We ran two live chats on Wednesday, with Leord, Elly, Medieval Dragon, and Flux on hand to answer your questions, based on the latest game info and the hours of play time we logged at this year’s BlizzCon. Each chat ran over 2 hours, with many hundreds of fans (and questions) in each session. Sorry if you missed out, but at least you can read the transcripts. Here’s the first chat transcript; click through to view the second one.

    There were not a lot of repeated questions, to my surprise. Not to my surprise was the fact that most of the questions were quite intelligent; you guys clearly follow the game and know your stuff, so we didn’t get a bunch of the uninformed fan, “Will the Necromancer return?” questions that basically ruin any Blizzcon Audience Q&A.

    What issues were most asked about? Several stood out, with multiple fans submitting queries on them:

    • What will the 5th character class be?
    • How do the random quests/events work?
    • What mods and behaviors do the D3 boss monsters have?
    • How do the new controls, hotkeys, and belt-interface work?

    We think the 5th char will be some kind of archer/ranged attacker, and that she will be announced at next year’s Blizzcon, but you could learn that much from the fan consensus spread across the 50 threads about it in the forums. We did learn quite a bit about the quests, boss monsters, and interface at Blizzcon, and we will post articles and wiki updates about those issues later this week.

    Diablo 3 Live Chat #1


    Chat #2:

    Diablo 3 Discussion Chat

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