Diablo 3 PvP: Dueling Day One

Diablo 3 PvP was available on the PTR as soon as the v1.07 patch went live for testing, and plenty of fans leapt in and had a shot. Just one shot, quite often, since the system seems to be functionally-identical to PvM, but pointed at each other. There are no allowances made or balances included, and battles are fast and lethal, with the irresistible force of 500,000 DPS attacks meeting the very moveable object of 50,000 hps characters, fast-hitting stun lock skills that can’t be escaped, game-breaking insta-kill builds, and more.

Not everyone’s getting glass cannon one-shotted, and some chars with big armor, life regen, and blocking can take a huge amount of damage before succumbing, but things aren’t exactly balanced, on the whole. That appears to have been Blizzard’s plan, though it’s unclear how much this “plan” differs from throwing out a quick and easy stopgap.

It might work, if the devs pay attention and provide support, making nerfs and tweaks and buffs as needed. Still, I’m surprised they didn’t have *some* framework for that right from the start. Yes, the “T” is in “PTR” for a reason, and Jay’s RIP PvP post told us to expect a very raw system… but what were they doing all last year anyway? Any system of PvP, whether Team Deathmath or FFA or Capture the Flag, had to have included some damage/CC reduction mechanics, and I expected we’d see some evidence of that right from the start.

Some other players did too.

So getting one shotted is dueling?

Really? I am so disappoint.
Lylirra: We implemented dueling to provide interested players a way to battle each other — no objectives, no scoring, just Nephalem against Nephalem. It was something the community has been asking for, and with additional PvP modes still in development we honestly didn’t have a good reason to keep saying no.

Dueling isn’t intended to be balanced, though, so don’t expect a fair fight. That’s not what dueling is about. There will probably be some match-ups in which you’re one-shotted (this is a big reason why we have no permanent Hardcore deaths at the moment). There will also probably be some match-ups in which you one-shot other players. Your heroes are designed to kill things quickly and without mercy, and in this case those “things” just happen to be other heroes.

We don’t anticipate that everyone will like dueling. That’s fine. While some players might really love it and find it a cool challenge, we’re okay if most people don’t make it an integral part of their gaming experience. The system exists to give you the opportunity to obliterate your opponents in an environment designed explicitly for that purpose, but that’s it — and we feel it achieves that goal pretty well.

Now, we’re still open to your feedback and will be keeping a close on eye on it throughout the PTR process. We’re not opposed to making changes if they benefit the game; in fact, that’s what a PTR is all about. In return, we just ask that you keep in mind the scope of what dueling is supposed to be, and that you give the system a fair shot before jumping to conclusions or making sweeping requests for buffs/debuffs/etc. Explore new builds, try out different tactics, and then let us know what you think. If we make changes, we want them to be informed, and that tends to work out best if the feedback you give us is also informed (i.e. not just a judgment based on only a few minutes of gameplay). 🙂

A good answer there, and after some thought, I agree with it. Better they gave us a totally open system, without any artificial constraints or controls to start with, since those would have been an immediate modification on player behavior. Just throw down the sandbox and let people play in it… providing that Bliz is actually watching and staying involved, so that after some weeks when there are obviously unbalanced or unfair things, they can make some tweaks based on more data and knowledge, rather than just their pre-game suspicions.

Click through for a couple of more blue posts on PvP issues, including maps, dueling vs. team play, and more.

why not give a damage reduction for pvp. at least give every class the 30%
Lylirra: Like I said, we’re not opposed to making changes, even ones along the lines of a universal damage debuff while in the dueling zone. The point of the PTR is to get feedback from players so we can make those kinds of tuning adjustments if necessary.

We’ve only got a few hours of feedback at the moment, though, and we’d like to get a better picture of what players’ general experience has been before we start talking about possible changes. For example, I’m betting that a lot of players are still dueling in their farming builds, rather than something that’s been refined and tailored for PvP-style combat — which can make a difference. We also want to make sure that the people who are providing feedback understand what dueling is supposed to be (i.e. not a place you go to for super balanced battles).

May I ask why on earth did it take 8 months to release such an embarassment of a pvp mode? Seriously, you guys could have given this during the release… It’s obvious very little time and effort was put into this system, yet it took this long to give the community such a simple pvp mode?? what a head scratcher.
Lylirra: We didn’t spend 8 months on dueling. In fact, we had no plans to add dueling to the game until very recently, and that was both based on the community’s consistent feedback as well as our decision to postpone the release of any additional PvP modes. You can read more about that here.

Everyone’s who’s given the issue of DiabloWikiHardcore dueling any serious thought can see why a perma-death *only* system would never work, but might we see some option for that someday, even though it would virtually never be used?

Is perma-death or at least a perma death option in the feature-plan for a future patch? Based on all of the complaining I see from the SC community, I can understand why perma-death is not available – an endless wave of complaining HC players on being 1-shotted would ensure. But as the community acclimates to dueling, will this feature be provided?

One of my greatest motivations to play D2, aside from wealth acquisiton and ladder climbing was to try and permanently kill other peoples characters.
Lylirra: Don’t read into that too much. We always tend to ground statements in a particular moment in time. 🙂

We currently have no plans to allow permanent death for Hardcore characters in the dueling world. That said, we’re not really keen on the word “never,” and we may make changes depending on player feedback and what we feel would provide the best user experience (something which can change as the game evolves).

Another post asked about the map layouts, and got replies on that and other issues:

I dont understand why so much time was wasted to create new maps for duelling which have no purpose other than for duels, which they state are just for fun, no reward, no added benefit…
Lylirra: The world that you play through normally wasn’t designed for player vs. player combat, so it doesn’t translate well to dueling. There are just too many variables that could wreak havoc during a duel: non-PvP friendly geometry, events, scripted sequences, monsters, level-up effects, portals, etc.

For example: What if someone duels a player while they have Leah (or another hireling) as a follower? What if someone accidentally clicks on an NPC and opens up a dialogue window or a vendor screen? What happens when someone transitions through a portal or to a new zone? Sure, we could try to make accommodations for dueling to assist with each and every of these situations, but not only would those changes require a significant time and resource investment, they’d also have to be flawlessly integrated into the main game world. It’s a lot of work for a feature that not a lot of players will see or really take advantage of.

Thematically, we agree – it’d would be cool if players could fight wherever they wanted. But having an environment that actually supports PvP combat, was specifically designed for that purpose, and doesn’t interfere with the rest of the world is much more important when it comes to how the actual gameplay feels. This is one of the main reasons why we created a separate zone for dueling.

The reason you don’t understand it is because it wasn’t. These maps were created back when there was a plan for more than dueling. Better to get some use out of them then let them go to complete waste.
Lylirra: Not exactly. The Scorched Chapel is an entirely new map, not one we retrofitted or otherwise re-purposed. (Also, just to clarify: there’s only 1 dueling map, but it features 4 different areas.)

As for why we didn’t use any of the maps we previously designed for Team Deathmatch? Similar to our concerns with the normal game world, those maps weren’t designed for non-team based play. It might not seem all that different, and you might be thinking “Who cares! It supports PvP combat, so just let us use those maps!”, but many of the design elements (like where barriers and lanes are located, and their respective lengths) aren’t quite right for a 4-person Free-For-All and would ultimately make the experience not-so great.

In other words, level design is a little more intricate then you might think. 🙂

Is it going to be like WoW where you right click someone’s portrait and select “duel”?
Lylirra: There aren’t any plans for it, and here’s why:

One of the big goals with the current design for dueling (in terms of where it exists and how you get there) is to limit opportunities for griefing. By having a separate map that can only be accessed by speaking with an NPC, we’re able to give players a means to beat each other up, but without a way to really harass anyone.

We definitely considered the right-click > duel option, but there’s a downside to it. If we allowed players to just initiate duels by right-clicking on a player’s portrait or in the Friends List, that feature could and probably would be used to grief people by pulling them into duels at arbitrary moments. Heck, even if this system required that the invited player interact with some sort of confirmation dialogue before a duel could be begin, someone still could theoretically spam the bejeebus out of the invite system and use the dialogue feature to interrupt other players’ demon slaying fun time. =/

We’ve heavily talked about adding NPCs in each Act hub, rather than just having the one in New Tristram to give players more flexibility, and there is/will be a dedicated PvP channel to help would-be duelers find other willing participants. Even so, we’ll be paying close attention to your feedback from the PTR, so please let us know about your experiences and what you feel could be improved.

How many of you guys have gotten onto the PTR and tried out the dueling? I haven’t yet, but perhaps today. In fact this is probably the best time ever for dueling, since no one really knows what they’re doing yet and you might have a chance without totally devoting yourself to the PvP project.

I didn’t care that much about the plans for D3’s Team Deathmath — 1v1 would have been fine with me — but I was very interested in a PvP system integrated into the game, with arena combat and auto-matchmaking. That way I figured I could just hop in every now and then for a break from farming and get slotted against another player doing the same thing, and we’d have a basically even battle. Amateur vs. Amateur, and if one of us was much better than the other then the system would adjust and seed us against someone better or worse next time.

Alas, now we seem to be just getting the D2 system over again. It should still be fun to throw down with your friends, if you can construct some even matchups, but very soon the public dueling games (if such things can ever exist in the no-game-lobby, no-named-game B.net 2.0?) will probably come to repeat what we saw in D2, where you either duel full time, or you’re helpless meat against the highly specialized characters who do.

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68 thoughts on “Diablo 3 PvP: Dueling Day One

  1. Well, I think anyone really expected they’d have separate pvp versions of all skills, a rough damage/health/cc/-balance system, scoring & matchmaking mechanics – and whatever else they promised – in place but decided to drop all that due to the arena design not being to their liking …

    • LOL I think when people think of Blizzard they think of what the company was.

      Myself, I would bet a dollar to a bag of dog shit that Blizzard was too busy fixing their untold number of bad decisions/ fuckups that were the basis for this games systems, to even touch PVP at all last year until maybe a few days shy of 2013 arriving.

      I dont think they worked on pvp at all in 2012. This company has become infested with incompetent dog fuckers, look at jay wilsons epic fail blog that was released about pvp at the end of 2012, to summarize it: we havent touched pvp in 2 years, we just looked at what we have and its boring garbage so we are scrapping it all and starting over, I think with that admission they finally BEGAN working on pvp.

      I have been expecting a massive disappointment with PVP in this game simply because of how horribly they have handled every other mistake they have made in this game since launch.

      The biggest irony of all is that the people who fucked the game up are still the ones trying to ‘fix’ it. Jay wilson should not have a job there any longer, let alone in the industry.

      Blizzard is becoming an iconic representation of everything that is wrong with the gaming industry.

      Star Citizen 2014 ftw.

      • i’m still surprised blizzard didn’t do what microsoft did with windows 8…. fire the man who designed the new terrible system, due to everyone giving it TERRIBLE reviews, within 2 months.

        jay wilson shouldve stuck to the genre he was working on, and not destroy our beloved franchise.

    • A few weeks after launch people asked for dueling to hold them over till PvP. almost a year later they implement dueling, of course everyones pissed off, they wanted arena team combat, finally you could have 3v3’s and 4v4’s between social clans and such, but now its all gone to shit in alot of peoples eyes, and thats why everyone hates the new pvp, because its either not what they asked for, or below their expectations. People bitch for a reason sometimes, its not just random rabble “This is horrible and bad because i want everything to be great and perfect”

    • people wanted the PvP that was demoed and playable 2 years ago

      we didn’t get it

      so people expected a somewhat fair and well thought out substitute

      we didn’t get it

    • again we can see how pathetic pvp ppl are.
      they nag and nag about stupid things and once they have it ,they whine further about it.
      really really pathetic.

      I still vote (like so manny) for no pvp at all in D3.

      • as someone who doesn’t like pvp, and has no interest in it, you are sounding extremely close-minded. ‘pvp’ as it were has been in each of the previous diablo games, and has developed a HUGE following. dueling being one of the MAIN reasons that diablo 2 survived for so long.

        so its not your thing… do you also insult people who choose different haircuts than you? and put different things on their burger? live and let live man, for crying out loud.

  2. It because people don’t know what’s wrong with the game. They keep complaining about the wrong issues. Diablo 3’s pvp is probably okay, but nothing will ever be great in D3 as long as they stick to the oversimplified customization. The items is all about getting the next DPS upgrade – so pvp will get boring incredibely fast.

  3. If I want PVP, I’ll play a game designed for PVP, such as Street Fighter. In contrast, if I want to play an ARPG, and love Street Fighter, I don’t try to make an ARPG out of Street Fighter, I go play a game designed as an ARPG.

    • Good for you… However, others (myself included) want to fight other people using their Diablo 3 characters and the gameplay styles and mechanics that come with that experience. Fighting other people in one genre of game is not the same as in others. If I want to fight other people and I want to do it in an fps then I’ll play TF2, If I want to fight other people using the game mechanics of an MMO, then I’ll go do battlegrounds in WoW, If I want to fight other people in an RTS setting then I’ll play a few multiplayer SC2 matches, but for several months now I’ve been wanting to fight other people with arpg mechanics, more specifically by using the skills my D3 characters have, but I also want to do that fighting against equally skilled people with equally geared characters, but I can’t do that because Blizzard decided their perfectly fine team deathmatch system was not good enough and gave us this farcical, band-aid fix dueling bullcrap… and pricks like you aren’t helping the situation.

  4. I did some PVP for the lulz and iam already tired of it. it’s fun for an hour , but the imbalance can be rather glaring – and some bugs are even more bothersome than in pve.

    eg dashing strike charge and leap work terrible. whereas vault builds a corner into its rolling path.

    well – nat legacy dh’s are just really dumb. i were able to cling dh with my monk who just chain smoke screened 8 times in a row and lay invurnable turrets everywhere.

    might be fun for them too for a while but stuff like that will be the reason people will not pvp in the long run.
    i for one already had my share of “PVP”

    i rather continue dota2 / LoL – the madness there has at least a system.

  5. Math and nature are unforgiving. One really needs to ignore EHP to expect not get 1-2 shoted with a regular farming MP0-5 char. I haven’t downloaded the PTR, but don’t need to do it just to discover my MP0 chars, all of them alternates for some reason, will be 1-shoted. Maths.

    Since they just threw a place for dueling and didn’t implemented any reductions yet, well… If someone patched the Math, then the MP0 farmers wouldn’t be 1-shoted. No need to download a ptr client just to know pvp doesn’t work and isn’t fun. If math isn’t enough, even Blizzard told it isn’t.

    If people expected math to work in a different way, well…

    What I don’t get it – it’s obvious the damage calculation needs to be nerfed on pvp to match i.e., the MP5 EHP. If people do 200k damage and have 300k evp or 500k dps/1mi EHP with high end gear, what’s gonna happen? 1-2 hit kills. The regular player doens’t need to know that right away(in-depth game mechanics), but a dev should.

    Since it’s a PTR, they should have put an area based effect that works like missile dampening on the whole battlefield to axe 50% of all damage everyone is doing and start from there. (I’ll post that on official forums, since it appears they don’t know that).

    I don’t know math well. I forgot it. I don’t even work with computer science (only the regular text editor) and was expecting the current outcome and reactions. Why release that, since it was kinda expected? You don’t need to break stuff to know they will be broken.

    • Firstly, one can’t forget the principles of math – it is purely a format for solving problems.

      Secondly, I agree that a simple aura can fix the 1-shotting.

      Thirdly, the duelling was meant as a sandbox-type environment. What did they mean by that? You make your own rules! Eg. no more dps than 100k. no more hp than 30k etc. If you can find a way to play by only certain skills, and items, surely you can enjoy the premise of duelling?

      After all, the duelling isn’t about winning – it’s about having fun. If you stack with the best possible gearm, it WILL suck.

      An easy solution can be to only wear NON-level 60 gear. That will easily kill the one-shotting. Also, limiting gems to NON-levl 60.

      How about, people collect a certain amount of crafting mats eg. 200 standard +200 rare mats, go to the crafter and try to craft a fightable set. With only chance on your side, most outcomes would be very balanced.

      Thus, the emphasis is on SANDBOX.

  6. “Perhaps we’ll get damage reduction and balancing, but it’s not in there yet and that’s spurred a lot of complaints, PTR or not.” – Flux

    Flux my man, I agree with you 98% of the time… this is one in that 2% range. Blizzard has stated hundreds and hundreds of times that balance is not the idea, nor is it the plan! Even putting “perhaps” is going to stir the pot for the thousands pissed off no-PVP-yet players! I can’t stand when people bash a game that they play for hundreds of hours (I’m sorry, in an age where a normal $60 game is 20-40 hours, Diablo 3 is a steal whether you like the game or not), and you’re just giving them fuel for their fires… D3 PVP will hopefully NEVER be balanced, that’s the point of it!

    If I work my ass off and play for hours to get just the right gear to one-shot anyone in my path, then let it be. These people have been playing the PTR for what, a day?! If you’re getting one-shotted, you aren’t prepped properly for PVP, done and done. Sometimes the world doesn’t make things easier for the wussies, it makes the wussies grow up (i.e. Dark Souls or Super Meat Boy).

    • Secondary note: All of this talk about “wah wah my character got slaughtered in PVP, it blows” — Seriously, why would you think that your PVE armor/weaponry means anything in a PVP world? This is video gaming 101 people, where has the mindset gone?

        • its still commonly know that in pvp EHP matters and most just totally ignore it.

          if you just get oneshot by fucking everything as oppossed to just 6-7 shotted you wont gain any opportunity to pop cooldowns CC , mitigation , or healing skills.

          if you cant accept that ; your fault buddy continue get oneshot and maybe oneshot one of your own kind if you get an opportunity …

        • You only proved my point about wrong mindset, brother. D2 you didn’t change your gear between PvP and PvE? You think because Blizzard North didn’t specify PvP gear vs PvE gear that you were meant to wear the same gear all of the time? You must’ve gotten slaughtered. I didn’t know that I needed to be told what is or isn’t PvP useable – thank you WoW for ruining that notion.

          For ultimate unbalanced (and still fun) dueling, see D1.

        • just because its not labeled thusly, does not mean it is not there. there were items in diablo 2 that were AWESOME for pvp, but totally mid-range for pve…. if you played diablo 2 dueling for longer than 20 minutes, you would notice that people wore a very different gear set when they dueled.

      • Video gaming 101? No, that’s WoW-generation delusions of grandeur. You don’t know shit.

    • only problem man is that everyone i mean everyone is getting one shotted no matter the class, a monk with 82k dps ownes me his gear is worth less than one of my gems lol how does that work? let me know and ill gladly agree with you.

  7. I tried PvP yesterday and it sucked, even in my surv gear/build as barb ( and my gear kinda sux, surv gear stats were 50k hp, 850allr-950allr, 11,5k armor, 80k dps ) I was getting killed by 3 hungering arrows from a 150k dps DH.
    It’s easy to fix though, just add a 90% passive damage reduction to everyone dueling, voila, problem solved.

  8. This was all absolutely obvious! oO Who the hell expected any sort of balance? They explicitly said it was going to be simple pvp and that’s it. Just like Diablo 2 had. They never mentioned any sort of damage reduction, balance, nerf or whatever. Are you people crazy?

    • Crazy for expecting a company that revenues almost 2 bil a year to deliver something with more balance than a flash freeware twitch game a dozen years later?

      Yes, quite.

  9. Everyone with any kind of foresight knew this was going to be one shot city a few months after the game was released when everyone on softcore realized this was a DPS race and the numbers started soaring through the roof. I’m sure it’s the reason they scrapped the battlegrounds system (which was completely lame anyway). You need an imagination to make PvP work in this game. Obviously no one on the team has such a thing. It’s evident in many of their design flaws not just the failure of PvP and the current state of dueling.

  10. Lylirra:
    “We definitely considered the right-click > duel option, but there’s a downside to it. If we allowed players to just initiate duels by right-clicking on a player’s portrait or in the Friends List, that feature could and probably would be used to grief people by pulling them into duels at arbitrary moments. Heck, even if this system required that the invited player interact with some sort of confirmation dialogue before a duel could be begin, someone still could theoretically spam the bejeebus out of the invite system and use the dialogue feature to interrupt other players’ demon slaying fun time. =/”

    Hahahahaha. What a reason! And what a moron! Only a moron like her in this industry doesn’t know that every fucking online game in the world have the option for blocking requests like duel, trade etc. There is a simple checkbox, click there and boom! Suddenly people can’t interrupt your demon slaying fun time 😀 puahahahaha

    It’s the same ol ActiBlizz and Diablo 3 comedy. It never ends. Seems Blizz got worse at spitting lies compared with the Blizz of prior D3 release 🙂

    • Cause of one important thing buddy, Blizzard North doesn’t know how to make a good game. “Fuck those losers” in the wise words of Wilson the great!

      I was of course sarcastic here…

  11. I haven’t posted in months (a year?) and haven’t bought the game yet; w/o real PvP, the game isn’t finished. They knew this was going to happen. Anybody who has dabbled in any PvP mode in any game knew this was going to happen. They said at Blizzcon they would tweak numbers between PvE and PvP, and then they backtracked. “Why did you backtrack?” was the call, and it fell on deaf ears. They needed to do that in WoW, and there’s a slight whisper of it (CC works differently against players in PvP), but why has this group ignored everything they’ve learned from WoW? These people work down the hall from you, you use some of them for your game. These were problems in WoW, and they solved some of them. Learn! Something fishy is going on. Even by New Blizzard standards, this is a monumental screw up. This is like Star Wars Old Republic screw up. Although if the “real PvP” mode ends up being in the expansion, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  12. Really people? First the outrage, that there is not PvP and when blizz finally reaches out and implements some kind of PvP, it is bitching and raging all over again. I wonder what some people expected, PvP was never ¨balanced in Diablo series, and it is thanks to base concept – find random loot, get better at smashing things. So yeah, it can never be balanced and if their true PvP mode will be balanced at all, that will be miracle.

    • people wanted the PvP that was demoed and playable 2 years ago

      we didn’t get it

      so people expected a somewhat fair and well thought out substitute

      we didn’t get it

  13. I don’t think it would be that difficult for Blizzard to implement and damage reduction vs all other players by default like they do any many other games. IE AION. Just reduce all damage vs player characters by 50% or something of the sort. That way players doing 300k damage only do 150k damage, then armor/res come into play on top of damage reduction from items and passives.


    300,000 damage – 50% from PvP buff

    150,000 damage – 75% from armor

    37500 damage – 75% from resistance (this is of course assuming you have enough armor/res to reduce 75%)

    Brings you down to 9375 damage. Also add in passive/item damage reduce and make it go further. That way duels can last anywhere from 10-30 seconds depending on the match up if you are geared properly.

    Makes sense to me…

  14. Pvp and dueling will reamin broken until they institute different rules for critical hit damage. You cannot balance a system for pvp when people are doing 100k or 500k damage (nothing between). Coupled with dodge, the damage is simply way too bursty.

    You see this in pve too. It takes as many as 5 non critical hits to kill something that is one-shot by a successful critical roll.

    So until they can find a way to nerf the bonus critical hit damage, expect pvp to be terrible.

    • I guess to follow up – if they imposed a cap on critical hit damage bonus, I think that would go a long way to making it playable. Cap at crits doing at most double damage.

      But they can’t because of the rmah…

  15. The thing is that people complain getting one shotted but they probably still using their PVM Gear with 50k life. Try new builds and new gear befor crying, i personally changed all my gear on my barb was dealing 160k dps unbuff 55k life for pvm and now i have 150k life 55% block 700 all res 34k dps and i do fine in pvp. every one play pvp with pvm builds with basicaly 200k-400k dps and no life / dmg reduce.. thats why .

    Sry for the mistakes.

  16. If they added a damage penalty in PVP just like they did in D2, we would see much less complains…

  17. I’m a sucker, really.
    I wanted D3 to be the game I’ll play for a couple of years. With the videos they provided pre-release and the PvP from Blizzcon that looked awesome, it really looked like that kind of game.
    Oh what a naive man I am.
    The only reason I really feel like a complete idiot is waiting and waiting for some magic patch to fix this game so I can still have my dream again to play it for a long time.
    After playing on PTR today for a couple of hours I think I’m waking up finally that this ain’t never gonna happen.
    What do you say? Get better gear that ain’t for PvE? Really? Where? On RMAH? Or I should try to sell any of the sh** items that drop and waste my time selling and scrolling on RMAH. I WANT TO HACK AND SLASH.

  18. pvp will never be fair, the one with most fancy expensive gear will win, how can u beat that? go play a fighting game if u wanna fight, never understood the big deal with pvp in d2 and now d3.. its so boring.

    • “the one with most fancy expensive gear will win”

      What a shame! (by the way, the whole point of this game is to get the best gear)

  19. people wanted the PvP that was demoed and playable 2 years ago

    we didn’t get it

    so people expected a somewhat fair and well thought out substitute

    we didn’t get it

    there was so much about this game to be excited about: true skill runes as droppable items, awesome crafting, PvP

    and Blizz failed to deliver

    it’s a good game, but it sure didn’t live up to the promises or expectations

    • the PvP from the blizzcons/e3 etc’s only worked because all the characters were preset with locked skills/equipment.

      this isnt the case with come one come all TDM where you will have elite players with 100’s of thousands of DPS vs casual players like myself with 60/70K dps max.

      • Of course, the PvP from the blizzcons was *supposed* to have matchmaking to alleviate that problem.

        • well judging by this duel addon , that didnt happen. or perhaps its still in development hell being ironed out.

        • additionally, Blizz should just to template characters. 2 for each class featuring the common builds. people would play it , it would be esport viable due to the locked nature of the characters and a fuxload easier to balance

          while thats going make a working full PvP system and let it loose.

    • That reminds me of all the promises that the first Fable (and thusly, the entire Fable series) failed to deliver and how Diablo 3 now takes the crown from Fable as the ultimate deliverer of broken promises.

  20. Imo the best solution for the “instant kill” problem, without touching the skills, would be reducing the Damage and the Critical Damage to 10% of the PvM values. In this way the damage output would be much smaller and Critical Hits will still be important, but not deadly. And probably remove the 30% damage reduction for Barbarinas and Monks.

  21. I saw a video yesterday of a heavily decked out Barb in PvP that nobody could bring down for anything. Clearly it is possible to not get one-shotted, you just need to focus more on defense than offense.

  22. I can’t even bother to download 15gb ptr. Dueling in its current form is fun like 5 minutes. After all the wait we get this… The incompetency of Jay Wilson and his team is beyond joke…

  23. The reason is that pvp not come in free patch, they know they can put that in expansion and sell it for real money. Every company would do the same.

  24. Shocking. I have been preaching this for a while now…
    Can ignorant people be banned from posting on the official Diablo site?

    I think it is the cry babies that feel so entitled to having their stupid opinion voiced have slowed down progress in the game, NOT Jay Wilson.

    I would somewhat miss reading the blogs for the simple enjoyment of people who literally can only mass on their keyboard… but I would get over it.

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