Diablo 3 Quality of Life Improvements

news-QOL-requests1A fan created a thread on the European Battle.net forums with a few Diablo 3 Quality of Life requests, and since a CM Blue’ed the thread for visibility, we might as well have a go at it as well. The OP listed half a dozen QoL improvements, and replies echoed those and added some more.

There’s kind of a blurry line between “new content/feature” and “quality of life” and some of the requests were more ambitious than just QoL tweaks. That said, here’s a selection of the most popular QoL ideas from the thread, sorted by general topic.

Gambling and Crafting:

  • Higher Blood Shard cap. (1000, 2000, 5000, etc.)
  • Ability to gamble gear for other classes. (Saves time switching characters just to gamble for your alt.)
  • Ability to gamble for specific types of 1H and 2H weapons.
  • Faster/instant gem upgrading, instead of time-wasting progress bar for each gem.
  • Drop more white and blue materials (or add a way to convert the over-abundant yellow mats to white/yellow).
  • Higher cost Enchant options to show 3 or more options at once.
  • Controls:

  • Fully customizable mouse button/hotkey binding, or remove skill from left click (force move instead).
  • Pointer customizable for better visibility. (Larger, neon color, flashing, etc.)
  • Customizable on/off auto-pickup for gems, mats, and potions.
  • Button to instantly pickup all items within 20yards. (Easy chest/Goblin/Guardian clean up.)
  • Regular potions turn into Blood Shards when picked up with a legendary potion equipped (great suggestion).
  • Rifts and Grifts:

  • Remove/fix Realm or Trials. Enable multiple Grift keys per Trial, at least.
  • Confirm yes/no to avoid closing Rift on an accidental Orek click, and add a “Cancel Rift/Grift” option to close and reset the portal without forcing 15m wait or new game.
  • Items:

  • Higher stack size for Rift keys and allow Gifts to stack.
  • New Gift of Ramaladni consumable for Jewelry.
  • New Gift of Ramaladni type consumable to “Ancient-ize” existing legendary items.
  • Miscellaneous:

  • More stash space and/or character slots.
  • Higher levels of Torment above T6.
  • Punching bag in town to test new build/gear/skills/etc.
  • Profile tracks a character’s highest kill streak, massacre bonus, destruction bonus, etc.
  • Enable character movement while big overlay map is open.
  • If auto-pickup gems/mats wasn’t the most requested in the thread it was certainly in the top three, and comments supporting auto-pickup were almost unanimous in our recent article. The other all-but-unanimous one is a higher Blood Shard cap, but at least there we’ve got recent dev explanation why they don’t want to do it. Travis Day gave it when we interviewed him at Blizzcon 2014.

    We’ve talked about a lot of these before, but it’s nice to see a bigger, compiled list. I was going to make this post a vote/survey, but there are just too many options to fit into the vote script. Perhaps you guys can nominate your favorites in comments, and I’ll whittle the list down to a top 10 or 12, and stick a “select all you approve” survey into a future post. Because statistics!


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    1. As with all changes in Diablo, we’ll have to ask over 1,000 times in 1,000 different places and wait hundreds of days to get a single QoL improvement.

      So, with that being said, I’m gonna focus on the most needed QoL improvement, AUTOPICKUP GEMS/MATS.

    2. Yes, we need Gift for jewelry. Because you have higher chance of getting struck by lighting then rolling a Amulet/Ring with Crit chance/Crit damage and socket. And we all know that jewelry without those stats is worthless.

    3. I think the most useful/important suggestion(in a descending order from most important to least important) are:
      Higher Blood Shard cap. (1000, 2000, 5000, etc.)
      Higher stack size for Rift keys and allow Gifts to stack.
      Ability to gamble for specific types of 1H and 2H weapons.
      New Gift of Ramaladni consumable for Jewelry.(& perhaps raise the drop rate a bit, haven't found a single one yet)
      Faster/instant gem upgrading, instead of time-wasting progress bar for each gem.

      & regarding the most idiotic suggestion from my point of view:
      Drop more white and blue materials (or add a way to convert the over-abundant yellow mats to white/yellow).

      • I think you are, yes. Maybe you should change your name to “yellowdragon?” 😉 I read through the whole 6 page thread on B.net and no one mentioned a shortage of yellow mats, while many people said they were short on white/blue.

        Personally, I'm not short on those but I haven't had to regear or make an Alt for a while, or I probably would be. I do pickup almost every blue item and a lot of the white ones, hardly ever pick up any rares, and my current stacks are something like 1100 white, 700 blue, 4500 yellow.

        • I don’t pick up any rares, but ALL whites and blues. I always open up ALL chests and weapon stashes.
          Before the patch I was broke on all mats (sold yellows since they are so common). Now result : ~100 white, 0 blue and about 15k yellows … because Goblins and rift bosses.

          1)I am surprised about the gems. They are mostly useless currently so whats the point of picking them up ?
          They have to add new higher tiers of them in order to make Gem Hoarders great again.
          Stats on items got higher due to Ancients. Gems should adapt. Of course keep the crit dmg low again.
          Let us dump our money we get from the Goblin Vaults. Maybe even add a Death Breath cost to it to get rid of them 2.

          2)Increase the droprate from Hellfire Keys to 100%. This would make HFA farming 100000% more fun and quicker since you can always open 4 machines every game without having to ask etc.

          3)Remove that fucking mandatory Elite that sits at the entrance of almost every Greater Rift. That fucker makes up >90% of why a grift fails for me. Also add an option to spawn in town, ESPECIALLY if you are already past the 15 min timer.

    4. Like most others, the tops three wants in order for me is:
      1. Auto-pickup of gems and materials
      2. Higher Blood Shard cap.
      3. Enable character movement while big overlay map is open.

      Here's to hoping our buddies can implement these soon. Fingers crossed.

    5. In my mind, there are basically two tiers of QoL improvements. Tier 1 is a much, much bigger stash, Tier 2 is everything else.

      • Yeah, Ancients really compounded the hoarding problem. If they broke down into more mats or it was possible to "upgrade" any item to ancient via crafting or something it wouldn't be so bad, but as is it's just horrible. I think the devs stated at a point that they felt Ancients would actually help with stash space, which they most definitely did not. Stash space forever.

    6. I would desperately love to have the goddamn left-click customizable to force move and have another button for the skill slot. Why the hell they don't bother doing this is beyond me, it's been so frustrating to get stuck with a dead skill in a build or to shoot at something I want to walk through and has gotten me killed many times.

      Having a Gift of Ramalandi for jewelry was something I was asking for since they unveiled the item; they don't need to add a new one, just allow GoR to work on jewelry as well. I also love that potions -> Blood Shards idea, that one is just fantastic. If you want enemies to drop potions, just equip a potion. If you want to see blood shards, equip a LP. Seems pretty simple to swap between and no one has ever wanted regular potions that have a legendary one.

      I'd like to hope they do something with this feedback, but I honestly doubt they will. People have been begging for some of these forever (blood shard cap) and Blizzard has shown no intention of relenting on them. Maybe it's a dev time thing assuming they're knee-deep in expansion work, but I'd still like them to show some initiative on what seem to be pretty simple quality of life fixes for their played-by-millions game.

      • I'd have to be a girl on valentine's day to have any more want for a Gift on jewelry, but I think the dev objection is that it would be really power creepy.

        One of their main stated goals of adding LGems was to create some decisions for players on jewelry, and to make another affix (sockets) as or more useful than CC/CD. Of course that didn't quite work and everyone just wants cc/cd/sock, but jewelry has such powerful offensive stats that Gifts to give sockets would make every character so much stronger, with enchants all going for another really powerful offensive property.

    7. Another one :

      Identifying legendaries does not add additional suspense after you have seen it drop on the ground that adds much to the enjoyment of the game. In fact, it slows down gameplay and forces you to take a break from the game to see what you got, which for most items you already know would be crap the moment they dropped. And if the reason for doing so is to keep the "suspense" from not knowing what you get, then why are the legendaries from Kadala already identified….?

    8. I agree with following ideas.

      Higher Blood Shard cap.
      Ability to gamble gear for other classes.
      Instant gem upgrading.
      Auto-pickup for gems and mats.
      Regular potions turn into Blood Shards when picked up with a legendary potion equipped. – great suggestion indeed
      Remove Realm or Trials.
      More character slots.
      Higher levels of Torment above T6.
      Ability to sell/drop trial/grift keys.

    9. I would love a patch devoted to just those QoL improvements. Even if there was no additional content added. Would be amazing.

    10. Add all automation, after that add autoplay feature with autofarm options so we don't have to play anymore. After that remove leveling option ( who bothers doing 1-70 anyway ), and maybe free 1000 paragon levels so we don't have to spend time on leveling when we already requested BiS items to be present on character right after creation.

    11. i think the blood shard cap issue has been mentioned since it was introduced.

      why are the devs dragging their feet with regards to this?

    12. Punching bag / Target dummy is a neat idea too.

      • No, it's not. What, it will show you how your damage numbers change? I don't see a point for that. Few seconds away you have swarms of monsters, after all.

    13. Well, I'm maybe old-school, but I don't like all this time saving ideas (except blood shards cap). You just can't get everything on instant, that would make us even more lazy. I want the game to have something in it. Leveling got tedious (which is sad, 'cause RoS made it so fun), I don't want rest of the game to become tedious.

    14. Not sure it was Travis Day that stated why the blood shard cap won't change, but John Yang did in the last Play Your Way Thursday. In typical Blizzard mode, it's an unfathomable reason – to make sure new players know that they have blood shards to spend.

      I want a more modifyable UI, ala WoW. That way I could hide the awful chat window and action bar during combat, and have a HUD display where I need it showing me the timers and cooldowns I want to see.

      • yup that is the reason and it is beyond idiotic. The real problem is they have put no thought whatsoever in how to fix it.

        Such an obvious solution to this "problem" is to put an exclamation quest marker over Kadala's head. She can explain what she does. Maybe even give the user 25-100 blood shards just for starting adventure mode the first time.

    15. A hammer in the inventory to salvage junk itens on the fly would be awesome too!

    16. I would like to see Topaz's do something interesting when socketed in a helm. Resource cost reduction would be good.

      It doesn't even have to be that, but please come up with something besides the archaic magic find boost.

      Emeralds in helms could also use a look, does anyone really need the gold find anymore?

      Not sure if its laughable or depressing this has not been changed.

    17. There was a post in the Blizzard forums about the forum in general and when we would see more forum features, and I am talking about simple things like avatars and other tiny stuff. Someone dragged out a post by BASHIOK from two years ago talking about the big plans for forum features……

      Needless to say it was quite depressing. You would think a company with that much resources would at least have robust forum features, you know, like a certain diablo fan site has had for many years…..cough! cough!.

    18. "I want the wooorld! Give it to mee nooow!"

      I think some of those changes would be just awful… Even less reasons to actually play the game.

    19. Bigger item stacks (or more stash space), more blood shard capacity, gambling specific item type, and any method of upgrading gear to Ancient would be great IMO. The rest of the list I don't feel strongly about either way.

      I'm surprised about the mouse control issue. Since D3 vanilla launch, I've mostly played melee classes and had one of my mouse thumb buttons bound to "Force Move." I would have thought a majority of people who play PC games also have mice with thumb buttons. Does it really NEED to be the left click?

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