Diablo 3 PvP News Coming “Very Soon”

We mentioned in our T-day special that Jay Wilson has been tweeting again, but that he hadn’t really said anything about Diablo III. As Fmulder saw first, that changed tonight, when he issued the following:

Hey, I was wondering if we can expect to see anything on the next patch or pvp patch soon?
We’ll be doing a PVP blog update very soon. Sorry to keep you waiting. —JayWilson

Let’s just hope that update isn’t, “Sorry, can’t make it in 2012 after all.”

It’s been so long since we last saw action from the DiabloWikiArena in D3 that it’s hard to remember, but I and almost everyone else who played PvP in the demos at Blizzcon 2010 and 2011 thought the Arena was fantastically fun and much more exciting than the PvM version of the game. That they didn’t make PvP with launch wasn’t a huge shock, but I am surprised it’s taken this long since then. After all, the system seemed functional and just about launch ready all the way back in October 2011 — they just needed to make more maps, figure some sort of damage reduction to keep fights from being one-shot affairs, and build a matchmaking system.

Obviously there was more to it than that, given how long it’s been. So are we going to get a more elaborate system than expected? With various game modes and some kind of major rebalancing and system adjustments? One can only hope.

What are you guys expecting from the D3 PvP? Personally, I’m eager to see how strategies evolve and items are valued. D3’s PvM at this point is almost entirely about huge DPS, main stat, and critical hit chance. I’m sure those stats will still matter for PvP, but in many games PvP is more about movement, escape, CC, etc, so I hope we’ll see skills and item mods that are little used in PvM becoming much more important in PvP, especially if it becomes team-oriented. Might multiplayer skills finally start to have some value in D3?

PvP Hands On Coverage

If you weren’t watching pre-game and wonder what the fuss is about, here’s the background info. I wrote a quick hands-on Arena report from Blizzcon 2010 when the system debuted. That was a very early version though, and Blizzcon 2011 offered much more of what we’ll (presumably) see in the final game, with all five classes and the play style changed to a non-stop death match. Refer back to a huge stack of ninja-recorded movies from that show, read detailed write-ups on all five classes thanks to to Eliminator and Advirgil, or listen to TDFP #48 which was an entire show with Wolfpaq and Eliminator talking about their extensive arena play time at Blizzcon 2011.

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37 thoughts on “Diablo 3 PvP News Coming “Very Soon”

  1. “Let’s just hope that update isn’t, “Sorry, can’t make it in 2012 after all.””
    Of course it is.

    “What are you guys expecting from the D3 PvP?”
    Mindless sloughter. If it requires lots of strategy, communication, CC, etc., I won’t bother with it. I just want pure, mindless, fast, bloody mass sloughter.

    • I expect to be long waited CRAP. Like the game when they release it.
      I am really dissapointed from that dev team… Srsly.It’s not acceptable to sold beta products. 6 months later there is still no PvP

  2. PVP will be out for christmas. like i predicted months ago. their patch release strategy is so obvious, it’s not even worth debating.

    • You didn’t predict it, Blizzard said themselves they wanted PvP out before the end of the year; but that was before they realized they needed to completely overhaul the end game content in order to prevent those 10 million first day buyers from dropping the game.

      • i did predict it. 🙂 and blizzard saying something is usually not true! so it was a pretty bold statement from me if i may say so! 🙂

    • and i think your predictions will be wrong. i definitely don’t see pvp coming this year…. most of the time when they say ‘blog coming soon’, usually means 2-4 weeks, and then usually 3-8 weeks after that is when the patch occurs… i wouldnt be surprised if we didnt see pvp till mid february or later.

      • “when they say ‘blog coming soon’, usually means 2-4 weeks, and then usually 3-8 weeks after that is when the patch occurs”

        Wrong, it usually means 1-2 weeks, and then usually 1-2 weeks

  3. I’m not really surprised that it has taken them this long. The way I see it, PvP in D3 is much more complicated than you make it out Flux.

    The whole point of Diablo is that it’s a cooperative game with little or no competition between players. Since everyone has unique loot, even that aspect which was somewhat competetive in D2 now isn’t. That faclitates an enviorment where inbalances are okay. Devs talked about that pre-release, the cool part is finding that OP build or OP item (even though they may nerf it) or both and then you can proceed to whack the minions of Hell with it in that specific way.

    The problem that creates for PvP is that it relates the success in PvP to both your farming ability and, more importantly, to the time you spend farming items in the world. Somebody who spends hundreds of hours a month farming gear in inferno will always be better (under the “use your PvE chars in PvP” system) than some guy who just hit 60. The thing is, the amount of time spent farming has no correlaction to one’s PvP skill. So, the guy who just hit 60 could be much better player than the farmer but the farmer will always win due to his superior gear.

    The obvious way to deal with this is to introduce pre-made chars but that raised whole ‘nother set of problems. How pre-made should they be? More or less? Should the devs only limit the damage? What about CC, orginised team could probably keep a player CC-ed for the duration of the match. Furthemore, if they do go for fully pre-made, they are going back to the “it’s okay if it’s somewhat OP”. With the way D3 community is, I can’t see that going over well. Also, that will probably be met by complaints (and those complaints would be valid) that it further distances players from their chars. There are already complaintst that your character is the same as every other character so what would even be the point of going into PvP with, supposedly, your character only for him to be stripped of everything that makes him yours to begin with. All the decisions you made and all the gear you got.

    So, yeah, it’s a pretty complicated issue and not some “whatevs, just patch it in, man” type thing.

    • Agreed. Introducing good PvP in D3 is by no means an easy task.

      If they go for PvP-Items, they hurt economy massively, as well as causing an uproar among the 0.1% or whatever of core gamers who are farming like crazy or investing money into the game. All players who want to win with item advantage are going to be angry.

      If theyre not going for PvP Items, all players who want to win with “player skill” advantage are going to be angry. Also, Blizzard will be stuck with a bunch of competitive players, who are matched up against each other based on an elo rating (a competitive environment) with their success mostly dependent on teammates equipment, abilities and “player skill”. Everyone who has played a bit MOBA games knows, soloqueue is gonna be a social cesspool. It will be horrible.

      They should just provide basic functionality. Let people open public games like “duel me noob” and let them fight. Let people organize 2v2, 3v3 etc on their own. Let people organize their own tournaments with own rules. With an intact core game experience comes an intact community who can and will do that gladly.

      Blizzard is choosing to get itself into hot water again. I know i am being negative but i can already smell the incoming shitstorm.

    • It’s not complicated when a matchmaking system solves the issue entirely. D3 is definitely not the first game where you have to farm countless hours to get the gear you pvp with. So your first week of matches is against people of greater or lesser power than you. Every game you play makes it more likely that you will be matched with someone of equal power to you.

  4. “Let’s just hope that update isn’t, “Sorry, can’t make it in 2012 after all.””

    Setting yourself up for disappointment on this one. It would have to have been on the PTR in late October at the absolute latest in order to make it to the live server before 2013. It’s almost December. Maybe the PTR coming back up with 1.1, TODAY would work with 1.1 hitting live on like New Years Eve, but that is a huge stretch. Blizzard is most likely just like any other big company, they pretty much shut down just before Christmas and don’t come back until the next year. We are not seeing PvP this year.

  5. I really hope that d3 pvp will be “pick ur gear out of these selected items”. I hope its skill and strategy based. If its gear based or class based(imbalanced) then it would be a long wait for absolutely nothing.

  6. [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/11/fe952a4d5c8e.jpg/][IMG]http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/95/fe952a4d5c8e.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

  7. If you ask me, they’re making a WAY to big deal out of it. Srsly, why making arenas with Unreal Tournament announcements? I don’t get it. PvP in Diablo 2 was never about fairness, friendship or competition. It was about owning, trolling and unfairness. People loved it! I just want to gank somebody with my new found gear, I don’t want a serious competition like Jay Wilson thinks.

    • Have to disagree. I did very little PvP in D2 since it was unregulated and uncontrolled and any player who hadn’t devoted huge resources to building a character specifically for PvP in terms of gear, skills, charms, etc, had zero chance of success.

      D2’s style was fine if you wanted to focus entirely on PvP, but it was a massive barrier to entry to anyone who just wanted to casual PvP once in a while. And that’s why the D3 Arena system with matchmaking might be awesome, since it provides something of a more level playing field.

      • You’re right. Now you don’t have to focus on PvP. A game that only focuses on DPS will just be a fight about the highest spend on RMAH.

  8. We will not see it this year. I think that a lot of resources have been used for the (unplanned) patches we got up to now.

    • ^ this

      they really didn’t plan on having to spend all this time on MP, Legendarys, nerfs, balance, Keys and Machines

    • I think that’s why we didn’t get PvP in like, September. But v1.05 wasn’t as big a fix as v1.03 or v1.04 were, and we’ve heard nothing about game changes coming in a v1.06.

      v1.05 was released in mid-october, and it had been all but finished for well over a month at that point, fully-functional on the PTR while they made minor tweaks. Thus many/most of the devs could have been working full time on PvP since Aug or Sept, making an end of the year v1.1 not out of the question.

  9. im not excited very much… i still got in memory awesome feature – runeskill stones. And then they revamped whole game 3 months before launch…

  10. My theory is they won’t talk much about it until it’s basically going to be live. I don’t think they want all the AH speculation that a blog post with little other information will generate.

  11. StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm releases on On March 12, 2013

    so isn’t it true that the D3 team better get PvP out now or else the entire battle.net team will be spending all of Q1 on SC2

    do you think it’s possible to get both “Heart of the Swarm” and D3 PvP in Q1 ?

    • I think that lots of the developers are working on the first expansion to D3 😉 Big Dollars >> PvP patch most ppl forgot about (I did, like I forgot about the rest of D3).

  12. PVP should have been open to anyone anywhere from launch with no effort whatsoever put into changing skills to suit PVP. One of their original announcements “We will never change anything in the PvE realm to balance PVP because this game is not about PVP.” An excellent statement to make in my opinion and they should stick with that philosophy.

    Open PVP games should be appropriately labled… Oh wait their public game creation system is still absolutely horrible. WELL just let duels be declared in game and people can join in on the duel as desired or leave the game if they choose. Let hardcore PVP be “mercy matches” where the victor spares the opponent or “To the death” matches. Problems solved.

    People will bitch about “PVP balance” endlessly even if they put effort into it. So I say they stick with their original statement about PVP being like a sideshow gimmick and nothing more.

  13. What would I have expected had pvp been released shortly after launch? Separate arenas with no alterations to skills or items since it is primarily a pve game.

    What do I expect now that they’ve had 7 months to work on it since launch?
    Separate arenas distinct to every act, multiple game modes, a reward system (exp and gold/items), the ability to gamble gold and/or items on matches, a ladder system, a comprehensive match-making system to ensure all battles are fair, comprehensive voice chat features built into the game, another act, another class, 25-30 new item types, and multiple new artisans, just for starters.

    Or a $25 refund for getting such a partial game on launch.
    Before the flaming starts, I don’t play anymore, I just continue to come to this site for news to see if the game is worth playing again and it’s an old habit I just can’t seem to kick.

  14. PvP is one of their Ace cards for patches, like all of their major patches I’d bet they’re going to release it right around another competitors game release *cough PoE* to draw attention away from their releases hype. It’s pure strategic deployment.

    • Don’t make us laugh please. PoE is even LESS competition than TL2.
      TL2 is almost out of the top 100 list on Xfire these days, the game bombed on those lists like never seen before. Art, Lore, fluidity, all non existent compared to the AAA title of D3.

      Both these games will to sell around 200K copies and that’s it.

      Forgotten in 6 months time after publishment.

  15. Let’s see: PvP BLog announced now, ready within 2 – 3 weeks.

    2 weeks later on the PTR: add 6 more weeks to be ready.

    So the PvP patch (and 1.1) will be operational around Feb 15…

    A month before SC2 will launch its expansion and so everyone is warmed up for e-sport pvp after the casual but “fun” PvP of D3.

    As Morhaime made it very clear: Blizard does NOT want to add resources to D3 to make it an e-sport. They have both SC2 and the upcoming BAS (dota) to do that.

    But it will make D3 PvP even more tempting I guess.

    D3 could be a huige unexpected non official PvP hit in 2013. The engine is simply too good to be true.

  16. Get lost with that stupid pvp sh*t
    make some more great pve content.
    diablo is about pve and fighting monsters

    there are 1000000000’s of games that support pvp go play them and leave a great pve game as is !!!!

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