news-QOL-requests1A fan created a thread on the European Battle.net forums with a few Diablo 3 Quality of Life requests, and since a CM Blue’ed the thread for visibility, we might as well have a go at it as well. The OP listed half a dozen QoL improvements, and replies echoed those and added some more.

    There’s kind of a blurry line between “new content/feature” and “quality of life” and some of the requests were more ambitious than just QoL tweaks. That said, here’s a selection of the most popular QoL ideas from the thread, sorted by general topic.

    Gambling and Crafting:

  • Higher Blood Shard cap. (1000, 2000, 5000, etc.)
  • Ability to gamble gear for other classes. (Saves time switching characters just to gamble for your alt.)
  • Ability to gamble for specific types of 1H and 2H weapons.
  • Faster/instant gem upgrading, instead of time-wasting progress bar for each gem.
  • Drop more white and blue materials (or add a way to convert the over-abundant yellow mats to white/yellow).
  • Higher cost Enchant options to show 3 or more options at once.
  • Controls:

  • Fully customizable mouse button/hotkey binding, or remove skill from left click (force move instead).
  • Pointer customizable for better visibility. (Larger, neon color, flashing, etc.)
  • Customizable on/off auto-pickup for gems, mats, and potions.
  • Button to instantly pickup all items within 20yards. (Easy chest/Goblin/Guardian clean up.)
  • Regular potions turn into Blood Shards when picked up with a legendary potion equipped (great suggestion).
  • Rifts and Grifts:

  • Remove/fix Realm or Trials. Enable multiple Grift keys per Trial, at least.
  • Confirm yes/no to avoid closing Rift on an accidental Orek click, and add a “Cancel Rift/Grift” option to close and reset the portal without forcing 15m wait or new game.
  • Items:

  • Higher stack size for Rift keys and allow Gifts to stack.
  • New Gift of Ramaladni consumable for Jewelry.
  • New Gift of Ramaladni type consumable to “Ancient-ize” existing legendary items.
  • Miscellaneous:

  • More stash space and/or character slots.
  • Higher levels of Torment above T6.
  • Punching bag in town to test new build/gear/skills/etc.
  • Profile tracks a character’s highest kill streak, massacre bonus, destruction bonus, etc.
  • Enable character movement while big overlay map is open.
  • If auto-pickup gems/mats wasn’t the most requested in the thread it was certainly in the top three, and comments supporting auto-pickup were almost unanimous in our recent article. The other all-but-unanimous one is a higher Blood Shard cap, but at least there we’ve got recent dev explanation why they don’t want to do it. Travis Day gave it when we interviewed him at Blizzcon 2014.

    We’ve talked about a lot of these before, but it’s nice to see a bigger, compiled list. I was going to make this post a vote/survey, but there are just too many options to fit into the vote script. Perhaps you guys can nominate your favorites in comments, and I’ll whittle the list down to a top 10 or 12, and stick a “select all you approve” survey into a future post. Because statistics!

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