defensive runes/skills that are just awful and now that everything has been nerfed to hell the skills need to be revisited.

  3. Flux, I ask permission to use the last two sentences of the article as a signature, giving you all the due credit, of course.

    Plus, note the blue sentence “Also, if you can provide videos or a detailed analysis, that’s always a plus.” Well, why not provide the game code to implement the change already ? It would considerably help shorten the patching cycle… 😀

    • Sure. And wait until you hear the podcast we recorded on Sunday night. (Should be posted later today.) I ranted a good minute about Inspiring Presence, compared to equivalent skills for other chars.

      • Flux: I’ve wanted to say this before (and so it is not a direct reflection of your take on [Un]inspiring Presence), but every time I read your comments about Barbs all I hear is, ‘Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate’, in the voices of the ‘Player Haters’ of Chapelle’s Show’s Player Hater’s Ball. This isn’t meant to be a complaint of any kind – it usually makes me chuckle 🙂

        Besides, I totally understand where you’re coming from. My first D3 character for about my first 250 hours of play was a Wizard (and she’s got nothing to show for it because this was pre-paragon levels). After it became clear (at that time) that she didn’t have a chance in Hell (ok, Inferno) of making it to a point where I could rely on her for farming I went and made a monk. Got her to about plevel 25 before I got fed up with the weak skill synergies and in anticipation of changes that sounded ominous in I believe it was 1.05, I went and made a Barb. I haven’t looked back, and only because he is far and away the best/most reliable character I have and the only one capable of farming at mid- and high- MP levels. I’d love to have a compelling reason to play some other classes. I’ve got one of each, and the only other one I touch right now is my WD.

  4. What I don’t get is why Blizzard are fixing Inferno only, don’t they give two hoots about the rest of the game. I mean you have to go through normal to hell just to get to Inferno, surely they could make the rest of the game more interesting instead of the boring crap that it is now.

    • sadly no. they don’t care. especially with monster power and hellfire rings and gems… unless you are just starting, doing each difficulty can take just a handful of hours max.

      i used to be a player that loved to make new characters and level them up again, but they kinda also got rid of that with the whole respec thing… once you’ve got one, you’ve got them all.

    • This kind of happens with every game post-release, where all of the patches are just about the end game since that’s where all the hardcore (if not Hardcore) players are, and thus all the conversation and attention follows.

      Games that do otherwise get punished; remember pre-Panda WoW expansion where they redid all the early quests and added content throughout, and then lost a ton of subs as everyone bitched they hadn’t added enough new for the end game?

  5. Imho there are 999999999 more important things than class balance to “repair” right now…all this bs just make me sad…Knowing this will take forever…Weeks ago we knew patch 1.0.8 would be bs, yep, density, but why, 2 inventories full of legendaries and not 1 worth a shit.

    • +1. I am tracking the legendaries I find now, and besides the streaks of 3 crappy Hellrack or 5 (yes, 5) Ivory Tower, IDing an EF to discover it has 700 dps is underwhelming. Still, the good items exist, therefore somebody has to find them and put them on the AH. Also, I’d honestly just take away some useless mod like bleed and slow…

  6. They really just seem so disorganized over there… Their communication, sluggishness, etc. I only hope it *seems* that way because they’re working furiously on the expansion. They have a chance at “fixing” this game with the expansion, maybe turning things around. They have their work cut out for them.

  7. Proud to say I never rolled a (pre difficulty nerf) godmode barb on HC even after seeing every single person on my friends list abandon their launch day “mistakes” and start spinning their way to victory. Oh the memories. Where does the time go?

    +1 to Blizzard adding… errr $#&% sorry… having several month long meetings on adding spinning hammer projectiles to whirlwind.

  8. So, if you feel the value should be higher than the intended 2%, please let us know why. […] Also, if you can provide videos or a detailed analysis, that’s always a plus.

    So much Blizzard fail in such a short passage 🙁

    Fail 1: They assume that such a game can be completely balanced.

    Fail 2: They assume that complete or near-complete balance makes the game more fun. They seem to forget that even the seriously OP Hammerdin in D2 was not game-breaking per se and would have been little more than a nuisance, if it were not for the botting that was going on with it.

    Fail 3: They assume that this balance can be achieved by fiddling with single percents instead of taking a holistic approach. They probably have an organizational chart where the further development of each particular skill is assigned to a specific employee or some such sh*t.

    Fail 4: They seem to have an incredibly rigid structure when it comes to making final decisions about game changes. In this passage, it sounds as if the community managers report user concerns to some kind of executive community managers, which in turn probably give their reports to game analysts or QA people, which also get input from a lot of other people and probably go on to create PowerPoint presentations full of mindmaps and list dozens of advantages and disadvantages to every 1% change. And then there will be some poor lads who have to read all those excruciating reports, and probably have little decision-making power anyway, whereas all you really need is a few people with a good intuition about what makes games fun (and it sure as hell isnt perfect balance achieved through complete flat rooting).

    Fail 5: If you can provide a detailed analysis or videos … wtf … so now they’re trying to crowd-source some of their bureaucratic routine, because they can no longer handle it themselves? Given how they have processed previous suggestions, this really is one of the most ridiculous statements Ive seen come out of a gaming company.

    • Fail 1-3: Depends on what you call balance. Making every skill useful in every situation is certainly not their goal. I do agree that they need to completely rethink how certain skills/runes work if they want players to use them.

      Fail 4: This is my feeling as well. I’m happy with how the game’s development is progressing, but not with the rate of progress. They have a public test server, I think they should use it MUCH more aggressively. Don’t think for months about small changes, put them on the PTR and then leave it there for another month. Want to give Barbs a Legendary, that would allow them to turn Call of the Ancient into permanent “pets”? Don’t think about its implications for balance and the game in general, do it right now! Put it on the PTR and let a few thousand players (no idea how many people use the PTR), who played the game longer than probably any dev ever did. You can think about all the minute design implications during all this.

      Fail 5: Not really. They are simply acknowledging the fact, that even if your development team consists of tens or hundreds of people, you still can’t think of everything.

      • Small correction:

        Put it on the PTR and let a few thousand players tell you what they think (no idea how many people use the PTR). They probably played the game longer than any dev ever did.

  9. “They are simply acknowledging the fact, that even if your development team consists of tens or hundreds of people, you still can’t think of everything.”

    “Put it on the PTR and let a few thousand players tell you what they think (no idea how many people use the PTR). They probably played the game longer than any dev ever did.”

    IMHO, part of the problem is just this: They want to consider everything. Of course they need to have a general idea about the public opinion for instance. But a single person can get an idea just by taking a few hours to read some posts. Trying to process and weigh everything is only going to dilute the core problems.

    As you said, a bit of courage and experimentation would help them a lot, but for this there seems to be very little place in their fragmented procedures.

    I think the mechanics of D3 are no more complicated (or perhaps even less complicated) than those of, say, D2. In the D2-era, the risk of imbalances did not stop the devs from making overall, massive changes. In some cases this allowed people to abuse or overuse some of the mechanics, but either way, such things will always happen, no matter how large the army of bureaucrats is.

    • Yes, they do try to consider everything, while at the same time they acknowledge that it’s impossible for them to do that “alone”, so they ask the players to help. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, but their decision making process needs to be more agile.

      I think the AH (more specifically the RMAH) plays into this a lot as well. The black damage bug is a perfect example of this. It’s a well documented, confirmed bug, that screws up the itemization, which wasn’t that amazing to begin with, so every improvement would help a lot. What do they do? They leave it alone, because people invested time and money into these items. That was their reasoning behind this, even though the AH clearly states at every purchase, that the itemization is subject to change… just not to fixing itemization breaking bugs, apparently. This is absurd.

      When you consider that balance tweaks affect the economy as well, I think the glacial pace of their patch development become more clear. Jay Wilson was right, the (RM)AH did hurt the game and I think it may ruin it completely if the devs don’t man up and start fixing things that objectively needs fixing without worrying about players who pay for items. This absolutely will cause short-term upheaval in the community (remember the attack speed nerf?) loss of revenue from the AH, but in the long-term they lose much more (if they didn’t already): the respect of their fans.

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