We mentioned in our T-day special that Jay Wilson has been tweeting again, but that he hadn’t really said anything about Diablo III. As Fmulder saw first, that changed tonight, when he issued the following:

    Hey, I was wondering if we can expect to see anything on the next patch or pvp patch soon?
    We’ll be doing a PVP blog update very soon. Sorry to keep you waiting. —JayWilson

    Let’s just hope that update isn’t, “Sorry, can’t make it in 2012 after all.”

    It’s been so long since we last saw action from the DiabloWikiArena in D3 that it’s hard to remember, but I and almost everyone else who played PvP in the demos at Blizzcon 2010 and 2011 thought the Arena was fantastically fun and much more exciting than the PvM version of the game. That they didn’t make PvP with launch wasn’t a huge shock, but I am surprised it’s taken this long since then. After all, the system seemed functional and just about launch ready all the way back in October 2011 — they just needed to make more maps, figure some sort of damage reduction to keep fights from being one-shot affairs, and build a matchmaking system.

    Obviously there was more to it than that, given how long it’s been. So are we going to get a more elaborate system than expected? With various game modes and some kind of major rebalancing and system adjustments? One can only hope.

    What are you guys expecting from the D3 PvP? Personally, I’m eager to see how strategies evolve and items are valued. D3’s PvM at this point is almost entirely about huge DPS, main stat, and critical hit chance. I’m sure those stats will still matter for PvP, but in many games PvP is more about movement, escape, CC, etc, so I hope we’ll see skills and item mods that are little used in PvM becoming much more important in PvP, especially if it becomes team-oriented. Might multiplayer skills finally start to have some value in D3?

    PvP Hands On Coverage

    If you weren’t watching pre-game and wonder what the fuss is about, here’s the background info. I wrote a quick hands-on Arena report from Blizzcon 2010 when the system debuted. That was a very early version though, and Blizzcon 2011 offered much more of what we’ll (presumably) see in the final game, with all five classes and the play style changed to a non-stop death match. Refer back to a huge stack of ninja-recorded movies from that show, read detailed write-ups on all five classes thanks to to Eliminator and Advirgil, or listen to TDFP #48 which was an entire show with Wolfpaq and Eliminator talking about their extensive arena play time at Blizzcon 2011.

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